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Arc 1 Life in Pictures Chapter 1- Finding warmth in the snow

Ever in his life Ranma find chaos after resolving things on the world of Kamen Rider Kiva their new companion (tag along, nuisance) known as Kivara flew into the photo backdrop revealing a new scene. At least it had the benefit of trapping the small talking silver bat underneath it.

Looking at the scene, Ranma finds it is of a large village that looks like it would fit in europe nicely. The only odd thing about it was the massive tree that dominated the the scene. Deciding to take a look at what they face Ranma walks to the door and upon opening it finds himself dressed in a conservative suit. Wholly appropriate for a young teacher at an upscale academy.

"So this is the next world huh wonder what it's like" Ranma opens the door and finds himself caught in a breeze as two red haired girls going racing by wearing black school uniforms.

The one whose hair is in twin pony tails shouts to the other girl. "Your still not good enough to outrun me Ranko."

Taking the cover off his camera Ranma wonders out loud. "Huh a Ranko interesting."

Ranma hears a miyah coming from a red haired rabbit cat thing sniffing his camera "Hmm well hello there little one." The creature grins at him like a fox before munching the cuff link off the wrist of his suit coat and bouncing away after the two girls.

"Hey" He shouts as he gives chase.

A taller red haired young woman grins at his retreating back, and walks into the photo shop. "I could have sworn this was a coffee shop." Looking down at the young girl holding her hand. "Don't you think so Akiri?"

"Hai Kari-mama"

Old man Eijiro sticks his head out from the photo studio. "I have coffee."

"See Kari-mama"

Kari sighs at the oddity, but need for coffee overrides all else. "Oh well thats good then."

Ranma's frustration grows as the rabbit thing seems to be intentionally bouncing just outside his reach. "Ok then you little thing lets see how you deal with this." Speeding up a bit he manages to capture the infuriating creature. "I GOT YA"

The rabbit thing grins, and suddenly expands into a golden cat eyed twin of the darker haired red headed girl wearing a cheerleaders outfit. "Well you caught me." Winking at Ranma she licks her lips. "What do you plan to do with me?"

"...well that I did not see coming, well I want you to say your sorry for chewing my cuff."

The girl grins at him. "Looking at your neat camera made me hungry, but I thought you would be more angry if I ate that." Leaning forward she suddenly kisses him.

Eyes widening, his response is less then intelligent. "Uhhh"

"You can have it back though." She grins as he discovers the present she had slipped in with her tongue.

Ranma's eyes grow huge as he pulls the cuff link out of his mouth. "Uhh yeah thanks."

"You're not my partner, but your just as much fun to tease." the girl says with a giggle

"...your partner hmm I see."

"Yes my soul partner Himura Ranma." The girl says with a smile. "Himura Ranko at the moment."

"I see so there is another Ranma in this world..I mean this place"

The girl steps closer to him and grins. "Well the multiverse is infinite."

Ranma tries to back away laughing nervously. "It is isn't it"

The girl turns them so Ranma is pressed against the wall and one of his legs trapped between hers and sliding up her skirt. "Yes, with infinite pleasures. do you care to have me show you a few."

"Well I uhh." He coughs as he tries to push her away "Not right now, I am on a quest currently, but maybe later I can get a picture of you"

She strikes a pose to press forward her assets, coincidentally into his chest. "I will look forward to it." Before the ground glows underneath her and she shimmers from existence with her grin disappearing last like the Cheshire cat.

Ranma sighs and scratches his head "This world is most definitely weird."

An old man with a top knot walks by. "My dear boy you have yet to see anything." The man continues walking without pausing while stroking his short beard.

"Oh really well I have seen a lot, but who knows you just might be right." The frustrated young man say to no one in particular.

"Hmmm so much of interest in this world, I can''t let it be destroyed" Looking up after he leaves the alleyway he finds the giant tree from the picture dominating the horizon. "Magnificent" Grabbing his camera he quickly takes a picture. "Lets see if I can get it from a different view point."

Turning towards the plaza beneath the tree he starts walking that way. "Wonder what else is in this world?"

His musing is answered by a voice he had not expected to ever hear again or to be so polite. "There are many things to be seen. What would interest you Ranma?"

"Who would know me here and how?" He turns to stare at a familiar young woman with black hair in a helmet shaped cut, only to find her smile for him completely alien to the Tendo Nabiki he once knew.

Nabiki smirks, there is a familiar expression. "Well I know the Ranma I am familiar with is at school, and a girl at the moment, so you must be a visitor." Seeing his perplexed expression she continues. "Where ever you are from you must not have met an analog of myself. I am Tendo Nabiki."

"No I have, but I am not entirely thrilled with Nabiki." He says with a sigh. "I only travel with one former Tendo, and that is Kasumi, but it is good to see a decent Nabiki."

Nabiki's expression wars between a pleased grin and her normal smirk. "Well opinions vary, but I am trying to turn over a new leaf since I have been given a chance to."

"That's good to hear at least one Nabiki is trying to."

