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Start up

Xqulth: hello my friends. This is my first inkheart story so be easy on me. And so to help out I have dragged my friends down here.

Alex: 'ello I'm Alex. I'm from X's Jumper story "Guardian Jumper"

Deseri: And she's also the annoying one. Deseri from X's PoTC story. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Deseri's untold story" Or something like that.

X: You don't know your own story's name?

Deseri: No.

Alex: haha!

X: Now to the story.


The rain was quietly taping on the window outside Maggie and my bunk bed. My name is Reiley Folchart. I'm 17 and nine years ago I saw the strangest thing. Mo, Maggie (3), my mother and I (8) were sitting on the floor and couch listening to Mo read aloud from one of my favorite books, Inkheart. When we got to a part with my favorite fire dancer and my least favorite villains, Basta and Capricorn, my mother and three laps disappeared. In front of us stood Dustfinger, Basta, Capricorn, and Gwin, who scampered up to me and allowed me to scratch him behind the ear.

Today was the day that nine years ago that my mother disappeared. I looked out the window and went to my bed on the top bunk (I have seniority over my little sister) and pulled out a small book in a paper bag cover. I smiled as I pulled out Inkheart. Looking back out the window I saw Maggie looking out it gasping.

"What Megs?" I asked quietly to insure that Mo didn't hear us.

"There's a strange man out there."

"Really?" I walked over to the window and looked out. There I saw a dark figure of a man staring at the house. Maggie, however, wasn't going to stand there and stare. She ran to Mo's workshop and started talking quickly. I walked downstairs with them and went to the door.

"Dustfinger? Hey is that you?" Mo shouted out the door. The man walked towards the door. Through the light I could see three pale scars on the side of his face.

I ran towards him, "Dusty!" I ran up and hugged him only to come face to face with a furry horned martin, "Gwin!" I grabbed the martin and sat on the couch.

"Oh, I see how it is Reiley! Pick the little devil over me." He joked.

"Well, lets see, you aren't as cuddly as Gwin! So HA!" I pet Gwin as Maggie looked between the three of us.

"Megs. Go to bed. 'Kay?" I asked quietly.

"No. Someone tell me what's going on. Rei-Rei." I put Gwin on my shoulder and walked with Maggie up to our room.

"Go to bed and I'll explain in the morning. 'Kay?"

"Re-"She began but I cut her off short.

"No, please Megs, don't argue."

"'kay but only this time. No more secrets."

"No more secrets." With that I walked back down to the kitchen.


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