Sappy and Chibification: Chapter 4!

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Kenji Satomura was a journalist for the school paper and was overall was an average guy.

He was desperate for something exciting and enthralling to write about for the paper.

He herd of a new student and naturally went to check them out, to see if they were news worthy, or just another nobody. Kenji went to Neliel Tu Oderschvank's class and was immediately put in a state of shock and awe. There was super sexy person in his class and she was talking to Orihime Inoue. Kenji quickly moved to his seat and sat down, trying hard not to stare at the beautiful girl talking to Orihime. He tried to focus on the lesson, but it was free period. Desperate to seem normal and not staring a hole in girl's head, he put his head down on his desk and closed his eyes shut. "Cool! I didn't know you could do that Nel" Kenji herd that comment while trying to not stare at the beautiful girl. "Nel? Could she be Neliel"? Kenji said to himself now wondering if the woman he was admiring was the student he was looking for. Kenji listened carefully to Orihime and Nel's conversation to see if he could get any interesting information. "So until Las Noches has calmed down and recovers from the war, Pesche, Dondochakka, Bawabawa, and I will have to stay at Urahara's shop". Neliel said to Orihime with a frown. Kenji was confused, Las Noches, a war, and staying at a shop? Kenji was now very interested in Neliel now. "You could stay with me Nel"! Orihime said happily while putting a hand on Neliel's shoulder. Kenji's mind went to a very perverted place while his nose let blood run freely from his nose.

Soi Fon was angrier than usually today. Being four years old again was hell and she was tired of all the staring. She also had to resist the urge to beat the crap out of the idiots that called her cute; even if they were right they still didn't have to say it. She also had problems doing paperwork, training, training her squad and finally reaching for black cat plushy. Soi Fon was now outside her office sulking about her current impairment. Omaeda was almost completely useless at running the division and he was eating so much of his rice crackers that most of her office is covered in crumbs. She decided to see Captain Malyuri to see if she could get him to hurry up with the antidote.

Rukia was livid and exhausted from the battle with Sappy. Sappy was, despite his outrageous appearance, a strong opponent. He manages to dodge all of her kido attacks and seemed to be boneless by the way he was dodging attacks. Rukia tried to decapitate Sappy once again, but Sappy bent his neck backwards and avoided her swing. "Ha ha, you're so weak and worthless! Ho could someone so pathetic like you become a Soul Reaper"? Sappy asked mocking Rukia. "Damn! I can't land any attacks on this guy". Rukia thought to herself while slashing at Sappy without connecting. "Rainbow Sissy Punch"! Yelled Sappy with a twisted smile. His fist turned a bright rainbow color and shot a rainbow at Rukia. Rukia quickly jumped up to avoid the blast but saw what it was going to hit. Renji was standing on the side-lines watch the battle and got zapped by Sappy's attack. Rukia with no other options left she had to release her Zanpaktou.

"Dance, Sode no Shirayuki"! Rukia yelled out with a cold look in her held her zanpakuto out in front of her and turned it in a circle counter-clockwise. While she is turned it, the blade, hilt and crossguard turn completely white. The tsuba became a circle and a white ribbon forms from the pommel. A rush of cold air in all directions alone with a cold fog descended upon the area. Sappy stood infront of her in the Squad 12 ally waiting for her to make a move.

"So you sent Chappy to weaken them huh"? Asked a mysterious woman in a robe that covered her entire body. "Yes. His talents were deemed worthy enough to be sent" Said another robed figure. "He is psychotic, idiotic, pathetic, moronic, sadistic, insane weirdo"!

Said a third robed figure. The three people were in a dark poorly lit room. You could feel the cold air move around the room in a bone chilling way. The three people in the room quickly exited out of room into the darkness of the hallway.

Yumichika was shocked and surprised at what he saw when he entered the Squad 10 office. Now by being a 5th seat in squad 11 meant you saw a lot of shocking and horrific things. A hollow eating a soul reaper alive, Kenpachi going on a hollow killing spree, Yachiru hopped up on sugar, some idiot calling Ikkaku bald, even his battle with that hideous, unsightly Arrancar Charlotte Cuuhlhourne, but this site beat all of them. Rangiku and Momo were huddled together with fear in there eyes with permafrost covering their entire bodies. Shuhei and Iba were stuck frozen to the wall and poor Kiyone on the floor, face down. He saw Hitsugaya sitting at his desk doing paperwork as if nothing happened! "Captain Hitsugaya, what happened here"? Yumichika asked noticing that his feathers were quickly accumulating frost. "They all decide to disobey my direct orders to stop hugging, cuddling, and punching me, so they were but in time out to chill out and think about what they've done. Yumichika only had one thing to say "Did Lieutenant Kusajishi come by here today"?

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