Nabiki raises an eyebrow, but the warm grin finally wins out. "Well I do owe Ranma a lot for all that I did to him before. Maybe I can work off some of that Karmic debt by playing tour guide for you. What would you like to know or see?"

"Well I need to know some of your strongest people and just to see the sites a bit."

Nabiki nods thoughtfully. "I can show you some of the more interesting sites, but the strongest people depends on how you define it."

"Okay well then show away."

She takes Ranma's hand and turns them back towards the plaza at the top of the stairs beneath the world tree. "Since we are so close we may as well start with the school's biggest mystery. We are in Mahora Academy by the way."

"Okay then Mahora." Ranma smiles at how easily she is with leading him by the hand "Interesting place this is and biggest mystery huh."

Nabiki nods and tilts her head towards the tree. "Yes, the great tree is called the 'World Tree', but despite its immense size almost nobody outside of here even seems aware of its existence."

"Well that is different."

Nabiki winks at him playfully. "Yes if you are around during the festival in June there is a rumor that you can use the tree's power to form a life bond by confessing to the one you love most."

"Hmmm that is something"

Nabiki shrugs and laughs quietly. "Until just recently I would have said it was nothing but superstition, but I have seen a lot."

"Well thats good to know."

Leading him to the top of the stairs she releases his hand so he can get another picture of the tree. "Most of the strongest fighters are actually in school right now, either as students or teachers. We can go see if the strongest person I can think of is available to talk though."

"Thats good because I do need to talk to someone important."

"Well she actually tries to keep a low profile." Nabiki giggles. "You actually met the school's headmaster in passing a little while ago."

"The old man?"

"Yes, he can be surprisingly powerful in his own way." She looks at him speculatively. "You would not happen to have the girl curse like the Ranma of this world do you?"

"I used to."

"That is unfortunate." Nabiki winks at him. "If you really wanted to get information from the old man. The headmaster has a soft spot for attractive young women."

"...No comment."

Nabiki sighs and shakes her head. "Well anyway shall we go meet Noriko-san?"

"Noriko..? okay."

Nabiki takes out her cell phone and quickly picks a contact from the list. "Noriko-san. Oh.. Okay I will bring him."

Turning to Ranma she struggles not to show surprise. "It seems she has been expecting you, and said to come to her home before the tea gets cold."

"Okay then."

After following Nabiki to the other side of town from where they started, Ranma walks into a modest two story home and Nabiki escorts him into a common room where a young brown haired woman, looking only slightly older then Nabiki, is pouring tea into three cups.

"Hello Noriko right?" Ranma says as he sits down on an offered chair.

"Yes that is correct." The girl grins mischievously, and Ranma could swear she looks to where he has the card holder and belt hidden in subspace. "Tell me did you happen to run into a young looking red haired girl on your world?"

"Hmmm no I don't think so unless we are talking about the rabbit cat thing."

"No Inhoshi is a definite character, but not who I was thinking of." Noriko rolls her eyes before grinning ruefully. "No matter what brings you to this world?"

"This world is in danger."

"The world is always in danger." She says while looking at him seriously. "Do you know who or where the threat you are concerned with originates from?"

"I know a little this world is merging with others." Ranma say quietly "I believe it originates from Kamen Rider Morphos, but I think his real name is Fate."

"Hmmm..." Noriko says pensively. "That sounds familiar, but the only fate I knew of was taken care of by Negi-kun last summer. It would not surprise me if he is harder then that to kill. Failing to cut off the link between this world and Mundus Magicus he may be trying to find a new way to achieve his perfect world."

"I see well he has new powers from what you know."

Noriko grins at him. "Much like your masked rider abilities?"

"You know?"

"I know nothing about the future, but little of present existence is unknown to me." She pauses before amending. "At least of late."

"I see then, yes I am Kamen Rider Decade."

Looking at the floor Noriko says in a bare whisper. "Tokimi why must you always decide only the strong should survive?" Looking up and more loudly she continues. "So you are the one chosen to help merge the worlds together."

"Hmm help them I see."

Noriko waves her hands dramatically at the young man. "Yes destroyer of what was, and guide of combining the stories into one whole."

"Interesting indeed, yes well then I will help in anyway that I can."

"I believe your journey has just started and we will see each other again in the future." She whispers sagely. "Other worlds need you more now."

"I believe you are right but still I feel there is something here I should do before I leave."

"Well I believe my granddaughter has taken it upon herself to create her own rider." Noriko smiles conspiratorially. "If you would like you can test yourself against her skills."

"Sure that would be good."

"Unfortunately the young woman who has become Kari's rider is headed for school at the moment so you can't play yet." Noriko smiles at Nabiki. "I believe you also should be headed for class young lady."

"And that's the best part about being out of school."

"Unlike some I enjoy school. Even more now because other people are keeping things in line." Nabiki finishes her tea and bows to Noriko and Ranma. the second receiving a smirk. "If you will excuse me I will be leaving for class."

