The Legend of Spyro: Reign of Darkness


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It has been at least a decade since the events of Atreus, the Demon Dragon Slayer. The lands of Dracovia were slowly getting back together and not a single Slayer nor evil being had dared attack Dracovia. The reason why is everyone knew just what happened to Atreus and who he was killed by. Galadrial was not a girl to be messed with. She was now a fully grown purple female dragon in which case she was almost 21. Her birthday was only a few months away. Galadrial was considered to be a Savior due to the fact that she is daughter of DL Mark, and that she actually possess more power and strength then her father.

Galadrial's father, DL Mark, or Agorak as a few know him, was still alive of course, despite what happened to him when he fought against Atreus and what had happened to him after the encounter. Despite him having to sacrifice his powers just to be with his family when he was dead, he still had a lot in him. Sure his hair being just a typical black pointy style, it still did not mean to mess with him. Over the years, DL Mark ruled the lands of Dracovia with ease. He actually spent most of his time with his kids and trained his new purple son Leonidas who was already 10.

Godith, the Mother of All Dragons was ruling happily with her husband and family. She was the one who actually helped many new families to pull through after numerous events that made most families fail. Every female dragon looks up to her as not only their Queen, or role model, but as a Goddess. Throughout Dracovia, statues of Godith and DL Mark were made in honor of their hard work.

Now who can forget the famous purple dragon, Spyro? Spyro was now 42 years old, as well as his wife Cynder. Together they both raised their newborn purple son Uther well. Spyro now being considered an Elderly Adult Dragon, was also a King of Dracovia. Over Spyro's first 20 years of ruling Dracovia, Spyro has helped many new dragons of all kinds in teaching and mastering their own elements. It wasn't easy despite having at least 10,000 kids coming in monthly to learn. Luckily Spyro had a little help.

Cynder was Spyro's husband and Queen of Dracovia. She helped Spyro out with all the guardian stuff. She was more known as the Dark Temptress. Not only did she teach about using the dark element, she also taught poison, wind, and fear. She only taught fear to dark dragons who were skilled enough to actually handle the element. However Cynder wasn't the only one helping out the training business. Malefor had agreed to help out, despite him being the Former Dark Master, he helped his great-grandson out with the training.

As far as the training goes, the Kingdom itself was doing good thanks to DK Mark and Yulie. DK Mark was the son of Sedro and Elaine. His name says it all, he is of course the Dragon King of Dracovia. He really is the second Dragon King that is ruling Dracovia. Spyro does the training, while Mark takes care of the Kingdom. On his spare time, DK Mark has trained his son Ryuu, who was now a fully grown adult dragon at the age of 22. Over the past decade, DK Mark and his wife and Queen Yulie had managed to bore another child. This time it was a girl and her name was Flare. She was a red dragoness and she spend most of her time with her brother or with Leonidas.

Yulie couldn't have been better. Despite her being the mother of two kids already, she was still in great shape. Both her and her husband DK Mark looked great for their age. Sure they may be 46, but they had gotten the gift of immortality 20 years ago. So they simply still looked like a bunch of 20 year olds, and that goes for the others as well.

Lethak, who is son of Malefor, Half-brother of Spyro was doing well with his wife Valsa. They mostly didn't have much to do except educate kids. Yep, despite them being the other half of the Lords and Lordesses, Lethak and his wife Valsa, had spend most of their time into teaching. Not much was said about them. Just the fact that if any trouble occurred, they would be there for the fight. Dante, Nero, and Vergil couldn't be any happier. The three of them would always be at Dante's place, 'Devil May Cry' and they would get plenty of calls of demons roaming around the lands of Dracovia. Of course the pay was tremendous since Dracovia was in its Golden Age.

But enough about how our heroes are, live is just simply great for them...well...not really, which was the problem. But that was not a problem however for Galadrial nor Demitri. Demitri is Galadrial's boyfriend and close friend. They had been together ever since they first met. Biologically, Demitri is 28 due to the fact that after his encounter with darkness, he wanted to start his life all over again and he was turned into a toddler. He grew up with DL Mark's daughter and the two had been close together ever since day 1. Not to mention that Demitri is also another child of Malefor, in which case he is DK Mark's Half-brother, as well as Revan, who too was son of Sedro and Elaine.

