You are the earth.

And I am the moon.

You are my twin, and I love you far more than I should. You are the earth that I revolve around. You are the only one that I could ever have or need. And you used to feel the same.

Haruhi is your sun.

You now see her. She is your sun. She lights up your world in ways that I never could. She is your fiery light. She brings you heat and fire and burning warmth where I can only give you a basic light now. I bring you no more warmth.

You aren't alone with the sun. But I'm alone without it.

The others feel it too. They feel the light and the heat. But I never will. You are all that I need and want. But I'm not all that you need or want. You want more, and I'd give anything for you to have it.

An eclipse.

An eclipse is the best moment in the world to me. I have all of your attention, as selfish as it is. I block out the sun, Haruhi, and you finally see me. See me and only me. Those are the rarest and greatest times.

When the moon rises and the sun sets.

When she finally leaves. And I finally have you all to myself, you must rest. You sleep and I give you little light. But I see you. I see you calm and at ease. But when the sun rises, it's as though I'm on the other side of the world...

... That is the attraction that draws together the Solar System, our happy family, the Host Club.

Heya... the idea of the planets came to me in school the other day. We were studying water and for some reason the question of why the planets revolve around the sun came up. No one was able to answer (she was pissed about that, by the way =P) and she started to explain. Now, I go to and Italian school and I don't actually understand the majority of what we study so, when she started using words like attraction, I started thinking of the Hitachiin twins.

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