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CHAPTER 16: The Newborn

Carlisle's POV

This news disturbed me greatly. There was another vampire living in Forks and we had no idea until it was too late. Marco had been transformed into a very bloodthirsty Newborn vampire. Bella had shown almost no sign of ever losing control when Edward transformed her. But Marco, on the other hand, seemed to be more vicious than an average Newborn. If we had waited one second longer, Marco would have certainly ripped Jake's throat out.

Now the question was, "who is this vampire?" I was concerned because I could only scent one vampire, not two, when Marco was trapped inside the old bunker. Edward and Emmett were busy restraining Marco while we tried to come up with reasonable explanations for this event, and also, what we should do about another vampire living in Forks. We could only hope that it was not like James and could be reasoned with.

"Poor Marco," Cassie said, sympathetically, "I can't imagine what it would be like to live that way."

"The effects usually wear off after about a year," I explained, "then the Newborn starts to regain contro—"

"A YEAR?!" Rachel exploded into a blazing rage,

"You expect us to wait a full frickin' year before the effects wear off?! If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have gotten into this mess in the first place! I hope—"

"Rachel, calm down!" Jake shouted, jumping up from his chair, "I know this is bad. Marco's my best friend. I am horrified at what has happened here, but we won't get anywhere by exploding at the Cullens." Rachel sat down, still steaming with anger. I looked over at Edward and Emmett. They were just barely containing Marco and I knew that they wouldn't be able to hold him down for too much longer.

"This is unusual," I said, "Newborns are stronger but not like that. Emmett is the strongest out of all of us and even he and Edward are having trouble restraining Marco. I think he may have a gift."

‹You mean like Edward's mind-reading and Alice's predictions?› Tobias asked,

"Yes," I answered, "I think Marco may have increased strength. However, I also think that he will burn himself up after awhile. I don't think this is a natural gift. Something may have been wrong with the venom."

"But that's impossible!" exclaimed Edward, "Nothing like that has ever happened in the history of our kind. Vampires have always been, physically at least, perfect. There has never been a defect. He must have a gift of some sort."

Before I could reply, Marco broke out of Edward and Emmett's grasp and lunged for Jake once more. Teeth gnashing, he knocked Jake to the ground and tried to bite Jake's neck and feed. Before Jake was killed, Emmett lunged at Marco and threw him off of Jake. Marco fell back and crashed through the wall. Almost too fast to be seen, he sprung up again, this time attacking Cassie.

"No!" Jake yelled as he began to morph to tiger. There was no time to tell him that even the power of the Siberian tiger was enough to pull Marco away. Instead, Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward launched themselves at Marco, dragging him away from Cassie, who was looking very terrified.

"Carlisle, this Animorph is a threat." Rosalie began, "We have to do something about him. He's far more vicious than any Newborn I've ever seen before. Are you sure it's actually a gift? It just seems like an inconvenience to me. We can't hold him forever."

Do something about him? She couldn't mean... No, I must have misinterpreted it.

"Well, we can't just let him loose, either," began Alice, "Think of the trouble he'd cause!"

Emmett just looked annoyed. "See? I told you that these people were trouble. Now we have a whole new vampire on the loose!"

"Likewise," grumbled Rachel.

‹Excuse me?› It was the Andalite, Aximili, who spoke, ‹I may have a solution for our problem.›

"Oh, so now the almighty Andalite just magically has the solution?"

I shot Emmett a warning glance and turned to face Ax.

"Please, continue,"

‹A cryostasis box would be ideal for containing Marco. However, it would render him frozen and he would be unable to recover. But, if several smaller boxes were created to act as bars, then Marco could be restrained, but still be able to recover and have full movement.›

"You could make something like this, Ax?" Jake asked,

‹Of course, Prince Jake. It would be simple. I would just need to buy parts from your human store known as 'Radio Shack.'›

"I do not think this is necessary," I pointed out, "As I was saying earlier, I believe, with all of the strength Marco has, and with how violently he has been acting since his 'birth,' he will soon burn himself up, decreasing the period of regression from a year to a month at the most. This is well beyond the regular Newborn standards. He is likely using up the human blood in his system at a very fast rate."

