Disclaimer- There's a lot of things I'd like to own, but don't. This is one of them. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to. Based after season 2

"We were born for this"

-Paramore (Born For This)

"I don't know Zeus..."

"Hera we must!"

"But Zeus they're just children!"

"Dear they were never children. They must be prepared for when Cronos returns!"

It was about mid-day when the seven hero's arrived at the school. Of course they would rather be relaxing but who ever said saving the world would be relaxing? They were there at the request of the gods.

"Where is everyone?" asked Atlanta.

"Donno, you don't really question Ares when he says it's time for training. You know how he is in the morning." At that all the teens shuddered at flashed back to the verbal abuse and physical torment at early hours.

"Well he's probably late. That's no reason to slack off in our training. Come on guys" The team groaned. Once again Jay took control and before long they were all exercising. Jay and Theresa, Archie and Atlanta and Herry against both Neil and Odie.

"Are you trying to make a move on me?" Asked Atlanta from underneath Archie after he tackled her.

"N-No of course not!" Archie stuttered nervously. There was a loud clang as Neil was knocked to the floor by Herry who just wiped his hands on his shorts smugly.

"Jaaayyyy, the gods obviously aren't coming! Can we stop now?" Neil whined.

"That's not like them. They must be in trouble! Get your weapons!" Jay ordered and grabbed his sword.

"Or they could just be on a coffee break." suggested Atlanta

"At the same time?" said Archie.

"Good point."

"Something sketchy is going on," mumbled Odie as he followed the others.

Cronus what has he planned this time? First we'll see if we can open the portal without Hermes, then we'll...

If I configure the elector-wires in the defibrillator perhaps I can disrupt the airwaves to pick up high charged pulses!

I should practice more. How are we supposed to defeat Cronus? We're only kids! Mortal kids.

Ooo Neil looking fine.

Why am I always paired with Herry? Is it because I'm the youngest?

Jeez Jay is such workaholic! Imagine what he's going to be like when he older!

I'm hungry.

The thoughts swirled through their mortal skulls. So weak and doubtful. Easily manipulated. Mortals could be feed on their doubts. The chosen ones? They may be more special than regular humans but that wasn't saying much. They could be coddled into thinking they were powerful united but it all came down to the fact that each one of them was mortal. Maybe with a special talent, but talent doesn't defeat gods no matter what a prophecy might say. Prophecies were known to be double-sided.

That was my first chapter. By the way your supposed to have to guess whose thoughts were whose. It would be too easy other ways right? ;)