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This is set in Season Two. Not episode specific, but A.J. (after John)

Warning: a little language.

The Good Friend. Part one of Winchester Single Shots

Sonya handed Bryce another beer, smiling as he popped the tab on the can with a grin on his face. He tipped the beer to his lips and swallowed half the can before dropping his hand to rest the can on his knee. He released a ground shaking belch making Sonya reach out and smack him on the back of the head.

"What?! Dude, college life rules! We're old enough to get friggin' drunk and too damn young to care!"

"Bryce, you're a moron." Sonya deadpanned good naturedly, shaking her head, giggles shaking her shoulders. The front door of the cottage opened and Trey came through quietly. He watched as Megan, Sonya, Bryce, Lila, and Jamie teased each other. A feral grin teased his lips.

Jamie stood from the couch and went to the fridge, grabbing a bottle of beer. Trey, the starting quarterback of their school's football team, turned in his direction as the bottle was tossed his way. Trey allowed it to bounce off his chest and crash to the floor to shatter in a pool of broken glass and fizzing beer. Sonya stood from the couch, her wide blue eyes on Trey and Jamie as Jamie cursed.

"Dude, what the friggin' hell?! My grandma coulda caught that!"

"Not thirsty." Trey answered, his voice slightly raspy.

"So you completely waste a bottle? You egotistical sonuva…"

"I'm hungry." Trey's features morphed into a maniacal grin as his skin slowly turned a dense black. He jumped on Jamie, taking him hard to the floor as he began to beat him. Trey's hands turned into clawed talons, the skin turning black as the deep color bled to his distorted fingers.

"Trey, what the fuck?" Megan said incredulously. Trey's head lifted as his claws ripped out Jamie's throat, the blood cooling instantly as energy was pulled in, satiating the hunger a small amount. Malicious eyes lifted in a face that was completely black, the eyes soon turning to the darkest pools of black energy. His head snapped around to glare malevolently at the others, a feral black smile, little more than a slit in an equally black face.

"I'm still hungry!"

"That's not Trey! That's not Trey!" Bryce stammered as Megan and Lila began to scream. Bryce stood from the couch and grabbed the girls, heading for the door. The creature was on them, tearing and pulling them to pieces. Sonya ran from the cottage as fast as her feet could carry her. The last words she heard above the gurgling screams was now Jamie's voice, his dead, rasping voice.

"I'm still hungry!"

The black, sleek car drove slowly down the muddy back road; the wipers doing a steady back and forth motion to clean the windshield. The car's occupants were quiet, tense, alert. They were on a hunt tonight, but both were unprepared for what happened next.

Dean braked hard as right in front of them a young man staggered onto the road, the expletives on his tongue, however, remained caught in his throat. The man, in his late teens, looked dazedly at the bright headlights of the car. He was literally drenched in blood, his face, tattered shirt, jeans. All bloody.

"Holy…" Sam whispered, breathless, and both opened the doors of their car, slowly closing in on the man.

"You okay?" Dean asked cautiously.

Eyes blinked at him and Dean knew they had been had, and at the same moment the face of the youth turned into a mad sneer.

"I'm hungry…" it huskily replied, as it turned, shoved Sam hard and ran.

Dean could see it turning black seconds before it vanished between the trees.

Rain fell heavily from the dark sky, soaking the ground. The loud splashes drowned out almost every other sound of the forest. She sat there, holding her breath as she strained her ears to listen for the footsteps and the rustling of the leaf. Please don't find me! Please don't find me! Please don't find me! The never-ending mantra was repeated by her mind.

It was supposed to be a fun week. They had rented the little cottage to celebrate New Year's Eve… but then…

Nearby a branch broke and pulled her out of her thoughts, the images that assaulted her. She panted in fright, jumping to her feet and started to run. But she didn't get far before she was tackled from behind. In pure panic she struck out at her assailant, hitting something soft, but to no avail. Her attacker was much stronger then she was and wrestled her down. A sharp stab ran through her shoulder as her arm was pinned behind her back and she screamed at the pain. Then she felt hot breath in her neck and the voice of one of her friends hissing into her ear. "I'm hungry…"

His breath went in and out, little white puffs of exhalations forming in front of his face as he hurried down the path. They had split up at the last fork, him taking the right path, while Dean continued the left.