"Wait," Cassie said, "what do you mean by 'using up all of the human blood in his system?'"

"Newborn vampires still have all of their human blood in their system. The more human blood the vampire takes in, the stronger it becomes. This, coupled with the overwhelming new instincts, is the cause for Newborns' lack of control.

"The amount of power that Marco is showing suggests that he is burning up all of that blood rather quickly. When it is used up, he will revert to his 'normal' self."

"I don't want to have to hold this freak down for a month," complained Emmett.

Jake stood up, "We just don't have that kind of time. Who knows how long T.O. Ondar has left? We have to get to the Yeerk pool and take that Bug fighter before it's too late. On the other hand, we can't just leave Marco here to wreak havoc in Forks."

I had almost forgotten about the Andalite that had fallen from his crashed Dome ship. We do not know how he is surviving without any sort of help, but he had insisted that we leave him.

"Yeah," Rachel said, "we need to know what secret the Andalite military has that could help us against the Yeerks and why this guy can't tell us himself. This could be too crucial to just ignore."

"Yeah, and where would you guys be without my witty sense of humor?"

We all, even us vampires, shot up in alarm. Marco was now leaning against the wall, no trace of blood thirst, despite his crimson eyes.

"That is an impossibility!" I was so shocked that I hadn't realized that I had said anything.

"It can't be that impossible." It was Bella who spoke, "I had no trouble at all controlling myself after my transformation."

That was true. Bella had hardly changed at all after she had become a vampire.

"But," I began, "he was extremely blood thirsty and vicious, as usual, and then was suddenly normal again. That is unusual."

"But I've done it before," Marco started, "You weren't there when we morphed ants. It was a living hell. There was no sense of self. It was like morphing a machine. All of us had been completely absorbed in the morph till we weren't ourselves anymore. This was the same thing. It was like a morph, although much more intense."

So, my theories were wrong. He wasn't losing human blood faster than normal. He had simply dealt with this type of thing before.

"Oh, Jake? Sorry for nearly eating you twice. We should have a new Animorphs policy against that."

"Like in Animal Farm," Cassie pointed out, "'No Animorph shall eat another Animorph…without cause.'"

We all laughed at that but then Jake called for attention.

"Okay, now that Marco has control, we need to think about planning for the Yeerk pool attack. We just need to steal a Bug fighter and get out. Let's try to avoid killing if possible. Before anything else, though, we need to figure out how the Cullens are going to get past the Gleet BioFilters since they aren't humans or Yeerks."

‹Actually, Prince Jake, we do not need to worry about that. The Cullens have no blood and do not undergo any physical change. The BioFilters should just read them as 'dead' and let them pass through. Our real concern is how we are going to get the ship out of the Yeerk pool.›

"Well, that's one obstacle out of the way." Jake said, relieved.

"There must be something that the Yeerks use to launch ships. Otherwise, there would be no point in even having them there."

‹I could probably find it,› Tobias, the hawk, said from his point outside of the house, "I could fly up real high, out of sight. My raptor eyes would spot anything unusual in the ceiling.›

"Okay," Jake said, "so the Animorphs, excluding Tobias, go in, morph, and set up a diversion. The Cullens act like they know what they're doing, and Tobias looks for an opening for us to leave out of. Then, when we're in the Bug fighter, Ax pilots and gets to the homeworld. That is going to be one cramped Bug fighter."

The Animorphs explained what a Bug fighter looked like and what look for and avoid when trying to locate the ship. Everyone agreed on the plan. We were going to strike in two days, to give everyone some time to prepare mentally.

It wouldn't be long before we were all about to embark on a journey that we may not return from.

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