Chapter 1 – Study Session

The mid-term exams were approaching and Tohru was growing more nervous day by day. She knew that she needed to score great marks to make up for the mediocre results she had been getting so far this semester. Since one week already she was studying frantically, not giving up until late at night. She worked hard, but it seemed to her she was not learning a single thing, as if her head could not memorize anything, and although she would not let it show, she felt a bit discouraged.

Kyo had noticed how much effort she put into studying and he had been wanting to help her, but for some reasons he found it preferable just to avoid her. Lately his attraction to Tohru had grown…stronger, to say the least. In fact it had become a lot more sexual than it used to be and that scared him a bit. To be honest, he did not trust his hormones at all.

And that exactly Shigure knew, and he had a mischievous plan to place Kyo in an embarrassing situation.

One night at dinner, he suggested that since Tohru was exhausting herself studying, someone should help her to get it done faster so that she could rest properly. And since Yuki was too busy with the student council, that task should be awarded to Kyo.

- Would that be okay with you, little Tohru? the dog asked.
- Sure, I would loooove it! I am convinced that with Kyo-kun's help, I will be learning a lot faster.
- It's because I was certain that you would agree. Look at Tohru, how happy she is at the perspective of studying with you!

That was a killer argument.

So this is how Kyo found himself sitting next to Tohru, in her room, explaining her some math problem for the 100th time at least.

- I can't believe that you still don't get it! he almost yelled, running out of nerves.
- I'm sorry, Kyo-kun, you are being so kind, taking the time to explain it step by step and I can't understand anything…
- Stop apologizing!
- O-ok, sorry Kyo-kun!

The same pattern was repeating itself over and over: he'd lose his temper because she simply didn't understand, she'd apologize, it'd irritate him even more, then she would apologize again, he'd notice how cute she was, would calm down, go on with further explanation that she would confuse with other things, which would make him lose his temper again…

Now she was concentrating on a new problem. As she leaned forward to write down a formula in her notebook, the top she was wearing was pulled downwards, revealing the curves of her breasts. At the sight of it, Kyo got all aroused (thanks to his boiling hormones) and a perverted idea crossed his mind.

- Tohru, I have an idea that might force you to understand, or at least give you more motivation. We'll play a little game: for each wrong answer, you take off a piece of clothes, he said with a curious smirk on his face.

The girl was blushing heavily at his suggestion.

- You can wear as much as you want at the start, he added to convince her.

Tohru was not sure she wanted to get into that game, but Kyo said it could force her understanding, so she got up, walked to her wardrobe and dressed herself with the more clothes she could.

Thirty minutes later she was left with a skirt, a tank top, her panties and her bra. Kyo asked her the next question. He had been choosing a difficult one so she would not get the answer right, and as expected her answer was wrong.

- So what are you going to take off next?, he asked. The smirk he had on his face earlier showed again as he spoke.

Tohru, hesitantly and furiously blushing, began to take off her tank top. Kyo couldn't believe his own eyes.

Damn is she pretty.

He wanted so badly to touch her that, to avoid doing something even more stupid than what he was currently doing, he stopped staring at her and asked a new question, which she surprisingly got right.

She sighted in relief when he told her she had given the right answer.

- It's unfair that I don't get any reward for having answered correctly. Perhaps I could put a piece of clothes back on or…
- Oh, you are totally right there, I have missed out on that point. But I have a better reward idea: for each correct answer, I am the one who's going to take off a piece of clothing.
- Eh… That's not really what I …

But before she could end her sentence he had taken his shirt off. This was starting to get hot. Kyo's beauty, when he was shirtless, was taking another dimension. From good-looking already he became sexy, appealing desire, and even the sweet innocent Tohru could not resist that feeling.

She realised she had spaced out for a second when Kyo called her back to reality with another question. Confused, she muttered an incomprehensible answer that wasn't even one anyway. The orange-haired boy decided that it was wrong, but Tohru had no reaction. He walked to her, and leaning toward her face, whispered slightly to her ear:

- Tohru, let me take the next one off.

Then he moved to her lips, and started to kiss her while his hands were reaching out for the clip of her bra.

When he broke the kiss, the bra was lying on the floor and Tohru's cheeks were as red as beets. He was gazing at her, awed at her beauty, when someone knocked on the door.

- Honda-san? It's me, Yuki, I just came back from a reunion with the student council and I would like to ask you to help me out with…
- Sure, Yuki-kun, the girl answered with a voice where panic was peaking, just give me two minutes and I'll be ready to help you.
- Fine. I'll be waiting for you in the kitchen.
- Allright Yuki-kun!

Now the two teenagers were avoiding each other's look. They dressed back, and left the room without a word, both realising what they had been doing and not feeling all comfortable about it.