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No, this wasn't happening. I stared at the black tendrils that were beginning to rise off my skin. I staggered and fell to my knees, barely registering the pain from the impact. I was too shocked. Too shocked that…I was dying. I was fading away.

"No way!" I cried, still not wanting to believe it. This couldn't be happening! I was supposed to keep living, I was supposed to help Xemnas achieve his dream, help him in anyway I could, like Zexion wanted me to.

But what if I was helping Xemnas? What if…what if I was just a decoy or something? What if I was just sent here to…fade away. To be removed from the picture. I had always been useless anyways, there was nothing I could really do to help the Organization, next to keeping the moral up, but…I wasn't a fighter. Was that why I was being sent to my death? Everyone knew that I could put up a fight but there was no way I could…beat…Sora. So did that mean it was all for nothing?

No, it wasn't for nothing. Zexion wanted me to live. So I did. I lived for Zexion. And now I will die. I have been going on too long without him. He was my reason and now I can join him.

I couldn't bear to look at the Keyblade Wielder as my precious water surrounded me, as if trying to root me to the real world and keep me alive. But I am not willing. I wish to leave now, if only to be with Zexion once again.