He stumbled, barely catching himself and stopped, trying in vain to ease his gasping.

That's when he heard it. A soft keening sound accompanied by a pleasured growl.

Sam controlled his breathing and eased forward silently, gun drawn, listening for the sound again. When he saw them his breath caught in his throat.

The thing on the girl's back seemed to absorb the light around it like a black hole. Its claws were running down the girl's back slowly and he saw her arch her back against the pain inflicted on her.

As if sensing someone watching it, the dark creature stopped its torture and turned to Sam, blue-black eyes flashing in sick delight, as a sneer crept on the thing's face. It turned on him without haste, letting go of the girl.

"I'm hungry!" the creature wheezed and with movement so fast Sam couldn't follow it with his eyes, it advanced.

Dean stood at the entrance of the little cottage, his hand clamping over his mouth as he took in the scene. Four mutilated corpses. Staggering forward, looking out to not step in one of the blood-splatters he slowly bent, looking at the first one, a young man.

His throat was cut, ear to ear, while a huge chunk of flesh seemed to be missing at the boy's shoulder, a claw-mark across his face making it impossible to recognize his features.

He proceeded through the room, ignoring the sick sticky-sweet smell, shutting out the fact that he looked at nothing more than teenagers… a few college age kids with what would have been full lives ahead of them. He felt fury race through his blood.

"Right out of one of those stupid movies, gore and blood and screaming teenagers…" he muttered, taking in a deep breath as he stepped out into the cool, rainy night.

Snapping open his cell-phone to call his brother he flinched hard as a gun-shot echoed through the woods.

"Crap!" before he knew it he was running again with his gun in his hand.

Let him be okay! Let him be okay! Let him be okay!

Dean barreled through the woods, his breath coming quickly from a combination of adrenaline, fear for his brother and the second headlong flight into the "Freakin' woods after stupid teenagers who don't watch enough freakin' stupid scary movies." Dean gave voice to his thoughts as he lunged over a fallen tree.

"Sammy!" Dean called, the last syllable of his brother's familiar nickname breaking as his breath caught in his dry throat. "SAMMY!"

She sat up, wincing at the pull of her abused shoulder, the scratches that adorned the flesh beneath her torn shirt. A feeling of being drained, tired beyond imagining ripped through her and left her shuddering. She watched on in fear as the thing wearing her friend's face tackled the tall guy to the ground. His gun went off, the bullet striking the creature with a hollow sound.

Sam watched on as white rings, resembling a ripple in a puddle caused by a raindrop, expanded their way over the flesh that was so black it more resembled a void than the teenager he remembered seeing in the headlights of the Impala. Sam shoved at the shoulder area of the creature that was no longer human. He felt cold spreading through his fingers, numbness spreading through his hands. He shoved hard, the energy he expended being greedily sucked in.

"Hungry. I'm so hungry." Sam watched the thing's mouth moving, a black void of nothing, like a slit in a black drape that exposed the darkest night behind the window. Sam felt black hands, cold hands, come down on his throat, his breath pulled from his lungs as a deep cold and a mind and body numbing lethargy settled heavily into him. Sam watched in helpless horror as the black face shifted into that of a red headed girl, with freckles across the bridge of her nose and vibrant green eyes before it spoke "I can feel it. You'll sustain me for a long time…" The face bled back in to the formless black mass.

She sat there, seeing the guy that tried to save her struggle in vain as he fought the black thing, trying to keep it away. Her scuffed hand grappled in the leaves around her, finding the fallen tree branch that she'd landed on when she'd been tackled. Her shaking fingers curled around it and she grasped it, picking up the weight that seemed too heavy for her tired body. She eased to her feet and walked quietly to where the black thing was focused on the guy, black, seemingly insubstantial hands closing tightly around his throat as he fought and got weaker. She straightened and swung the branch hard. She whimpered as the branch connected and vibrations rippled up through her arms and into her scratched back. It worked though, the thing's black as night hands were ripped from the guy's throat and he was knocked away from him. It scrambled up and took off after growling at her.

