One more to go! It's Roxy!

I have been proven wrong. Wrong. I was wrong. very unexpected. The two Keyblade Bearers have taken me by surprise, shocking me with their devotion for each other. I had not expected the light to be so strong, to conquer the dark.
Those fools were always prattling on about how there is always a light in the darkness, something that always sounded too good to be true. So I denied it and accepted the darkness as the one true truth. I had no idea I was following a lie.
Then again, how could I have known what was the truth? I couldn't know a truth without first knowing the lie. But what if I thought the lie was the truth and the truth was the lie? It was too confusing. Too...above me. Maybe the darkness is the truth, maybe the light. I don't know. Sora will never know. We both just have to put our faith in something and hope we're right.
Faith. Faith in the darkness that couldn't be alive. It all came down to believing in something wholly and tossing away all doubt. That's what faith was. I no longer have faith in anything.