Qui-Gon joined Gibbs and looked down at the body.

It was a man about Leon's age.

"To think that people would just throw away someone's life on purpose like this."

Gibbs rose from his kneeling position and faced the slightly taller man, who was only four inches taller than him.

"There are a lot of messed up people in the world, Qui-Gon."

Palmer and Ducky loaded the body into the van.

"Go with 'em, Qui-Gon. You drive so Palmer doesn't get them lost again."

"Sure, Boss."

Qui-Gon went over to Palmer and took the keys.

"I'm driving, Palmer. Boss's orders."

Palmer got into the middle seat next to Ducky, and Qui-Gon got in the driver's seat, glad he had learned to drive and gotten a license.

He drove back to NCIS and helped them get the body downstairs. Once they were ready, he went up to Abby's lab.



She went over and hugged him for a moment.

"So, give me the dirt."

Having now been with them for two months, Qui-Gon understood each other them pretty well, even Gibbs, so he knew what Abby meant.

"One body, a male, white, probably mid to late forties, three gunshot wounds."

"You drive Ducky and Palmer back again?"

He smiled.


He held up a large Caf-Pow.

"Palmer had to use the bathroom, so we stopped, and I got one for you."

She hugged him.

"Oh, Qui-Gon, I love you!" she exclaimed, taking the surgary drink from the big man.

Qui-Gon chuckled and went down to the medical facility.

He found Ducky and Palmer working on the body.

"Hey, Ducky. Hey, Palmer."

They looked up and returned the greeting.

"Got anything yet?"

"Yes, actually, we do."

Ducky held out an evidence container with what looked vaugely like a bullet in it.

"We found this in his lung; one of the three bullets that killed him. I was just about to send Mr. Palmer up to Abby with it."

"I'll take it to her. I have to go back upstairs anyway."

"Thank you, Qui-Gon."

"No problem."

The former Jedi Master, now special agent, went back up to Abby's lab, gave her the bullet, and went up to his desk in the main office, where he found the others, except for Gibbs, waiting for him, each eating a burger.

"Hey, guys. Where's Gibbs?"

"He went to talk to the Director," Ziva answered, having been the first one to swallow.

A large bag from Buddy's Burger Joint on McGee's desk, and Qui-Gon could smell the burgers that were still in it.

He snatched up the bag, his stomach now reminding him that he hadn't eaten all day, opened it, pulled out one of the five remaining burgers, closed the bag, and put it back down on McGee's desk.

"Oh, man, I'm starving," he sat as he went over and sat at his own desk.

He was just about to take a bite, when Gibbs joined them.

"Do I smell Buddy's Burgers?"

Qui-Gon, having been facing the opposite way and not paying attention, jumped and dropped his burger. It landed in his trash bin, and when he went to grab it, he knocked over his water. which spilled into the trash bin, soaking the burger.

He sat back with a sigh.

Gibbs glanced at him as he set the bag of burgers down on McGee's desk after taking one himself.

"McGee, how many burgers are left.

"We bought enough for everyone, you, me, Tony, Ziva, Qui-Gon, Abby, Ducky, and Palmer."

Gibbs took another burger from the bag.

"Palmer's a vegetarian."

He set the burger on Qui-Gon's desk as he passed by. His phone rang, and he answered it.


He paused for a moment.

"Be right there, Abbs."

He took the bag with the last two burgers in it for Abby and Ducky and headed for the elevator.

Qui-Gon, McGee, Tony, and Ziva ate their burgers, chatting and sharing stories and jokes, as they often liked to do on rare occasions like this when they were able to just be together as friends and not work.

This time it was only becaus they were waiting for Gibbs to come back and took the opportunity.