The guy pulled in a panting breath, his head topped with disheveled brown hair lifted and then fell back to the dry leaves as he caught his breath. She dropped the stick and fell to her knees as she heard another voice in the distance, shouting, followed closely by the echo of "What the hell?!" and a gunshot.

"Sammy!" She heard in the distance. "SAM!"

The guy lifted his head and looked at her before pulling in another breath and pushing himself up on his elbows. "DEAN!" he barked out, his voice echoing through the woods. She jumped. "Sorry." He said, lowering his voice. "Are you okay?" he asked as he reached for her and touched her shoulder.

"Y-yeah. I think so."

"I'm Sam."

"So I gathered. I'm Sonya."

She leaned a little closer to him, her cold, tired body wanting warmth and rest.


"Here Dean!" Sam yelled as Dean's footsteps and calls got closer. Dean walked through a gap in the trees and into the clearing, his gun up and at the ready. Sam stood slowly and pulled Sonya to her feet, taking his jacket off and, after shaking off dirt and leaves, putting it over her torn, bloody shirt.

"Dean, this is Sonya."

She nodded once. "My friends, they're… that thing…whatever… it got them, didn't it?"

Dean swallowed and ran a hand over the back of his neck. "Yeah. I'm sorry." Sonya felt a tear, a single hot tear, work its way down her flushed cheek before she sniffed and lifted her head again.

"What was it?"

"We don't know." Sam said softly.

"But we're gonna find out." Dean ground out between clenched teeth.

Sam looked up from the laptop. "I think I know what it is." He said quietly, his eyes shifting to take in Sonya's sleeping form where she'd curled up on his bed. She was wearing his gray tee shirt, the soft fabric hanging nearly to the knees of her dirty jeans. Dean stood from the other bed where he was cleaning the guns that had been fired and walked around the table to look at the computer screen over Sam's shoulder.

"Soul seeker?"

"Yeah, kinda makes sense here. From the lore it was said to literally rip souls from bodies in a bloody show. It likes the souls of sinners," Sam read the screen "'feeding off the corruptness that blackens the soul.' It can change into a walking embodiment of the soul." Sam sat back from the laptop. "Dude, ya said on the way back here that you saw the cabin, was there a red headed girl?"

"What was left of her." Dean cringed.

Sam's lips thinned. "The soul seeker turned into her for a few seconds."

"Why the hell would something like that go after college kids?"

"It's always hungry. The souls don't sustain it long. The more evil the person, the longer it can be sustained. Was probably just passing through."

"That explains why it took Trey first then." Sonya said, sitting up on the bed. "He was using drugs to be the best quarterback in the state. Beating the drug tests too."

"We're gonna get this thing before it gets too far away." Dean said, stowing his pistol in the waistband of his jeans.

"What? You guys wanna go after this thing?"

"It's kind of our job."

"Sucks to be you guys, doesn't it?"

"Ya got that right." Sam said, smiling at Sonya.

"We'll take you home."

"No! No freaking way. This thing killed my friends. I want to see it on the receiving end of some major kick ass."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! No way in hell is that gonna happen. You're not going with us."

"The hell I'm not!" Sonya stormed out of the motel room, Sam's tee shirt swishing around her hips.

"Dude, I'm gonna tie her to the freakin' car." Dean cursed, walking towards the door behind Sonya.

"Dean, wait…" Sam said, grabbing his arm to stop him. "The soul seeker, it said something to me."

"Come again?"

"It said that…that I would… sustain it for a long time."

"So what, it's another freakin' demon spouting off about you goin' dark side? It's bullshit Sam. That's all. Nothin' bad's gonna happen to you while I'm around. Its lyin' man. That's what the hell they do."