After Nabiki leaves, Noriko turns to Ranma. "So mister traveler would you prefer to chat or would you like the tour?"

"Well why not both chatting while touring."

Grinning Noriko stands up and beckons Ranma to join her. "As long as your certain you can split your concentration that much."

Smiling Ranma asks,"And whats that supposed to mean huh?"

Noriko shrugs and takes Ranma's hand. "Only that if your anything like my great grandson you may need help not tripping while walking and chewing gum."

"Haha funny every Ranma is different, none are the same, I will be fine."

Noriko winks as the floor beneath them glows and suddenly he finds himself standing in mid air over the campus before beginning free fall. "Are you certain of that?"

Ranma smiles before looking down and taking a picture "Yep, nice view by the way." Ranma smirks as he uses a few buildings to bounce off of and slow his fall. "I just have a hobby of taking pictures."

"Such a cheeky boy." Noriko says, while she floats in the air, reclined like she is sitting in a chair.

"Thank you I try."

"At least one thing is consistent." Noriko says as she stands up, and turns to walk north. "Well the view from the beach should offer you the best sights for pictures."

"Ok" he say as he turns to follow barely containing laughter with a smile.

"How did you come by that belt?" Noriko asks quietly.

"Well Kasumi found it and gave it to me, and I used it."

Shaking her head, she turns to the boy, "I see, and what is your goal?"

"Well I want to make everything safe so people can live happily." Ranma says authoritatively. "A power like this is not to be misused in any way."

Noriko nods and smiles. "Tell me how would it actually be misused? What measure are you putting your actions against?"

"Against Morphos and his evil riders trying to make the world his, I just want everyone to be able to live together"

Noriko closes her eyes in thought. "Just for clarity, when did you meet this Morphos, and how do you know his intentions?"

"I met him when he showed up in my world along with a few other Kamen Riders.. He was searching for the decadriver."

"How can you be certain his intentions are any less noble then yours?" Noriko says mildly. "I am certain he sees his own actions as being just and the right thing to do.

"I don't it's just a feeling I have and the Riders he had with him...are not the nicest guys around."

"All heroes are seen as butchers and killers to those they strike down." Noriko says with sadness. "What makes you be the one in the right?"

"No clue really." He replies with a smile.

"There is the answer. The only path that is certain is the one that leads to darkness and destruction." Noriko says quietly. "As soon as you decide in your own mind that you are without question right. Then your path becomes one devoid of compassion, and that is when you turn darker then those you fight."

"Huh really well thats interesting."

Noriko places her hand on Ranma's chest. "There are times when there is no answer. You have a good heart, try to follow it."

"I always do." He says with a cheeky grin.

Noriko slips behind Ranma, and smacks him with a large folded paper fan. "Try thinking on occasion too."

"Ouch okay okay"

Noriko holds up her hand with the index finger pointed at Ranma. "Lesson one. Before you can hope to find balance in one world, let alone multiple ones, you must seek it in yourself."

"Hmm seek it myself huh I guess so."

"Here we are." Turning at the beach, Noriko points back over the expanse of Mahora academy. "Will this serve your needs for taking pictures?"

"Beautiful" Ranma pauses to take a few photos. "Yeah it does."

Noriko looks askance at the dual lensed camera. "Why is your camera like that?"

Ranma grins impishly. "Because...now would you move a bit to the left I want you in this last shot."

Noriko shakes her head and steps in front of the school.

"Thank you."

Noriko sighs behind her grin. "So tell me about who your own allies in this venture are?"

"Well theres the old man in the photo shop and Kasumi." Ranma pauses to think a moment. "Though my Kasumi is probably a little different from yours."

"Kasumi-chan can be surprising." Noriko smirks and raises an eyebrow. "So I will wait and see."

"Yeah she can be." Ranma says agreeably. "Well why don't we head to the Photo shop now."

Now it is Noriko's turn to grin. "Are you sure you can find your way back?"

Ranma looks around with a slight sweat drop. "Well I can try."

Kasumi grumbles as she steps out of the dark room. "Every time, why is there always something weird in those photos of his."

"Who's photos Kasumi-chan?" Kari asks while looking up from her coffee. "And why are you here?"

Kasumi blinks as she looks up. "Umm Ranma's and do I know you?" The younger woman she is looking at bares a striking resemblance to Ranma's mother. "Hmmm interesting so who are you anyway?"

"Okay Kasumi I know Kaede's hair style is nice but why change yours to emulate it?" Kari asks in puzzlement.

"Oh a while ago, but I am afraid you have the wrong Kasumi." The older girl says with a smile.

Kari looks at Akiri who only grins. "Okay I will buy that."

"Please allow me to introduce myself" Kari stands and bows. "I am Himura Kari, and this is my daughter Akiri. I believe you might know someone like my older sister Nodoka."

"Ah yes I am Kasumi, well it used to be Tendou now it is Hikari."

"I see." Kari says with a smile. "Then the Ranma you were referring to was the one with the camera outside earlier."

"Yes it was."

Kari smiles conspiratorially "Does he change like my niece Ranko?"