It was just another typical day for the Royal Families in the lands of Dracovia. For 20 years, Dracovia seemed to be just like it was and has always been. Full of dragons and humans roaming about their daily lives. DL Mark would stand on his balcony with his son and the two would watch as the day goes by before them.

"Well Dad, when will you teach me on how to use your sword?" asked young Lord Leonidas. DL Mark looked down at his son with his Gold Dragon eyes.

"Now now son, you know that my sword is very hard to handle for a child about your age." spoke DL Mark.

"I know, but I think that I can handle it." smiled Leonidas.

"Ohh, so you think that you got what it takes to carry this bad boy?" asked DL Mark as he removed his sword from his back sheath and held it in front of his son.

"Hey, it's better off to try then to not try, right?" asked Leonidas with a smile.

"Well, you got me there. Very well then, if you can hold at least half of my sword then I promise you this that I will let you have whatever you want." smiled DL Mark.

"REALLY?!" asked Leonidas with a smile.

"Of course!" replied DL Mark with a smile as he pressed a button on the hilt of his sword. The Ominous shined down the middle and it split into two. DL Mark took one part and held the other to his son.

"See if you can raise it to my level." spoke DL Mark as he raised his part high over his head.

Leonidas grabbed hold of the sword and DL Mark let go. Right away, Leonidas felt the weight of the sword bring him down. Just before it would slam his fingers to the floor, Leonidas let go of the sword and it made a thunderous crash onto the marble tile floor.

"Uh-oh." whispered Leonidas.

"Don't worry about that son. I'll cover you on this one." Just then they both heard Godith yell from bellow.

"Okay...who broke the floor...again?!" yelled Godith.

"Sorry about that hon! I'm being a little bit careless, but don't worry, I'll get it fixed in no time!" yelled back DL Mark.

"You better! Cause I am NOT paying $10,000 just for a freaking tile to be fixed!" yelled Godith.

DL Mark sighed and relaxed.

"Phew, good thing she did not come up. Well son, you still need a lot of practice." spoke DL Mark as he bend over to pick up the sword.

"No dad, leave it there. I want to see if I can pick it up just the way it is." said Leonidas.

"Okay then son, suit yourself." spoke DL Mark as he gently placed the sword back onto the floor. Leonidas shook his hands and got them ready. He grabbed hold of the hilt and he struggled and strained to pick the sword up. His veins stressed and exposed as he tried desperately to pick up the sword.

DL Mark couldn't help but smile as his son kept on trying and trying before a voice spoke.

"If you keep straining yourself, you are gonna get sore muscles bro." spoke Galadrial as she leaned over at the door.

"Oh, Galadrial! Glad to see you here. How's everything going?" asked DL Mark feeling happy to see his strong daughter. "

Galadrial!" shouted Leonidas as he rushed to his sister and hugged him. The two laughed at one another and hugged in a sibling manner.

"Hey there little guy, how's picking Dad's sword up going?" asked Galadrial with a smile.

"Kind-a-sucks for now, but I'll lift it up one day." smiled Leonidas.

"Really? Well then let your big sister show you how it gets done." spoke Galadrial as she walked over and grabbed the hilt.

"This is a piece of cake." smiled Galadrial as she lifted the sword up without any struggle. She swung it around as if it was just a regular knife.

"No fair!" shouted Leonidas.

"How can it not be far bro? I am ten years older then you. Look on the bright side, you have dad for ten years straight. I didn't when I was your age. When I was only a month old, Dad trained me in...uhhhh...what was it called again?" asked Galadrial.

"Hyperbolic Time Chamber." answered her father as he fixed up the tiles.

"Yeah. In that dimension, one normal day was simply a year! I trained with dad for a year straight before he died, and then when he came back ten years later, I had to finish it up within a few days. My life was not easy. Your however is little one." spoke Galadrial as she took the other half of her father's sword and merged them together.

"I see, so how long do you think it will take for me to become just as strong as you big sis?" asked Leonidas.

"Well...given the amount of time that you had spent with Dad, I would say by your next birthday." spoke Galadrial. "Next birthday?! I expected earlier then that!" shouted Leonidas.

