Time to fade. Time to go. Time to die. Or maybe, not die. I was with Sora now. I'd forever be slumbering in Sora's soul. I couldn't truly fade to the darkness. I would be...forever separated from Axel. I couldn't be my own person when Sora needed me to live and survive. His happiness for my own. An unfair trade but I can deal with it if it means Sora can live.
But that doesn't make it any better. Just because I've come to terms with it doesn't make it any less painful or something. I wish I could fade like the rest and just be gone. Without killing Sora, of course. My wishes seem to be unattainable, they always have been. Smoke I can't grab, love I can't have, a damnation of living life as someone else.
Wishing I could fade.
Fading is for the best.
But I don't deserve it.


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