"Oh he used to."

"Used too, you must have been very disappointed when that stopped." Kari says with a hint of her own disappointment. "The Kasumi I know enjoyed dressing Ranko-chan up in cute clothes, and helping make her disguises."

Kasumi laughs in response. "For a bit, but to see him happy now it just as good."

Ranma opens the door to the studio and hears an unfamiliar girl's voice talk about a swallow doing just that, and finding other ways to make a dog really howl.

"Ahh" The young man pauses while he blushes. "Ok what is this about now."

Ranma finds a small red haired girl latching onto his leg with a hug

"Hey hey what the?"

She looks up at him with innocent blue eyes. "Inhoshi-nee really is looking forward to seeing you again."


The little girl releases his leg, and skips off giggling to hide behind a tall red haired girl sitting at a table with Kasumi. The little girl peeks out at him, and Ranma blinks as the little wing behind her ear waves at him, before she ducks away again.

"...okay..right" The martial artist turned rider says with more than a little confusion.

The red head turns to his female companion. "So Kasumi is this Ranma as much trouble as my nephew? Be honest now."

Kasumi laughs in response. "He can be since he still likes to shoot of his mouth and still shows off a little."

"Hey..I don't do that..much."

Kari looks at him skeptically after that weak argument. "Really?"


The little girl tugs on the sleeve of the young woman's blouse. "Inhoshi-nee likes him Kari-mama."

Kari snickers. "Ah so he may be better off running then?"

"...this Inhoshi is she the rabbit thing that I was chasing earlier? That turned into that girl?"

"Frankly I am amazed." Kari says as she ticks things off on her fingers. "One your still fully clothed, and two you can still walk."

"..ok wouldn't I be."

Kari turns to Kasumi. "Still naive isn't he."


"Oh yeah." Ranma says as he looks at Kari. "Are you Kari?"

"Yes Ranma, this is my granddaughter." Noriko says as she steps around him into the room

"I see she looks a lot like Nodoka."

Noriko looks at the young man sadly. "Well that is only logical since they are sisters."

"Ok hmm... Well I am going to go develop my pictures." Ranma states before walking off.

Kari turns back to Kasumi. "I take it he is not on good terms with your worlds version of my sister."

"No he is not." She acknowledges and looks after him sadly "He gave everyone one last chance but they all abused it

"Unfortunately after hearing the stories of what Ranma went through here, I can imagine that." Kari says quietly.

"Yeah. But I expected better from Nodoka..but by the sounds of it yours isn't too bad."

"My sister is far from perfect, but once faced with evidence she did not try to hide from reality and wanted to make up with her child." Kari replies.

"But at least she tried."

Kari nods in agreement. "she is, but she actually showed some sense in realizing that he would resent her turning suddenly into a dotting mother, so she asked me to play the caring big sister instead."

"Well thats good to hear."

Kari grins playfully. "A roll I was anxious to try anyway."

Kasumi laughs, "I can see that."

Kivara flies in. "Ohh is Ranma-san being moody again."

Kari snags the metallic flying rodent out of the air. "Oh what an adorable little bat."

"Ahh" is the only response said creature could get out.

Kari turns to Akiri. "Isn't she just adorable."

Akiri looks at Kivara with big innocent, slightly hungry, eyes. "Almost good enough to eat."

Kasumi laughs. "Now now none of that, this is Kivara."

Akiri hugs Kivara closely "Awww."

"ohhh hmph Ranma-San just needs to get his frustration out." The small creature struggled to get out as she was pressed to the small girl's chest.

"Yes, but usually there is another near by for that." Kasumi says quietly

"Another what? Akiri, have you finished your analysis?" Kari turned to see the little girl nod. "Then we have teased her enough.

"Hai Kari-mama."

Kivara flaps away trying not to look ruffled. "Kasumi means another Kamen rider and what analysis?"

"Oh I was just analyzing your structure with my sensors. It is really rare to see a living metal life form." Akiri says in a surprisingly clinical voice for a little girl.

"Oh well I am not the only one."

Kari grins, a little dangerously to some. "Interesting, did you get a good analysis of Ranma done earlier Akiri?"

"Hai, genetic similarities are superficial at best Kari-mama."

Ranma takes in the scene quizzically as he reenters the room. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

Kari grins wickedly as she moves closer to him. "So tell me do you need a fight to work off stress or can other options be explored?"

Ranma sweat drops as he tries to step back. "I will fight to work off stress thank you very much."

Kari strikes a pose with one hand on her hip, and leaning slightly forward, that makes her silk blouse and slacks much less than conservative. "Are you absolutely certain?"

"Yes yes I am" Blushing with a bigger sweat drop he turns to Noriko. "Oh by the way" Ranma says with a small smile. "The picture turned out great"

"Really? May I see it then?" Noriko says as she steps up next to him, and almost molds herself to his side. "Are you completely sure you can't give other things a try?"

Blushing wildly, but struggling for calm he coughs. "Well if you really want to I can show you, but you know while it came in great something about it bothers me."

