Okay I'm trying to update every story I have. Don't worry gentle readers, I DO have a plot! I just have to get to it. And this chapter will be longer. I've decided to stick more than one persons view into each chapter. I don't want this turning into one of those 45 chapter stories. And better yet I have spell check!

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"There's no chance unless you take one
And it's time to see the brighter side of every situation
Somethings are meant to be
So give it your best and leave the rest to me"

-Miranda Cosgrove (Leave It All To Me)

"Team?" Jay blinked wearily, calling for his team. The lights were flashing behind his eyes. He struggled to his feet. Jay always level-headed observed his surroundings. Wilderness. No people to be seen. Cliffs, the sea. He grinned without realizing it. He could feel the sea spray and the cool chill of an ocean breeze.

Europe, Canada or Russia probably.

"How'd I get here?" He spoke aloud and found he was comforted by the sound of his own voice. He had been conscious for a few minutes and he was already lonely.

It was different. No bickering Archie and Atlanta behind him. No Neil cooing to himself in a mirror, No Herry, No Odie. No Theresa.

As the leader he felt that he should value everyone on the team as much. He loved them all as people but his self-consciousness secretly evaluated each of them. Theresa was the only one he thought would stay on the team if Cronus decided to get more sinister.

"Well I sound crazy..." He told himself as he noticed a small path that looked well-used. He bent to look at the tracks on the dirt road.

Animal tracks next to humans and wheels from a cart probably. Fresh. He saw dust rising ahead of him. He ran to catch up.

"Young man? Are you alright?" Archie blinked wearily at the aged face above him.

"What?" he asked groggily.

"Name's Daedalus. Genius. Imprisoned. But more importantly who are you me boy?" Archie blinked. He had trouble keeping in the conversation.

"Lay off the coffee." He told the man sitting up. "Seriously human speed for us humans." Archie hoisted himself off the floor. He was in a large stone room.

"MY- NAME-IS-DAEDALUS" The man said slowly.

"Okay you don't need to act like I'm a retar- DID YOU SAY DAEDALUS!" He yelled and got into a combat position. He reached for his whip to feel emptiness. The man that tried to kill him and his friends. A young man jumped in front of Daedalus.

"Are you crazy? My father hasn't done anything to you! You almost attacked the one man who can get us out of the rat hole they call Crete."

"So where is here exactly?"

"So..." Jay started as he sat comfortably beside an old man in a hay cart. It bumped up and down making Jay wonder if this was better than walking.

The old man turned to look at him then turned away. Jay tried a different tactic. "Where are you headed?"


"We're in Greece?" Jay asked surprised. Now he knew it was Cronus. But it didn't explain where the others were.

The man gave him a strange look. "Did you hit your head sonny?"

"No, no I'm fine I'm not from around here. I'm sorry I forgot to ask your name."

"You remind me of someone. It's puzzling. But my name is Androgeus." They shook hands before averting their gaze back to the dusty road. "Food shortage in Crete, it's bad for everyone else but for a farmer it's perfect. They're paying high prices for any type of food."

"So do you not own a car? You could carry a lot more and it would be faster."

"Sonny , you seem like a smart lad but if continue with your strange questions you might have to get of my cart. This is the fastest anyone can get to Crete without a horse."

Jay mentally smacked himself. This man obviously couldn't afford a car.

"Say," Androgeus started. "You seem like a strong young man. I'll drop you off near the palace. The king needs someone to help him."

"Oh? What's the problem." Jay asked. He was beginning to think he had gone back in time. Cronus was the God of time after all. It would explain the confusion about a car and Greece did not have a king that Jay was aware of.

"You haven't heard boy? The king needs help with the Minotaur."

Hope you like. It's a bit longer and more detailed than Atlanta's but I still have plans for her. If anyone could suggest a few Greek myths for me that would be great.