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Arc 2 Beyond the Looking Glass, Chapter 1 - Investigation is Bravo!

"Such a naughty kitten." Karinka sighs before giggling at the unconscious Ranma. Slipping the picture into a pocket of her jacket she smiles. "Poor boy let me just remove this."

Picking Ranma up under the shoulders she easily lifts him and pulls him over to the couch under the window. "There we go."

Eijiro sighs at watching his adopted grandchild leave the room in a huff. He turns to inspect the damage to his back drop and see if he is able to wake the young man recently turned projectile.

"Come now I am sure you are fine." Eijiro moves over to Otoya and shakes him. "We know you have been through worse."

Otoya mumbles as he comes around. "A vision of heaven, and an impact the felt like its wrath."

Eijiro shakes his head a little. "Well good to see you up Otoya-san."

Karinka giggles and the older man turns to find her holding out an ice pack in her left hand for him to give Otoya with a laptop under her other arm. "He might want this that did look like a heavy hit."

Kasumi returns to the room having pulled on a simple sun dress. "So is there anything you can tell us about this world Karinka?"

"Well, from the picture on the back drop it might have something to do with Ryuki." Karinka says with a smile at Eijiro. "Granted the series that Kari-sama had recorded definitely did not have two moons." Pointing at her laptop she finishes. "Give me a few minutes, and I might be able to say more."

Kasumi nods and sees Ranma and blinks. "What happened to Ranma-kun."

"It seems that he can still be affected by cats in some cases." Karinka says with a mischeveious grin. Kasumi blinks looking just a little confused.

Opening her laptop Karinka sets to work. A torrent of windows appear on the screen as her hands fly across the keyboard. "That is convenient." The girl mutters. "Unnerving, but convenient."

Kasumi blinks. "Whats convenient?"

"The riders of this world are extremely easy to find." Karinka says with a sigh. "It is a bit disturbing that this world would use them in a court system."

Kasumi looks at Karinka. "Well why are they easy to find and why is it disturbing."

Taking a large clamshell cell phone out of her pocket Karinka plugs it into the laptop and starts working on the status screen it brings up before answering. "They have a jury trial system, if you want to call it that, where thirteen riders have a battle in a sub dimension they call the mirror world. The final victor of this battle gets to decide the guilt or innocence of the accused."

Kasumi looks a little disgusted. "That is a little unnerving."

"Might makes right in action." The steel angel says as she unplugs the phone and hands it to Kasumi. "The phone works and your number is the one on the screen. I loaded the information on the rider judgment system on it."

Taking out a second phone Karinka continues. "There is an Online Journal here that has been investigating corruption in the system." Karinka pulls up a picture of a very voluptuous redheaded woman. "The editor seems to be pushing for the abuse to be investigated."

"I think I will look into that then." Otoya says from over Karinka`s shoulder. The blond shakes her head and hands the newly programed phone to him.

A hum comes from the laptop on the table, and Karinka hands the newly minted identification cards to Kasumi and Otoya. "These should pass government inspection. You are now employed by the Hikari Investigation Agency."

Kasumi coughs a little. "I think I will accompy Otoya on this venture. Karinka-chan would you be willing to take care of Ranma-kun untill he wakes up?"

"Ah Kasumi-chan," Otoya starts as the girl nods. "I believe we have two leads. It might be best if one of us were to investigate the court house."

Kasumi nods as Karinka giggles. "Ok fine, I will be at the court house." With that Otoya leaves the studio while gazing at the map displayed on the screen of his phone.

Karinka waves to Kasumi as she leaves to head to the court house. "Now what shall I do with you." She say with a grin to Ranma.

Eijiro chuckles as he tends to the backdrop. "If you need something to do would you wake him up? I need him to go out and grab a few things."

Karinka giggles as she goes to retrieve something from the freezer. "Hai Eijiro-sama!"