Noriko looks over Ranma's shoulder looking for the picture, coincidentally pressing herself into him more. "Oh and what is that?"

Ranma blushes even deeper if possible. "Well" He quickly trots off and returns with the photo "This."

Now both Kari and Noriko are on each side of Ranma and Akiri somehow made it up his back to hang off his shoulders in her frilly dress. "What is strange about it?" Noriko asks.

Now close to ignition levels, Ranma struggles for control. "Well it seems to show two people that weren't in it, and they are where Noriko and the world tree stood."

Noriko grins as she takes the picture from his hands. "Interesting it seems your camera can capture more then four dimensional reality." Noriko eyes take on a eager gleam. "May I study it?"


Noriko shoos the other girls off and hands back the picture. "Your camera captures what is there but unable to be perceived by most people. Understanding it is something you will have to come too on your own."

"That's fine with me" Ranma sighs as he adjusts his suit collar. "Damn it I need some fresh air."

Noriko turns to Kari. "I believe you have classes to attend today as well." She turns back to her guest. "Would you like me to show you more of the outside world until the school day here as ended?"

Noriko grins at Kasumi. "You of course are welcome to come as well."

Kasumi chuckles. "Thank you I would love to."

Ranma lets out a sigh of relief. "Sure why not."

The two travelers and their guide get off the subway at the station on the far end of the broad avenue leading from the world tree plaza. Ranma bows to their guide. "Well that was fun Noriko."

"Yes it was really fun." Kasumi seconds.

Noriko gives them both an easy grin. "I am glad I could be of assistance." Her grin turns more on the order of wicked. "Ranma-dono are you sure that only a fight will do?"

Sweat dropping, Ranma struggles to control his voice. "Yes for the last time."

Noriko chuckles. "Well I believe Kari had made arrangements for her newest project to be testing out her powers." She turns to lead them to a new location. "We do need to stop and check in with the dorm manager and her assistant first."

"Sounds good."

"Hmm, I might as well come along should be fun." Kasumi muses as she follows.

Noriko leads them to a large three story dormitory and walks to the Managers office on the ground floor without hesitation. Ranma finds the counter being manned by a very beautiful raven haired woman. His surprise is compounded as she bows to him with a grin. "Welcome Ranma-kun, Kaede-chan."

"Again with this Kaede, I am Kasumi."

Ranma chuckles at someone else being discomfited. "Well your half right."

The woman giggles. "I am sorry Kasumi-chan, Akiri-chan told me about meeting you and I could not resist."

Kasumi smiles "It's okay."

The woman smiles as she hands them a security card key. "If you are here, then Tomoyo-sama thought you might want these. You are however welcome to make use of the baths before going to get more exercise." She winks at Ranma, he manages to notice the black tinted contact shift showing her golden iris underneath. "You should be certain to use the men's bath."

Noriko leads the other two up to the third floor, and opens a security sealed door to reveal a room with two glowing tables where Konatsu and Akane are sitting at one while two younger looking twins are intently observing small figures on the other one. Another raven haired woman seemingly identical to the first sweeps from the back of the room to greet them

"Good day to you, Noriko-san." Turning from the named woman, she bows to the two new arrivals. "It is a pleasure to meet you both, I am Daidoji Tomoyo."

"Hello I am Kadoya Ranma."

Kasumi bows in return "Hikari Kasumi."

"It is nice to meet you." Ranma give a slight start at noticing Akane. "So even she can change" Walking over to that table he asks, "So what is this?"

Akane and Konatsu continue staring at the table in concentration. Tomoyo pulls Ranma back a little. "They are playing Angelic Layer."

"Oh hmmm seems interesting."

"More if they get good enough then I give them bracelets like the one Konatsu-chan is wearing that lets them turn into their angels." Tomoyo says quietly. "At least temporarily."

"Hmmm like a henshin belt very interesting." Ranma takes a picture of them before looking up in surprise. "Wait did you say Konatsu."

Tomoyo smiles at the question. "Yes."

"Well I go figure he finally started dressing like a guy" Ranma feels someone poking at his legs.

Turning he finds the twin with short ponytails. "Okay you look like Ranchan, but your older and she said she was stuck for a bit."

From the other side the twin with buns asks, "Who are you?"

Ranma blinks. "Oh I am Kadoya Ranma nice to meet you."

The girls step back so they don't have to crane their necks quite as bad to look up at him. the twin with ponytails bows. "Pleased to meet you. I am Narutaki Fuka and this is my younger sister Fumika." The other twin bows when her name is mentioned.

"Nice to meet you."

"Oh you two are just so cute, I am Hikari Kasumi." The young woman states as she walks up.

Lapping up the attention, the girls turn on the puppy eyes of doom. "Will you play with us." they say in stereo.

Ranma mumbles while taking a picture of them. "Well I guess it couldn't hurt."

Kasumi grins with her response. "Sure."

Noriko grins broadly as she hands Ranma a six inch figure that looks surprisingly like his Decade form. "Why not give this a try?"