"I think it'll come after me again. If we play this right I can corner it and you can…"

"Are you seriously saying what the hell I think you're sayin', Sam?" Dean shook his had emphatically. "No freakin' way are you gonna be bait. You're not some damn piece of meat!"

"Dean, I…"

"Shut up Sam. You hear me, shut up! You keep an eye on the girl, you freakin' hear me?! No way am I gonna dangle you in front of this thing. It's the only thing dyin' tonight!" Dean stormed outside and got in the car. Sam followed, his eyes determined.

Dean sat in the car, his hands white knuckled on the wheel, engine rumbling in the background of silence. Sonya sat in the back, her blue eyes flitting from one brother to another.

I just lost dad. No fuckin' way I'm losin' you Sammy. Dean thought as he forced his hands to loosen on the wheel and shifted the car from park. "Let's find this sonuvabitch." Dean said.

He peeled out on to the road outside the motel and turned in the direction they'd come, soon turning off onto the rutted dirt road that led to the cottage. He glanced in the rearview mirror to see Sonya sitting behind Sam, her chin in her small hand as she stared out the back window into the woods, her eyes searching for the creature.

Dean pulled into the space in the grass where the big red SUV still sat. "That's Trey's car." Sonya said quietly.

"The bastard coulda took it and left town easily enough. Why didn't he? I'm sure he knows we're hunters by now."

"I told you why, Dean." Sam said softly.

"Yeah, yeah. Well, he ain't getting you, so drop it Sam." Dean shut off the engine. "Sonya, you know what's in there. You can stay in the car…"

"No. They are…were my friends. I need to get the police up here. I need to see, so I can tell them what happened."

"And that would be?" Dean asked.

"There's a lot of bears in these here woods." Sonya said, faking a backwoods accent, as she got out of the Impala, a grim look on her face. She took a deep breath and walked unfalteringly up to the cabin. Sam caught up to her with his long strides and pushed open the door when she finally hesitated. She gasped and sobbed once, her eyes misting up. The first thing she saw was Jamie, on his back where he'd fallen, his throat ripped, flesh missing. Vacant brown eyes stared up from a face scratched nearly beyond recognition. She stepped around the gore and walked quietly to the living area where the others lay in a heap, blood soaking the wooden floor. Megan's head lay across Bryce's legs and Lila's arm was ripped nearly from her shoulder. Her hair, normally palest blonde, was burgundy with clotted blood, her chest ripped open.

"I think…I think I've seen enough." She said, her face paling. Sam stepped in and grabbed her arm, directing her around the mess and out the door where he sat her on the chopping block beside the small wood pile, crouching down beside her.

"Are you gonna be okay?" She lifted her head, tears gathering that she blinked away.

"No. They weren't perfect, but they were my best friends. I wanted a special New Years to remember; now all I wanna do is forget. It hurts, y'know?"

"The pain fades. It doesn't go away but it does fade."

"I want this…whatever… I want it to pay for my friends."

"It will."

"Trey left the keys in the car. I'm gonna take it back to campus. It's about four hours away. Do you think you and Dean can…?"

"Oh, yeah. It won't see sunrise."

"Sam, be careful, huh?"

"Yeah. You too."

Sam walked Sonya to the Explorer and helped her inside. She shut the door and rolled down the window. "Seriously, be careful Sam. You and Dean. I wanna see you again."

"You will. Lock the doors and don't stop." Sonya rolled up the window and Sam heard the locks click before the engine fired up. She backed out on to the muddy road and turned in the direction of town.


"Sonya is going to get police up here. Figures we have four hours to kill the bastard."

"Plenty of time. Let's go find the sonuvabitch." Sam pulled his glock and he and Dean circled the cabin and entered the woods. After several minutes of walking, Dean crouched down. "I don't freakin' believe it."

Sam stepped around Dean and looked down. "Blood. Think it belongs to Trey? Sonya said that he was outside and came back different. That thing got him somewhere around here." Dean followed the splatter trail and soon spoke again.

"Yeah. It's Trey. Damnit."

"What Dean?"

"Ripped to pieces." Dean said, putting the back of his gun hand to his mouth.