Coming back into the room where Ranma is laid out on the couch, Karinka gently unbuttons the front of his shirt. The girl winces at seeing a jagged scar down the center of his chest. Placing her hand gently over it she sighs. "You lost something precious you did not know to value." She reaches into the small glass she is holding and takes out an ice cube. Grinning playfully she runs her tongue over the piece of ice. "What is lost can't be regained, but something new can grow here."

Kadoya`s eyes open wide in shock as she lays the piece of ice on his chest and presses it in with her hand. "Uhhh Karinka what are you doing" He says with a little worry in his voice.

"Sometimes to warm things up properly, you need too chill them first." Karinka says with a wink. "Besides I thought you needed a bit of cooling off after..."

Kadoya pushes her hand away and gets up and puts his shirt back on. "I am fine don't worry about it"

Karinka pouts for a moment before taking out another cube of ice and playfully sucking on it on the tip of her finger in front of Kadoya.

Kadoya twitches a bit. "Right...where is Kasumi and Otoya."

She smiles at him around the ice cube before using her tongue to pull it in and swallow it. "They already are out investigating. You are on supply detail with me."

Kadoya nods a bit trying to ignore her playfulness. "Ok then lets go do you know what we need?"

"I have the grocery list Kasumi-sama and I made up." Karinka says while cocking her head cutely to the side. "Eijiro-sama! was their anything special you needed us to pick up."

Eijiro pops his head out from a doorway to hands Karinka a small list. "Well I could use a few spices."

"Al-righty then!" Karinka calls out as she latches onto Ranma`s arm and all but drags him from the shop. Kadoya sighs as he hears the old man`s laughter following them out of the store.

Karinka pouts. "Don`t be glum. I even have a surprise in store for you."

Ranma raises an eyebrow. "Oh what kind of surprise?"

Karinka slides up against him and giggles. "Its hot, sweaty, full of groans, and and exclamations of power."

Ranma freezes. "Just what kind of surprise are you planning?"

"My my but you have a dirty mind." Karinka snickers. "I found a news article about an outdoor martial arts tournament."

Ranma sweatdrops. " an outdoor tournament huh?"

"Yup, I think we can get the dry goods and spices beforehand, and buy the meat and other perishables after the end." Karinka presses Ranma`s arm into her modest but perky chest. "On the other hand we can always try other hot and sweaty things."

Ranma shakes his head. "No the tournament is fine." Karinka giggles and smiles as she steps back to lead Ranma along by the hand. Earning a small smile from Ranma in the process.

At the courthouse Kasumi was somewhat appalled to find that the rider battles were a completely anonymous system where anyone in a pool of fighters could participate, but no one, not even the police, would know their identities. "I just cannot believe this is how it is done."

"Some of the fighters are involved because of their belief in justice." A plain faced young man says beside her. "Others are ones who became 'lawyers' because they were hired for their fighting skill."

Kasumi blinks. "Oh really?"

"Yes." The black haired young man whispers as he walks away. "Though even the worst comes up with some interesting things."

Kasumi watches him leave. "Ok...what a strange but informative man."

Otoya smiled at the pretty young woman at the reception desk for the Midori Wire, the online news and personals service that was investigating the riders. "Good afternoon young lady, I represent a private investigation firm, and I was hoping to speak with your editor about the Kamen riders."

The slender girl almost seems to cringe back from him, but Otoya shrugs this off. "I...I am sorry sir, b..bu..but do you have an appointment?"

"I apologize for my haste, but I do not." He continues leaning forward to give the girl a winning smile. Only to have her pull father back. "Would it be possible for me to speak with Mrs. Sena Kanaka? Perhaps she can spare a few minutes for me."

"I..I..can call and ask." The raven haired girl gives him a weak smile, and picks up the phone on her desk.

"I am eternally grateful to you..." He pauses as he looks for a name plate.

"I.. am Koyomi.. Mr?" The girl asks as politely as she can manage.