Ranma blinks at the figure. "Hey this looks like.." his expression turns to a smile. "Okay"

Fumika points for him to take the seat her sister left and shows him how the visor works. Stepping to the other side she puts on her own visor and tosses her angel onto the layer with a call of "Search for the truth of the world in your dance of blades, Black Rose. The angel descends."

"Hmmm." Ranma muses before throwing his Decade in. "Destroyer of worlds follow your own path, Rider Decade. The rider descends."

Both angels glow as they pass the boundary of the layer landing in fighting stances.

Kasumi looks at Noriko. "Interesting that he said that isn't Noriko."

Noriko simply shrugs."the endless cycle Kasumi-chan, for anything new to be created other things must fall away."

Kasumi sighs, "I suppose so."

"Ok then hmm so what, do I think about what I want my little guy to do?"

Tomoyo chuckles at the other ways that could be taken. "That is correct Ranma-kun."

Ranma smiles as he notices the the little decade has the cards. "Hehe, okay this is going to be fun."

The pink haired angel shimmers as a gigantic broadsword appears in her hands.

"Hmmm.." He pauses as he imagines the Sword he uses as Decade and concentrates and the little Decade makes a strange looking sword appear. "Heh Sword for a sword"

Black Rose charges at the rider angel. Little Decade charges at Black Rose intent on meeting her half way. The female angel smirks as she drives into a scissor kick slide and catches the Rider's legs.

"Grrr okay Attack ride..Illusion.." Ranma says before the Little Decade pulls out a card and puts it into his little decadriver and two more Little decades appear and attack Black Rose.

Black Rose smirks as she swings her broadsword around the mass of bodies like a feather knocking them all back.

"Final Attack Ride." Ranma growls before the rider avatar jumps up into the air and puts a card into his decadriver and glowing cards appear in front of the little decade. Ranma grins. "Dimension Kick."

Black Rose can only attempt to get her sword up to block, but is still blasted out of the layer by the impact.

"Heh that was fun."

Fumika blinks several times before settling on staring at Ranma. "Wow."

Kasumi looks over the field. "My that was really entertaining."

"I would say the number of special attacks was completely unfair but that does not surprise me anymore." Akane finishes with a smile for Ranma to take away some of the sting.

Ranma smiles a little. "Well I just put my imagination to use."

Konatsu chuckles heartily, completely at odds with his former feminine personality. "No one could ever claim you lacked that Ranma-sama." he continues with a slight rolling of the eyes. "Perception at times, but not will or imagination."

"...Man this is a little weird seeing you like that Heh but yeah" Ranma smiles at the younger man. "I just used what came to me you could it like it was natural."

Akane looks at them questioningly. "So where are you two from. Ranko-chan is in the resort training with Happosai, and Onee-chan is on a date with Tofu-sensei."

Kasumi smiles, "Oh well we are from another world visiting."

"Yeah We needed a change of pace."

Akane shakes her head ruefully. "Only around Ranma could this happen."

"Ha ha yeah only around me" Ranma says with a grin. "So whats Happosai like in this world?"

Akane giggles "He was a perverted little troll like you probably knew him as. Well until recently, Now he is working on getting his teaching credentials to become a full instructor at the academy. He also is tall rugged, blond, and has a fan club of girls that are unhappy that he seems to be more or less faithful to Shizuna-sensei."

Ranma blinks "Wow" Pulling out a list labeled "Things I need to see." adds "a Decent Happosai" to the list and puts it away.

Noriko seems a little put off by this action. "I don't know how things were in your world, but in this one Happi was an innocent victim in a malicious joke that his father played on his mother."

"I see well isn't that something."

Noriko seems a bit offended. "I offered several times to help him, but he felt he needed to truly do something to earn it. Spying for me and keeping the fathers in line was the price I finally was able to get him to agree to."

"Hmmm well I'll have to meet him sometime."

Noriko shrugs, "I am sure that can be arranged. Once we enter the resort a full day will pass there before we can leave, but only an hour here."


Kasumi giggles. "I wouldn't mind meeting Happosai either."

Akane sighs, "I would join you, but after Ranko discovered the resort's downside I think I will stay here and practice with Konatsu."

Ranma shrugs, "Have fun then."

The twins and the other three wave to them as Noriko leads her guests into the resort.

"See you." Kasumi says with a wave, as they enter the transport seal. "So what is the downside to the resort?"

Noriko grins in Ranma's direction before turning to Kasumi. "Well whenever the moon cycle starts our Ranko can't change back into Ranma without facing excruciating pain. She had this issue at the start of the school year, and she is facing it again now. Just a little more than two weeks later."

Kasumi blinks at this. "Ah well that must really suck"

Noriko waves a hand dismissively. "It is a part of existence that she will have to learn to deal with."

Ranma looks at them oddly. "Well sometimes stuff like that happens my curse helped me learn a few things about myself, but I no longer have it

The group finds themselves transported to what appears to be a large shrine complex. Ranma staggers as a small blond haired girl lands on his back with a cheer. "More Ranmas to entertain!"