"Damnit." Sam echoed. Off in the distance a branch snapped. Sam's head whipped up at the sound and he stood quickly. The soul seeker took off through the woods, once again using the powerful build of the quarterback to its advantage. "Dean!" Sam cried, taking off at a sprint.

"Damnit Sam!" Dean cried, running after his brother.

Sam ran through the trees, dodging low hanging branches and jumping fallen logs as he followed the creature, it's now black form lending it some camouflage in the moonlit night. It seemed to pull the light to it, sucking the energy from the night, the blue light of the moon glinting off black skinned shoulders. It put on a burst of speed and disappeared. Sam stopped running and leaned his hands on his thighs to catch his breath. "Damnit." Sam stood, turning as he ran a hand through his hair in frustration. Dean caught up with him and grabbed his arm, spinning him again.

"What the fuck?! Didn't we just get done talking about this Sam?!"

"You talked. I never said anything." Sam said, pulling his arm from Dean's grip.

"You sonuvabitch." Dean said, his eyes flashing angrily. He stowed his gun in his waistband with a shaking hand. "I can't believe you're doing this. After everything that just happened, you're being the good hunter now. Is that it? Still thinking 'What would dad want me to do?' That it Sam?"

"Dean, that thing's evil. It needs to die!"

"Yeah well, same's been said about you. How true is it?"

"That's not fair and you know it." Sam said quietly, blue green eyes snapping to match his brother's green ones.

"Sam, I don't wanna lose you! I mean, before dad died, that freakin' demon beat the hell outta you, then yellow eyes possessed dad and…

"And I almost lost you." Sam said, staring hard at Dean, moisture building in his eyes.

"Can't do it Sammy. Won't. I won't let you go off half cocked and leave me to clean up the pieces of you. I can't." Dean said, lowering his eyes to the leaf litter along the forest floor. He stilled and his eyes scanned the surroundings. "Oh hell."

Sam spun and took in what Dean was looking at. "What?"

"Damn thing doubled back. Led us in a circle." Dean stood and pulled his gun once more. "Sam, we need to stay close and…umph!" Dean grunted as the soul seeker barreled into him from behind a tree, taking him hard to the ground. His head landed hard on a tree branch and he shuddered once, falling still beneath the heavy body of the quarterback. It stood, advancing slowly on Sam, Trey's face visible.

"You'll feed me… I'm hungry!" it sneered, an insane look on the kid's face. A feral grin twisted his mouth. Sam backed up, pulling his gun. He fired once, making the seeker stagger and again watching as the energy from the bullet was sucked in greedily. It launched itself at Sam, tackling him as its face bled to black, eyes glowing blue white.

"Hungry." It rasped, closing it's hands on Sam's throat. He felt the cold deep in his bones, settling in as he lifted the pistol and fired point blank into the chest of the quarterback. The seeker flinched before it gripped Sam's hand with a freezing, blackened talon, shoving his hand hard against the ground and dislodging the pistol from Sam's fingers as the talon sliced deep into his wrist. Sam grunted in pain as the gun skittered away.

"You'll sustain me…" The soul seeker leaned over Sam, straddling him as the face morphed from the black void to the blond girl, her blue eyes dancing with mirth. "I like you a lot." she said, her long pale blond hair catching the moonlight. "I'm so hungry." she said, leaning over him. Her hands, now pale skinned with long fingers and burgundy nails raked down the side of Sam's face, painfully drawing blood from three shallow scratches. Sam winced and fought again as her nails dug into the side of his neck. She leaned closer to him and opened a gash just above his collarbone with a nail that was now a black talon. Sam felt cold seep into him through the wound. "Guh, get off me… bitch!"

"Hungry!" She said, her voice turning raspy as her face bled to black, back into the formless shadow that was deeper than a black hole. The seeker clawed at Sam's chest, tearing his shirt and drawing more blood. It leaned in and opened a gaping black maw of a mouth. Sam felt lethargy slam into him, its talons ripping into him, pulling him out from inside, as his blood flowed. The seeker leaned closer, its mouth hovering over the open wound as it pulled Sam's energy from him. It growled in pleasure as its next sustenance flowed into the black void.

