Me: HELLO MINNA-saAAAN! *fake smile*

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Takara: Wh-why?

Me: Becaaaaaauuuuse... they won't translate Inuyasha anymore! After book 42 they stopped since "no one bought it"!

Takara: ... But you've already finished it, right? On onemanga in english?

Me: I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! BUT IT'S DIFFERENT! It's amusing and a kind of soothing feeling when you've got the book in your hands, you can feel it, you can SMELL it! And it's btw interesting to see how they translated it!

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Tenseiga and Renkotsu

No one said anything, they just stared in disbelife. Akui sank to his knees.

"N-no... sh-she can't be... dead for real... can she?

"Mi-Miumi..." said Katsuo and stared at the nothingness in front of him. Izayoi was the first person that snapped out of it. She swallowed once and turned to Valencia.

"Is there anyway to help her at all?"

Valencia shook her head.

"No, not even I know how to bring back the dead"

"But Sesshoumaru does..." whispered Inutashio. Everyone turned to him.

"Dad's Tenseiga... it can bring her back, right?" said Kanami and looked at Miumi's small and bloody body. Inutashio nodded.

"We've got to find him"

Unfortunately, someone reached Sesshoumaru before they did...

Meanwhile with Rinnea and Sesshoumaru

They ran out of her room. Sesshoumaru carried Rinnea and Aradeon on his back since she wasn't in a very good condition.

"Can you smell where they are?" asked Rinnea and Sesshoumaru slowed down for a little while, tensed and turned aroud, growling.

"Sesshoumaru-sama... what's wrong?" asked Aradeon. Sesshoumaru husshed him.

"It's one of them, I can feel the stench. You two have to hide" he whispered and put them down in a corner where they were protected by the dark and impossible to see. Sesshoumaru turned the opposite direction and drew Toukijin.

"So you killed Suikotsu huh? Not bad, but unfortunately, this is as far as you go" said a dark voice and the bald one of the seven brothers apprached.

"You are one of the seven...?"

"Yes I am. I am Renkotsu, the fireworks expert. I am also the way smartest of all of us" Renkotsu said and smirked. He picked up a dynamite while talking, but Sesshoumaru didn't move an inch. He walked closer but Sesshoumaru still didn't move.

'He seems quite confident... I guess that he is as strong as I've heard...'

"What's wrong? Not attacking?" said Sesshoumaru and tightened his grip on Toukijin.

"I am not like my brothers, I know how to use my brain" explained Renkotsu and backed a little. He glanced at the corner where he had seen Sesshoumaru put something or someone down, probably because he didn't want it to be damaged.

Renkotsu quickly thought of a plan, lit the dynamite and threw it in between the corner and Seshoumaru in order to make him move away from it. And instant after he lit more and more dynamites and threw them in between Sesshoumaru and his precious thing, and for every step that Sesshoumaru moved away from the corner, he took a step closer to it. When Sesshoumaru noticed that he darted forward, but Renkotsu was prepared. He had filled his mouth with flamable liquid and now he released a huge amount of flames at Sesshoumaru.

It didn't hurt him much of course, but it slowed him down a little and gave Renkotsu enough time to run over to the corner. What he found was a beautiful and quite cat-like girl with golden hair and piercing emerald eyes, and sitting on her lap was a cat with the same golden furr and the same eyes as the girl. He turned to Sesshoumaru.

"So this is what you wanted to protect huh? A girl and her cat?" he said and laughed.

"Not what I expected from you Sesshoumaru..."

"You've heard about me?"

"How could I not have heard about you, captain Sesshoumaru, son to the great pirate Inutashio and captain Gold-Eye's older brother, the almost unbeatable trio of dog demons..."


"Yes, you won't leave this island alive..." Renkotsu laughed out, kicked Rinnea on the cheek and made her pass he threw strings of metal around Tenseiga that hung at Sesshoumaru's side and pulled it into his open hand. Not even Sesshoumaru had any time to react. Renkotsu laughed again and threw a smoke bomd. When the smoke cleared, he was already gone. Sesshoumaru cursed and walked over to Rinned and picked her up. He shook her quite gently, but enough to wake her up. She groaned and opened her eyes.

"Se-Sesshoumaru-sama?" she whispered and coughed.

"Wh-where did he go?"

"I don't know. I'll chase him down later, but first, we've got to get you to a doctor"

Rinnea wanted to protest but she could tell by the look in his eyes that he wouldn't take no as an answer, and sighed.

"Yeah, go ahead... take the famous doctor to the doctor..."

About five minutes later

"Where are the others?" asked Rinnea. Sesshoumaru stopped and sniffed again. This time, he turned right and rushed full speed forward. Rinnea had a hard time holding onto his tail.

"I take it you found them, but why the hurry?"

"I can smell blood... lots of it. It is Miumi's blood"

Rinnea and Aradeon gasped.

"Do you think she's okay?"

Sesshoumaru didn't answer. He could tell that she was dead, but he didn't know if it'd be wise to tell her that. She hissed in his ear.

"Sesshoumaru Takahashi, answer me. Is she okay or not?"

He sighed.

"She's not okay, or she may be... it depends"

"What do you mean "it depends"?"

"It depends on how it is on the other side"

Rinnea got pale and Aradeon whined.

"D-do you mean that... she's- that she actually is... dead?"

He nodded. She quickly changed her mind about him running to fast.

"FASTER!" she screamed and he obeyed. They reached the other group within just a few seconds. Rinnea and Aradeon jumped off Sesshoumaru's back and ran over to her son and gave him a hug. Then she turned to Yoame who carried Miumi and it felt like her heart was going to break. She turned and looked around. She stopped at Valencia and ran over to her and grabbed her arms.

"Valencia! Cheetah! Can't you help her? Can't you do anything? You're the best doctor ever!"

Valencia just looked at her with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry Koneko-chan but... if I could I already would've done that. I'm sorry..."

Rinnea fought to hold her tears back, when she suddenly felt something big and fury touch her waist and she looked down. It was Gesshou, Valencia's cheetah-shaped daimon. Rinnea threw her arms around Valencia's neck and Aradeon collapsed at Gesshou's paws. Valencia hugged her back and Gesshou consoled Aradeon who started to purr a little.

Sesshoumaru walked straight over to his father.

"Do you know who made this?"

"Yes, it was Jakotsu, the man that Inuyasha is curently fighting in the arena. Miumi was going to help him but she got cut and died from bloodloss. She didn't transform back because.. well, it's "the night", otherwise she would've made it. We hoped that you could bring her back with... where's Tenseiga son?"

Everyone turned to stare at him.

"Renkotsu stole it. I wasn't able to do anything"

"You LOST it?!" Inutashio roared, angry enough to make the strongest demon shiver in fear, but not Sesshoumaru.

"He stole it, I didn't loose it"

"It's the same thing! We can't bring her back! At least he doesn't kow how to use it..."

"He may figure it out... he's not like the others" explained Sesshoumaru, dead serious. Inutashio paled.

"DAMN! This is bad... if he figures it out... then he may bring his fallen brothers back to life and we will once again face the band of seven"

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