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CHAPTER 1: Something New

Jake's POV

Crayak looked at me more intently this time, his single, blood red eye fixed directly on my paralyzed body. Unlike my previous dreams, he was not alone. Several cloaked figures surrounded his huge throne, reaching miles in height. Despite the difference from my other nightmares, Crayak still said the same word: "Soon,"

I woke up in a cold sweat. It's not like I'm not used to it. Since becoming an Animorph, I have been having nightmares on a regular basis, yet this particular dream seemed unnaturally real.

By the way, my name is Jake, but you already know the story. It was 9:30 A.M. and I decided that was a pretty good time to get up. I got dressed, and went downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. I had just barely started pouring my cereal when the phone rang.


"Uhhg," I moaned, "I'm coming, I'm coming," I picked up the phone,

"Hello?" I asked,

"Hi Jake, it's Cassie. You want to come over and listen to that new CD I got?"

That was just a cover up. The other Animorphs and I try to disguise our conversations so no unsuspecting Controllers like my brother, Tom discover our secret.

"Sure," I answered, "I'll be right over."

I wrote my parents a note telling them that I would be over at Cassie's listening to music. I walked slowly back to my room to begin the morph to peregrine falcon. I opened the window about half way so that I could easily fly out when I was done morphing.

Morphing doesn't happen in a logical order, and it's anything but pretty. This time, my arms were the first to change. My fingers thinned out and lengthened, forming into the sleek feathers of the falcon. Soon the rest of my body was covered in feather patterns like some lunatic tattoo artist had gone nuts. My face elongated, becoming the sharp, tearing falcon's beak. My feet then shriveled into ripping talons. The last thing to happen was the shrinking. I shrank until I was falcon-sized, and ready to fly. The morph was complete.

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world. This being the case, it is no surprise that I was able to reach Cassie's barn in almost no time. I flew into a stable ad demorphed quickly while I waited for the others except for Cassie. She was already there.

After about five minutes, the others arrived one by one in their own bird-of prey-morphs except for Tobias. He didn't have to demorph. He is our grave reminder of what happens after you pass the two-hour mark. Once you go past that point, you stay in that form forever. Tobias now lives the lifestyle of a red-tailed hawk. I was surprised to see Ax here. He doesn't always come to meetings. He is an Andalite, and we don't want Cassie's mom or dad to see him is his natural form. To them, he is my "Canadese" cousin Philip. Everyone demorphed and chose some place to sit down. Ax was first to speak.

((Prince Jake,)) Ax began, ((I was feeding in an unfamiliar location, and as I was running, I came across an animal corpse.))

Now I was confused. Ax couldn't have brought us all here just to tell us about some dead animal in the woods.
((I believe the creature is called a mountain lion. It has been emptied of almost all of its blood, and there is a human-shaped bite mark on its neck.))

"Ax showed me where he found it," Cassie started, "It looks like something extremely fast just came and mauled it, the poor thing. It didn't even have a chance."

"Oh, yeah," Marco said sarcastically, "it's the mountain lion we should really be worrying about."

"Do you think it's Yeerk activity?" I asked,

((No,)) Ax answered, ((For two reasons: One, because Visser Three would never be careless enough to leave evidence out in the open. Two, because this whole sighting makes no sense. Is there nothing on Earth that would do this?))

"Well," Cassie said, "there are legends of-"

"Wait," Rachel cut her off, "you're not about to say 'vampire' are you?"

"What else looks like a human and sucks blood?"

"Maybe Chupacabra gave up on goats and took up a new mountain lion diet," That was Marco. He is always joking and trying to ease the mood. He is also my best friend.

"You know what, Marco?" Rachel snapped, "just shut up for once."

"Okay, enough," I snapped back. My cousin Rachel has somewhat of an anger problem.

"We're getting nowhere fast," I continued, "Ax, do you think you could show us exactly where you found this?"

((Of course, Prince Jake. It is not too far away from the barn,))


((Yes, Prince Jake?))

"Don't call me 'prince',"

((Yes, Prince Jake,))

We morphed to fleas except for Tobias and jumped on to Ax's fur so we could travel without Ax having to stop for us. Andalites are much faster than humans, due to them having four legs rather than just two. Ax often wonders how us primitive humans even go about the day without falling on our faces every three seconds without a second set of legs. For that reason, he trips a lot when he is in human morph.

((We have arrived at our destination in only twenty-seven of your minutes.))

Andalites also have an internal clock so they can tell the time without a real clock or watch. This comes in handy when we are close to the two-hour mark in morph.

((Ax,)) Marco said, ((they're everyone's minutes. You're on Earth now so they are your minutes too.))

We hopped off Ax and demorphed back to human. We can only morph skin-tight clothing so right now, we were an odd assortment of kids in spandex, an alien, and a red-tailed hawk.

What we saw before us was- well, it was- nothing. No traces of any living thing remained. The area was completely empty, and had somewhat of an ominous feel to it.

((I do not understand,)) Ax stated, ((This area was completely ravaged when I came here.))

Tobias looked at Marco. ((I guess El Chupacabra cleaned up his mess,))

"Ax," I said, "tell us exactly what the area looked like when you were here. Also, Tobias, go fly around and see if you find anything suspicious but stay within thought-speak range."

Tobias flew off, and Ax began to speak.

((There were human footprints coming from over there,)) he pointed to a clearing in the far distance, so far, in fact, that I could barely see it at all, ((and they continued until they stopped exactly where I am currently positioned.))

I took a second glance at the clearing. It was a long way to run, even for someone who was in good shape. This thing had good endurance.

"Ax, did the footprints continue at the same rate the whole way?"

((Yes, Prince Jake, the creature did not show any signs of slowing down or stopping,

((Also, by the stride of the creature's steps, I would estimate that it was moving at speeds faster than a human could ever hope to reach.))

"Okay," Marco said "we know where it came from, but if it just stopped here, then how did it get the mountain lion?"

((That is my other concern. The lion was located about thirty feet north of here. The only way it could have reached the lion was if it had jumped.))

Great, so now this thing had super speed and agility, and it ate mountain lions for breakfast. Whatever this thing was, we could only hope that it was on our side.

"Where is Tobias?" Rachel asked, "he should have been back by now."

As if on command, Tobias came swooping out of the sky and landed on a nearby branch.

"Did you find anything?" I asked,

((I think I found what we are looking for,)) he said, ((there's this mansion a couple of miles from here, and the people living there are anything but normal.))

"What do you mean?"

((Well, they run at blazing speeds, and they never ate or used the bathroom once. One of them said something like 'hunting' and headed this way just a minute ago.))

Uh-oh, If one of them were headed towards us, at that speed, they would get here in no time. They would be too fast, even for our battle morphs. We would have zero time to plan, and what did Tobias mean by 'hunting'? Did they want to eat us?!

Calm down, I told myself, you can't even be sure that they know we're here.

But I could only hopeā€¦