TV Trauma

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Chapter 1

Meanwhile, while the cleanup was happening after Starscream's pet dalek got loose, Starscream was doing more reanimation research involving the props department. Something had sparked his interest, namely a CyberMan Costume.

In The office of the Broadcasting Under Manager, Megatron was watching a re-run of the now blown up Cooking with Blitzwing and realizes the only way to survive this mess is to consign that episode to 'This Shouldn't Happen To A TV Presenter!' Clip Show.

In the room where Sentinel Prime was being held till the commotion was calmed, Skywarp appeared,dropped a large piece of meat onto the former Programing Manager's back and let Ravage in. People in the set of Story-Time with Grimlock said the screams echoed around the studios for what seamed like a hour before finally silencing.

With the rogue props, bad programing, and strange events,Optimus prime was getting more and more angry with all the employees of CTV, so he and Megatron worked out how to pick up the ratings a bit. Optimus said "I know, we'll hold a Charity Telethon. They always get viewers".

Megatron replied "we can't hold telethon's all the time cause in Starscream's words 'the flesh-bags are notoriously Tight' and they won't be fooled into giving up their money all the time".

Optimus Prime said " Something has to go, but what?"

Megatron said "Well, we got rid of the bad programming manager and his Pro-War Programmes and the cooking show with Blitzwing, so there must be replacement Programmes.".

Optimus thought for a few minutes and then said "I'll talk to Sam and Mikaela about what programmes appeal to humans and then we could make our own versions".

Megatron nodded and said "I don't know about you, but I could do with a stiff drink."

Prime nodded and said "Me too".

1 week later...

On the set of The Soundwave Happy Hour (what a contradiction there!) …... he was explaining how to mix a great DnB track when Blaster Burst in asking "Where is the set of the X-Factor?".

"NEXT SET ON THE RIGHT" Soundwave said his amazingly non-emotional Fixed-Tone Voice.

Blaster replied "Thanks dude!" and dashed off.

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