"Hey son you be careful of how you speak! If you want to be a powerful young warrior like Galadrial, then you have to be patient. Don't be so eager to get strong. In case you have not realized it yet, but most of the enemies that the Family has encountered all failed before us, because of their actions. They were too greedy for power and that led to their downfall. So watch it." spoke DL Mark with a serious tone.

Leonidas knew that his dad was right. A perfect example was Malefor, Demitri, and Lethak. The three of them all had tons of power before, but in the end they lost it all.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be that anxious father." spoke Leonidas as he hung his head low.

"Hey...cheer up son. A year ain't bad. 10 years passed by no problemo." smiled DL Mark.

"I guess so. Say, Galadrial, where is your 'husband' Demitri?" joked Leonidas.

"How many times do I have to tell you that Demitri is not my husband just yet." spoke Galadrial.

"Still, where is he hon?" asked DL Mark.

"I...uh...really can't tell." blushed Galadrial.

"Ooooo, I bet that he is somewhere out in the lands, preparing a lovely night with you." giggled Leonidas.

"NO! Nothing like that!" shouted Galadrial, blushing even more. She looked at her father who had that, 'I-need-to-know' look.

"Well?" asked DL Mark.

"Ohh alright. Demitri is back in our room, doing 'his business.'" blushed Galadrial.

"I don't get it." spoke Leonidas.

"Ohh I do, very well. What is the meaning of all this?" asked her father.

"Well...ever since I hit 18 years old, I have been talking with mom, about...having a kid of my own." spoke Galadrial. She knew that this would make her father start arguing.

"WHAT?!" yelled DL Mark.

"YAY! I'm gonna be an Uncle!" shouted Leonidas happily as he flew around the room.

"No you won't be just yet!" replied Galadrial.

"Galadrial...why have you not told me this?" asked DL Mark.

"I wanted to surprise you, but you just need to know everything dad." spoke Galadrial in disbelief.

"Did you even get pregnant for the past 4 years? As a matter of fact, how the heck are you even trying to get pregnant?" asked DL Mark.

"Because dad, when I had that tragic experience back then, me and Demitri had agreed to not do it physically." spoke Galadrial.

"This doesn't make any sense to me at all." replied Leonidas.

"Of course not, why don't you hang out with Uther for a while?" smiled DL Mark.

"Alright then, see ya later guys." smiled Leonidas as he ran off to spend time with his cousin.

"Okay then, explain to me about all of this. Don't feel embarrassed to use some mature words hon." smiled DL Mark.

"It's alright, I think you know it anyways. The way me and Demitri decide to have a kid of our own is if you...know." said Galadrial. "

Demitri does his business in a cup and you get a needle full of it up your ass." filled in DL Mark. "Yeah, so far I have not been able to get pregnant." spoke Galadrial.

"About how many times have you tried this method?" asked DL Mark.

"About 12 times. Once every 4 months." spoke Galadrial.

" you even remember about Dragon Biology?" asked her father.

"Yes, why you ask?" replied Galadrial.

"Well in case you have forgotten, doing the needle method is not likely to happen." spoke DL Mark.

"But how?! A few of my friends have done it and it works for them!" shouted Galadrial.

"No need to raise your voice hon. The answer is because they are doing it everyday. Not every four months. Not to mention that recent studies show that getting pregnant that way is harder to do. Since the (*fill in the blanks*) just can't seem to go through the scales and tissues properly." finished DL Mark.

"You want me, to feel pain all over again just so I can have a baby?" asked Galadrial.

"Hon, just having the baby itself is painful. Girl you got to relearn reproduction, and get advice from your mother." said DL Mark.

"Well thanks for the tip daddy-o. But I don't know about Demitri." spoke Galadrial.

"Well first thing, is to tell him to stop jacking otherwise he gonna have an addiction." joked DL Mark as he kissed his daughter and flew off to do his daily scan of Dracovia.

'Maybe dad is right about that.' thought Galadrial as she left her parents rooms and went off to do her daily life.

As DL Mark flew over the lands, he always went to the Black Mountains since most evil originates there. There was a certain presence that he felt everyday that he could not figure it out. Some days it felt like Atreus had returned. Other days it felt as if Lucifer was back. Thankfully he wasn't back and neither was Atreus.

'Hmm, I'll send a scouting party out here in a few hours just to be sure.' thought DL Mark as he headed back to his home.

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