"Please forgive me Koyomi-chan I am Kurenai Otoya with Hikari Investigations." He says with a bow.

Ranma sighed as he watched the amateur tournament. His enjoyment of the activities dampened by the apparent favorite of the tournament simply destroying his opponents with pure brute force.

He did get a few grins at how Karinka dragged him over to chat with one of the ring girls around the square stage. Coincidentally putting her in position near the stairs to use her healing magic on the battered young men as they were carried from there.

"So do you two come to these things often?" The well endowed young woman with light brown hair asked after returning from helping announce the last fight.

"Does a lovely creature like you come here often?" Ranma replies with a grin. "If so I might be moved to make it a more regular occurrence."

"Careful Romeo," The young woman giggles while smiling at Karinka. "Your girlfriend might get angry."

"Don't mind me." The angel leans back against Ranma's chest and puts her arms up behind his head. "Ranma-sama is plenty enough to share." Winking at the taller girl she stage whispers. "Would you like to help Kirie-chan?"

The young woman blushes as brightly enough for it to show under her white satin halter top and short skirt. "Umm thanks but no." The girl waves and wanders a ways off.

Ranma sighs, "You Karinka you are becoming just as bad as Otoya."

"Not possible really," Karinka leans her head back further to grin up at Ranma. "I am so much cuter then he is."

Ranma just shakes his head. "I should have seen that one coming."

"Hajime!" The referee yells to start the fight. Ranma and Karinka's attention is drawn back to the ring as the official backs quickly away from where the massive Gashukuu rushes forward to strike his smaller opponent.

Ranma Watching intently. "So this Gakshuu person is the favorite to win."

"That Kenichi boy is kinda cute." Karinka says quietly, trying not to grin at Ranma not asking her to remove her arms. "I hope he does not get hurt."

Ranma nods. "Yeah this Kenichi kid with the right training could go far."

Watching the boy sidestep out of the way of the charge Karinka giggles. "I wonder if he can move so easily else where?" Just to make her meaning clear, Karinka arches her back and rocks back and forth on her feet a few times.

Ranma blushes a little. "Y yeah right well who knows."

Kenichi succeeds in punching the larger fighter in the side, and completing a turn to stand behind the still charging opponent.

Gashukuu's eyes narrow and his bushy brows draw down into a V shape as he turns to face the boy. "Was that supposed to be a love tap?"

Ranma grins as the young man simply stands ready and does not bother to respond to the taunt. "This Kenichi kid I like his spirit."

"His spirit does seem to be fairly balanced." Karinka agreed, stopping moving to watch the fight. Her raising up on her toes was certainly to get a better look at the fight, not because it left her in a position that pressed her hips back harder. "Perhaps another time he will win."

Ranma nods trying not to stare at Karinka. "Perhaps but I think he has lost this fight."

Their words proved prophetic as on Kenichi's next attempt to dodge, the larger fighter simply brought one of his arms back knocking the boy towards the edge of the ring. Ranma attempted to move to catch him, only to find Karinka's grip tightening. "Wait" was her only quiet advice.

To his surprise Ranma found the ring girl Kirie quickly moving to catch the boy. An even larger shock was the sudden appearance an incredibly busty blond haired girl from the other side wearing a gi top over a purple bodysuit. As the two girls caught the boy. "I think they have things well in hand Ranma-sama."

Ranma nods. "Yes it looks like well this was fun to watch for a change I supopose we should take off now."

"So this is the best there is to offer around Kyoto." The large fighter bellows. "This is pathetic. I will put up the prize money I just won to anyone who could succeed in removing me from this stage."

Ranma gently unlaces Karinka's hands from behind his neck and steps back. "Karinka-Chan I will be right back." Seeing her pout he continues, "Okay?"

"You owe me ice cream if you win the prize." Karinka says with a smirk.

Ranma blinks and then nods. "Ok fine I will take you out for ice-cream."

