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Claire's POV

I was drifting out of sleep when I started to feel the splitting headache of mine starting. Damn, what did I do last night? Wait, what did I do? I can't remember. I remember talking with Karen and my other friends at the party. Karen! That's why. I drank too much I guess. I turned over wishing to go back to sleep when I felt my leg brush against something, something solid. What was that?

I opened my eyes. Oh my. Oh, Goddess! My best friend, who I have a major crush on, was laying next to me asleep in my bed. Please let me be dreaming. This is not real. I went to sit up when I realized I was naked. Oh, Goddess! I just had a feeling he was naked too. No, we couldn't have. We just had to get drunk!

I grabbed one of my many blankets on my bed as I quickly got up. I just got it around me when my movement woke him up.

He was still half asleep. He just looked at me with half open eyes.

"Hi Claaaiiiiirrrreee." he said with a sleepy smile.

How can he not realize the situation?

"Wait? Why are you here?" he asked yawning.

"I'm here because this is my house. Why are you here, and in my bed?" I asked.

His eyes snapped open. He looked wide awake now as he sat up. His face turned red as he started to realize the situation.

By his now extremely red face it looks like someone realizes he's not wearing any clothes. It could have been worse, I guess. I could have woken up with Kai, the town man slut. But this just makes things even worse. He's my best friend!

"Claire?" he asked.


"I can't remember last night. Did we?"

"I can't remember either, but I think so." I said looking at the floor. "Can we just forget this ever happened?" I continued.

He just nodded.

One Season Later:

Everything did go back to normal. I never told anyone what happened. And as far as I know he didn't tell anyone either. We were still best friends, and I still loved him so much. I just wish I knew how he felt about me.

I got my chores done extra quickly this morning. For some reason the past week I have been really hungry. This morning I was beyond hungry. I got to the Inn as fast as I could. I got there just as Doug was unlocking the doors.

"Hi Claire. Why are you here so early?" he asked.

"I'm really hungry. Can I get some apple pie?" I asked. Yum! Apple pie. I love apple pie.

"Sure. Just give me a second. Your lucky I just put one in the oven." Doug said letting me in.

I walked up to the bar and sat in the first chair I saw. I looked up at the clock. Holy crud! It's 6:50! No wonder Doug was looking at me funny.


I turned around to see a very sleepy Ann walking towards me.

"Hi Ann." I said.

"Why are you here so early?" Ann asked yawning. She sat next to me.

"I'm just really hungry." I said.

"Oh. And I thought you were here to see me. Some friend you are." Ann said pretending to be mad.

I started laughing.

"Here you go." Doug said handing me my beloved apple pie from across the bar table.

"Thanks." I said just before I dug in.

"Goddess Claire! Slow down." Ann said.

"What?" I said looking at her.

"Look down." Ann said.

I looked down. "My pie is gone." I said.

"Yeah. You ate it in less than five minutes." Ann said.

"I guess I was hungry." I said.


"Was that your stomach?" Ann asked.

"Yeah. Can I have another apple pie?" I asked.

"Sure. Just give me a minute." Ann said getting up.

The next week was just like that day. Except I was sick when I first got up, and it was like that every morning. Goddess what is wrong with me? I really don't like feeling this sick. I looked over at the calendar and I nearly died. My period is a week late!. I'm sick, I'm eating everything in site. Oh. Oh. No. It can't mean?

I nearly dove into my bathroom. I dug through an old bag I haven't seen since I moved into Mineral Town three years ago.

"Claire before you go take this." My mom said handing me a small box.

"What is this?" I asked looking at it funny.

"It's a pregnancy test."

"Um…thanks." I said.

"This is just in case you ever need it. You're eighteen now. You just never know."

"Thanks mom." I said giving her a hug.

"Here it is." I said pulling it out of the bag.

After a few minutes I got my result. I was pregnant. I'm going to be a mother. I felt extremely sick all of a sudden. What am I going to do? How can I face anyone? Oh, goddess how do I tell him?

I walked over to my window. I just gazed out at my farm. I hadn't done a lot. I've spent my time growing lots of crops. But I mostly spend time with my friends. There is no way I can stay here and have the baby, can I? I know I will be the center of attention and gossip. I know my friends would support me, would they? Could he?

I made up my mind. I got to leave. I packed all of my stuff and began writing my friends goodbye letters. They just can't know.

It was the middle of the night when I left my notes to my friends on their doors. Goodbye Mineral Town. I got on Zack's boat and left Mineral Town after making him promise he wouldn't tell anyone he saw me.

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