"Ahhh!" Ranma shouts before catching himself "Hello there"

The small blond girl grins, "Heya I'm Karinka, I can be your guide here in the resort."

"Ok then."

"Do you want to use the baths?" Karinka looks at him very hopefully "I could scrub your back for you."

Ranma sweat drops and thinks 'are all of the girls this bad?' "Hmm maybe in a bit."

"Oh well." Karinka looks a little sad, but quickly recovers. "I guess you are interested in seeing Kari-sama's Rider system then."


Karinka turns the group and leads them to another transport seal on a platform with several outside the compound wall. A flash of light later and the group is assaulted by the sun baked heat of a desert. "Here we are." She says as she points at a formation of ice in the distance.

Noriko winks at Kasumi as after saying a word or two with a hand over her head the heat abates significantly.

Kasumi looks to the apparently younger woman. "Amazing!"

Ranma had missed Noriko's actions while looking around. "Hmm?"

Noriko grins. "I can't be a poor host now can I?"

"Nope" Kasumi says with a please smile.

Ranma stares in wonder. "This place is amazing."

"One of my students, Evangeline, created this after quite a bit of time and effort." Noriko says with a bit of pride.

Ranma stares into the heat haze. "Really wow!"

"It is quite incredible." Kasumi admits.

"Shall we go see how Natsuki's training is going?" Noriko asks with a slight grin.

Kasumi laughs, "She sounds like a lovely girl, okay."

"So she is the one that uses the rider-system." Ranma muses.

Karinka moves to lead them across the sand, but with a wave of her hand Noriko creates an ice platform with covered bench seats for them to sit on. Karinka bows to the enchantress and guides everyone to a seat

Kasumi gives a relieved sigh as she sits down. "Thank you"

Ranma gives a noncommittal Hmmm.

Noriko grins as the platform rises into the air. "You are most welcome."

The platform slides through the air and arrives over the slowly melting ice formation. Looking down Ranma finds a sable haired teenage girl, wearing a school uniform similar to the girls from the morning, sitting on the cooler shadowed sand panting. Karinka looks over the side. "That is Natsuki-chan. she came here almost as soon as class was over."

Ranma grins as he jumps over the side, dropping a good thirty meters and lands next to the girl. "Hello there."

Natsuki quickly spins into a fighting stance, short skirt flaring and all. "Who are you? Ranko you are definitely not."

Ranma smiles and blushes at how cute the girl looks. "Me I am just a passing through Kamen Rider."

Natsuki seems less then moved. "And what are you doing here?"

Oh just visiting" Ranma says with a smirk. "So how strong do you think you are with your rider-system"

"The name is Yuki Ookami not Yumi" Natsuki grumbles under her breath, before looking right at Ranma again. "Strong enough."

"Well how about we see" Ranma says as he makes his Decadriver appear. "Shall we?"

Natsuki eyes the belt and snorts. "Whatever." She brings her fists together in front of her belt and multiple voices seem to say setup. "Henshin!" The wolf heads on her wrists seem to come to life and transform into frosty ghost wolves as they make circuits around her body leaving her wearing a black and maroon tight leather body suit. The wolves howl as they finish one last circuit up the front of her body wrapping around the back of her neck so that their profiles appear on the sides of her bike helmet with the open mouths creating a space for the black visor. The wolves tails remain trailing over her shoulders to curl around the form fitted chest armor. She finishes with her gloved hands holding two large automatic handguns at her sides.

'She looks pretty cute in it too' Ranma thinks with a good bit of a suppressed blush. "Heh Nice" Is the only thing he says, as he places the Decadriver by his waist a belt appears and wraps around him. Ranma pulls out a card and puts it into the Decadriver "HENSHIN"

The deep mechanical voice of the Decadriver says. "KAMEN RIDE...DECADE"

A polished and fitted Black Armor suit appears on him then a then a red light flies around him giving the illusion of cards impacting his helmet forming stripes and irregularly elevated steps like a twisted crown. Across his chest a white and black cross or sword goes from the upper left shoulder to lower right ribs creating a maroon chest plate.

Natsuki snorts at him and twirls her guns as the ice blue gems on the back of her gloves begin to glow.

Decade forms his blaster from the card holder at his belt and laughs.

With a call of "Duran!" lines of frost radiate out from her and streamers of frost dance trails around her in circles before she points her guns forward crossed over each other. A jagged pillar of Ice blasts from the ground and shatters. Leaving Ranma staring at a metal wolf, the size of a pony, with two very large cannon barrels aimed at him.

Decade whistles. "Cool" Pulling out a card and puts it into the Decadriver.

The Decadriver intones. "ATTACK RIDE BLAST"

Ranma starts moving while firing. Natsuki and Duran dance easily out of his line of fire. She returns fire from her twin guns as she dances in and out of close range to use her long legs for impressively agile kicks. He grunts a bit but then gets in close and puts a card into the Decadriver.