"Hey!" The seeker looked up and the sound of a gunshot echoed through the forest, sending winter birds to the sky in fright. "Get off my brother you sonuvabitch!" The soul seeker flinched, the flow of energy stilling as it collapsed against Sam's chest, blue light arching through it as if exposing its veins from within. It began to crumble along the jagged lines of light, turning to dust. The seeker fell to pieces, surrounding Sam's still body with small piles of gray grit that stirred with the night breeze. Dean kicked up the dust as he fell to his knees beside his too still brother.

"Sammy? Sam!" He said as he pulled Sam's head into his lap. "Aw, God, you're a mess." Dean pulled a handkerchief from his back pocket and held it to the worst of Sam's injuries, the gash at his collarbone. Dean felt for a pulse with the other hand, holding his breath. Thu-thump.

"Atta boy." Dean said as he released the held breath on a sigh of relief. "Hey Sammy. C'mon. Need ya to wake up dude."

Sam's eyes moved beneath their closed lids before blue green finally made an appearance. "Nnhh, De'n?"

"Scared the shit outta me little brother."


"Ya better be. That might be the only thing that keeps me from royally kicking your ass." Dean shrugged and grinned. "That and the fact that you look like you went ten rounds with a freakin' bobcat." Dean stood and helped Sam to his feet. Sam leaned heavily against Dean, straightening after he felt Dean stagger beneath his weight.

"Dude, you okay?" Sam asked after he got his breath back.

"Nothing a bottle of aspirin won't fix. Come on; let's get the hell outta here before the cops storm the place." Dean said as he stepped forward and scattered the gray dust with is boots, making it nearly invisible. They began to walk slowly, side by side, along a game trail, each lost in thought. They circled the cabin and came up to the Impala from behind. There were no cop cars in sight.

Sam and Dean slid into the car and Dean fired the engine, backing out on to the rutted road. They drove slowly back to the motel.

Sam answered the knock on the motel room door, carefully keeping his glock down behind his thigh. He smiled and stowed the weapon as Sonya grinned up at him. "Hey."

"Hey." she said. He opened the door and Dean looked up from where he reclined against the headboard, once again cleaning weapons. Sonya ran a finger gently over the scratches that marred Sam's face. "I'm glad to see you both in relatively one piece."

"Did you get the police to buy the bear?"

She grimaced. "They didn't have a whole lot of trouble believing it since one had broken into the cabin while you guys were hunting that thing down. It was drawn in by all the blood I guess." she sat on the bed Sam had occupied and he sat beside her. "Please tell me that thing is not going to hurt anyone else, ever again?"

"No worries there." Dean said. "It's taken care of."

"So this is really what you two do?"

"It's a wonderful life." Dean said.

"What Dean means is that someone has to do it. We both got pulled in pretty young. It's all we know."

"Must be rough."

Sam looked at Dean. "It has its moments. But, nah, not really."

Sonya leaned over and kissed Sam's cheek beneath the scratches. "Thank you." She said when Sam's face flamed. Dean grinned. She stood and crossed the short distance between the beds, kissing Dean's cheek also. "You too Dean." Sonya walked to the door. "The funeral for my friends is tomorrow. Thanks for making sure someone who really knows them is around to remember them." Sonya walked through the open door, and got into the red Explorer. Sam and Dean stepped out on the sidewalk. Sonya rolled down the window. "Trey was my brother. I loved him, still do. I'm just sorry he was evil enough to be touched by that thing. We all have some darkness inside; don't let it catch up with you guys. Take care." She gave a little wave and a sad smile before she backed out of the motel parking lot.

"Good advice." Dean said. He tapped Sam on the chest, careful of the scabbed over scratches.

"Hey Dean?"


"How did you kill that thing anyhow? I shot it like three times."

"I remembered the last time I almost lost you to an evil soul suckin' sonuvabitch. Shot it in the head while it was feeding."


"C'mon, let's hit the road."

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