This is my 2nd Fanfic! I hope this turns out much better.

This will be much longer than my first story also.

I don't own Bleach or any of its Characters. I only own Sappy.

Sappy and Chibification!

It was a wonderful and peaceful day in the Soul Society.

Zaraki was thrashing his subordinates in a "training session".

Yachiru was pestering Byakuya while Nanao was lecturing her Captain on his inappropriate behavior. Soi Fon was beating her Lieutenant for leaving crumbs all over her division. Finally, we come to Hitsugaya yelling at Matsumoto for not doing paperwork again. Okay, maybe this isn't what some people would call peaceful but this is as peaceful as the Soul Society could get. Sadly,

the peace would be exchanged for one of the weirdest days in the history of the Soul Society.

Captain General Yamamoto had a bad feeling in his gut. At first he though it was from the food Lt. Matsumoto brought from the world of the living, but remembered getting his stomach pumped in Squad 4. His feelings were confirmed when a lunatic busted through the door. The lunatic's face was covered in a black scarf; his shirt had a huge yellow smiley face on it. His pants were purple and had eyes poorly drawn on them, he also wore no shoes. His body build was skinny and lanky. "Hi everybody! My name is Sappy and I'm here to spread cheer and mental anguish"! He said with glee in his ridiculously high-pitched voice. "Who the hell are you? Renji demanded to know. "Berries and Cream, Berries and Cream, I'm a little lad who loves Cherries and Fleas"! Sappy said with a straight face. Everyone in the room looked at Sappy as if he was insane (which he was very much so). The Captain General asked him of his purpose and got the following response.

"I'm here to spread joy and mental anguish! Also to unleash your inner children"! Sappy said laughing manically. Suddenly, a multi-colored beam of light came from Sappy and enveloped the room.

"Chibification Scatter Shot"! Sappy said disappearing in the light.

Ichigo, Uryru, Orihime, and Yasutora (Chad) were back in home town, back in school. Keigo tried and failed to Glomp Ichigo. Chizuru tried to Glomp Orihime but Glomped Tatsuki's fist instead. Everything was normal again, Orihime was saved from Aizen and Aizen was defeated. Now all they had to worry about was passing their classes. That was what they though until the new student came into the class. "Hello my name is Nell".