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With a clank, Dillon set his tray down, seconds later he sat in the cold chair and began eating his strawberry dessert while Ziggy boasted random proclaims as he walked over. "Yeah that's right ladies, how ya like me now? And you know…there is plenty more where that came from" Dillon wasn't sure what he did to deserve this guy following him around, it was driving him insane, oh yeah, he let him in his car to show him the way to Corinth, okay...well, maybe he was good for one thing.


"Forget it, I just wanted some dessert" He covered quickly, not letting Ziggy finish. He knew it would be a sappy 'thank you for saving my obnoxious ass' thing, and honestly, he didn't want to hear it. Ziggy on the other hand would want nothing more than to express his gratitude in anyway, albeit a bit eccentric, he knew when to say 'Thank you' for being saved. The only reason he stuck with this guy so long was because he kinda liked him or maybe he just liked the fact that he was tough and strong….either way, if he didn't he would have ran for the hills out of a car traveling well over a hundred when there were busting through Vendrix's defenses. Sure he claimed to not know him because Ziggy's survival pattern was; have a partner but if the partner will get you in trouble, stab him in the back. Yeah, true, he did it to Dillon when they got here but really, he though he was a cool guy, maybe a defense, but he liked him.