Chapter 3 – This is heaven.

Tohru woke up from a very agitated night. Obsessed with her experience of the previous evening with Kyo, she had a very hard time falling asleep. It was already around 2 o'clock when she did and the whole rest of the night she dreamt that he was taking her restlessly in various positions: all the time she was screaming for more. Her panties were soaken wet with all her juices and she felt sore as if she had really spent the night with Kyo.

She took a quick shower, got all prepared and dressed (although ''forgetting'' to put on panties) then went downstairs to begin fixing breakfast. She had not been in the kitchen for a long while when Kyo showed up. Smiling, he walked directly to the girl standing before the stove, kissed her neck and slid his hands against her thighs, slowly going up, to find her wet entrance and to…

Wait. Wet entrance already? Kyo suddenly froze in choc. Tohru, his sweet little Tohru, had not put on her panties this morning.

- Eh… Kyo? Is there something wrong? asked the little brunette when she felt him stop.
- What? No, nothing at all. Everything's perfect.

He turned her around and leaned forward to passionately kiss her lips.

- I love you, Tohru.
- I love you too, Kyo-kun.

When they parted, the boy's stomach started to growl from hunger, which made them both laugh.

- Don't worry, Kyo-kun, I will be done with breakfast real soon! I won't let you die of hunger!
- I know you won't. Want me to help you?
- Oh I can do it by myself…
- Tohru. I just want to do it with you, ok?
- O-ok. Thanks, Kyo-kun! she said with a bright smile.

So they fixed breakfast together, and even ate it before Yuki or Shigure came downstairs. They were preparing to leave for school when the orange-haired boy realised he had been erect since he had kissed Tohru earlier. That was a problem: he definitely could not go to school like this. Fortunately, he had an idea to get rid of the problem.

He walked to the girl's room, where she was assembling her stuff for school and closed the door behind him.

- Tohru, he said, I've got a problem and I need you to fix it.
- Oh! I'll be pleased to help you, what is it?

He pulled her closer to him, then took her hand and guided her to his erection.

- It's been like that since morning. Will you help me get rid of it?
- Mmm… ok, but, how to?

Kyo, still guiding Tohru's hand, unzipped his pants and took his cock out of his boxers. He showed her out to massage it, then let go of her hand to touch her breasts. His mind was blanking out. He couldn't believe that she was doing was she was doing at that moment, couldn't believe that she was doing it to him and that he was not dead and in heaven right now. Because this was heaven, oh hell yes it was, or at least he wished heaven was like that…

Suddenly he saw her kneel before him, not letting go of his member. He merely wondered why she was kneeling but honestly, he couldn't think straight anymore. Seconds later, he felt her lips gently kissing the tip of his cock, and it was such a choc he had to gather all of the concentration that was left in him not to come right away. The kisses became gradually bolder, and soon she opened her mouth to take him in and started to move her head back and forth. Kyo regretted what he had thought earlier. THIS was heaven. He grabbed her head and, caressing her hair, gently supported her movements. He was trying his all to make this last the more he could, but at that point he couldn't keep it in anymore.

- Tohru, I'm gonna come.

As she didn't answer nor move, he came into her mouth, finally delivering himself from all of the sexual tension he had been accumulating lately.

When he opened his eyes, he saw her standing before him with a radiant smile, obviously proud of herself. He smiled her back and kissed her.

- I wish I could hold you.

Then he kissed her forehead, her nose, her ear, her neck, came back to her lips.

- I love you Tohru.
- I love you too, Kyo.

That morning they left the house together, walked to school hands in hands, stopping every now and then to share a kiss. Kyo was in such a good mood he even wished Uo-chan a nice day when he saw her, which made Tohru even happier than she was.

Both teenagers were flying in a world of their own. The day went by rapidly, and soon they found themselves almost running home hand in hand, constantly laughing. They were not even in the house when Kyo lifted a giggling Tohru bridal style, ready to take her to his room. He didn't think he would step in Shigure when he entered the kitchen.

- Kyon-kyon? What are you doing to our little flower?

Both teenagers were blushing.

- Eh, if I may say something, began Tohru, Kyo and I are going out…
- To tell the truth, I am actually going to take her to my room, where I will deflower her and I sure hope I won't be seeing you nor that rat till tomorrow morning.
- …

Shigure, astounded, couldn't utter a thing. Kyo started to walk toward the stairs, when he turned back and said:

- Oh and, go for a take-out cause she won't be cooking tonight.

With that said he left the room, leaving Shigure alone.

It was about time, thought the dog for himself.

The end.



Mental note to self: I was wrong all the way, THIS is heaven!

Author's note: I'm pretty sure I will be stopping this here, but if I ever feel like writing some more, then I will, so it might not be definitive, but really don't put too much hope in the addition of new chapters. ;)