Again the sonorous voice calls out "ATTACK RIDE SLASH" Decade starts slashing Natsuki while no leaving any openings on himself. Ranma can barely hear a male voice say "setup: second form" as Natsuki's guns twist and a short energy bade extends from the front with a spiked ring like guard emerges around her hand.

With her paired weapons Natsuki manages to catch the DecaSword and roll onto her back using her curled legs to push Ranma up and away. Ranma hears her say force blast just before he is knocked skyward.

Natsuki shouts from the ground "Duran load Silver Cartridge!"

Decade glances at the wolf "Hmm that looks bad."

Ranma hears mechanical clicks as the wolf loads both cannons and fires. As the shells reach him they explode into growing knife life ice spikes

Decade shouts "Crap" as he brings his arms to back to his waist.

the voice of the Decadriver calls out again. "FORM RIDE KIVA DOGGA"

Natsuki's eyes widen as she watches Ranma fall from the air holding a large hammer ready to crush her into the ground. Rolling to the side Duran snatches her up by the scruff of her suits neck and dashes away with her from the soon to be impact zone.

D-Kiva Dogga lands and a huge dust cloud comes from it. "Haaaa"

As the dust cloud clears Ranma looks up to find Natsuki sitting on Duran's back and aiming her guns at him. more then a dozen powerful energy bolts fly out from around them and arc towards Ranma.

D-Kiva Dogga's response is succinct, if inelegant. "Damn" He pulls out a card and puts it into the decadriver.

The voice calls out once more. "FORM RIDE KIVA BASSHA" D-Kiva Bassha starts shooting quickly hoping to take them all down

While Ranma is trying to take down the shots from her guns, Natsuki grins. "Duran Load Chrome Cartridge!"

D-Kiva Bassha chuckles "Heh ok" Pulling out a card. "Got to time it just right" Still shooting for all he is worth.

As the elemental fire washes over her opponent, Natsuki decides to play one last shot. Holding both guns in front of her she smirks as a large energy ball forms. "Divine Buster!" The arc of energy flashes into the existing conflagration.

Noriko looks at her silent companions. "She seems to be doing quite well."

Kasumi nods conceding the point. "Yes she does, but she has lost this fight."

The voice rings out from the field of apparent destruction. "KAMEN RIDE IXA"

Natsuki stares as the dust and debris are blown away by a wave front of bright red fire.

Decadriver is heard again. "FORM RIDE RISING IXA "

Her eyes widen even further as the figures helmet changes to blue and what had been a visor becomes almost like a horned crown

D-Rising IXA looks to his opponent. "Sorry to say this but its over" He puts a final card into the Decadriver.

"FINAL ATTACK RIDE IXA CALIBUR RISE UP" The figure runs up and slashes Natsuki. She is blasted back into one of her ice pillars and Duran disappears. when the dust settles Natsuki is again dressed in her uniform laying on rapidly melting crushed Ice.

D-Rising IXA strokes his chin. "Hmmm" He takes of the decadriver and changes back into Ranma. Holding up his hand he finds six new cards. Ranma finds the cards have a picture with a helmet like Natsuki's on more masculine shoulders and armor. The Name on the card is Kamen Rider Yuki Ookami

"That girl's pretty good too" he looks at Natsuki and smiles. "And shes pretty cute too." Walking over and picking her up he calls out to try getting Noriko's attention)

Noriko shakes her head and Ranma finds a black haired girl wearing a maids outfit standing next to him holding out her arms to take Natsuki from him. "There ya go careful" The young woman grins and bows politely even though her eyes seem to travel over Ranma making him feel very nervous. "...right" He says while backing up a bit.

Noriko snaps her fingers and Ranma finds himself back on the platform as it floats gently back to where they arrived in this place. Ranma unfortunately finds himself barreled over by a blond missile. "You were incredible Ranma-sama!"

"Ah!" Ranma calls out while falling over from the unexpected attack.

Kasumi giggles. "Hmm that took longer then I expected."

Karinka hugs herself tightly to Ranma. Breathing deeply she grins. "I think you smell wonderful at the moment, but if you don't wash up soon most other wont."

Ranma groans. "Yeah yeah sure bath right."

Kasumi sighs, "Well I should say I didn't see something like this coming...but I can't" The young woman finishes with a grin.

Noriko leans over and whispers to Kasumi. "So tell me Karinka seems quite taken with him. Would you mind any extra help?"

"Hmm I wouldn't mind it and she does seem to really like him...and lord knows he could use more company beside me and Gradfather Eijiro..he just seems so lonely sometimes." Kasumi says with a grin over Ranma's attempts at protest.

Noriko chuckles. "Well then, I am sure Kari-chan would have no trouble parting with her as long as she is happy."

Only seeming to have been a few hours after they had left Hikari Eijiro watches as a very weary looking Ranma walks back in with Kasumi and a cute blond haired young woman happily holding onto his arm.

The old man looks to where Kivara fumes at the same scene, and simply sighs at the strange luck the young photographer has.

To Be Continued...

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