Ranma shook his head at finding Kirie arguing on the other side of the stairs, with a towering man with a scar over the bridge of his nose, over who would get to try the arrogant winner first.

Ranma jumps up onto the stage and looks right at Gakshuu. "I accept your challenge."

Ignoring the protests from the floor, Gashukuu pulls himself up to his full height to stare down at Ranma. "Well, if this is the best there is to be had." Without any more warning his right fist flies out at Ranma in a quick jab.

Ranma stares into the viewfinder on his camera. At the last possible moment he leaps into the air and uses his free hand to do a hand stand on the outstretched fist. While flicking the camera shutter lever with the thumb of the hand holding the camera.

A heartbeat later the handstand flows into an axe kick smashing into the behemoth's skull and knocking him to the ground. Ranma simply completes his roll to stand on the man's back and shrug.

"Whoops sorry," He chuckles as he jumps, hard!, into a back flip to land in front of Gakshuu. "meant to knock you out of the ring."

"I am going to bury you in this ring." The fighter's angular face is twisted into a snarl as he jumps to his feet and charges at Ranma.

With a look of mock worry at the edge of the stage right behind him Ranma waits until the man is right next to him and sidesteps like the boy had done. When Gakshuu, predictably, attempted to swing into him with a backhand, Ranma dropped and spun into a leg sweep.

The larger fighter was stunned speechless by the move, and then was literally stunned when his face connected with the cement foundation below the stage.

"I wonder if having those angles flattened will help his looks." Karinka said mildly from the side.

Ranma grinned at the small blonde, jumping down from the stage raised an eyebrow when she made no move from where she had been examining the boy to help the fallen fighter

"Well' folks this has been fun," Kirie said as she handed a claim voucher for the prize money to Ranma. "But I have to run."

Almost as though she had teleported there, she in fact might have, Ranma found Karinka at his side holding his arm again. "Ice cream?"

Ranma laughs a little. "Ok ok we can get your Ice-cream. Though why didn't you help the big guy over there?"

"If you live entirely by the thought that having power makes you right, then you have no right to complain when someone bests you." Karinka turns her head to stick out her tongue at Gakshuu. "Maybe you can become less of a bully, but I doubt it!"

Ranma nods. "I have to agree with Karinka-chan here."

"So I found a listing for an ice cream shop that is supposed to have a world class strawberry sundae." Karinka says with a wide grin looking at Ranma again.

The pigtailed fighter sighs and allows himself to be dragged first to the bank to claim the 100,000 yen prize, and then to the ice cream parlor.

Kurenai Otoya inter-dimensional investigator, musician, and rider was currently looking forward to doing the first, and enjoying his favorite free time activity, charming a lovely lady. Always a joy when the target of both was a beautiful and generously proportioned red head.

"I am always willing to develop relationships..." The woman relied with a small snicker. "With potential contacts for stories." Maharu leans over the coffee table between the two couches in her office, giving Otoya a good look down the top of her loosely buttoned blouse, to pick up the business card he had set there. "So Otoya-san you say that your agency has been hired to fully investigate the possible corruption of the rider judgement system?"

"Yes, you understand though that due to confidentiality I cannot divulge the name of my client." Otoya replied smoothly, pausing only to wink at the woman as she returned to a more normal sitting position.

"You will however freely give me any information that you are able to collect in exchange for my help?" The editor in chief responded with a smile. "Other things as well perhaps."

"It is always my pleasure to serve such a beautiful lady." Otoya quipped.

He then looked down long enough to pick up his fork, and take a bite of of the cake Maharu had provided for refreshment, when out of the corner of his eye he saw the woman slump. When he looked up, she was laying against the arm of her couch, and a stain as red as her hair was flowing down the cream colored cloth.

The young man looks. "Maharu! what happened?"

The young secretary, that had followed just behind him, was more proactive in checking on Maharu and screamed when she found the deep cut on her neck. The sound brining everyone in the nearby offices rushing into the area.

"How can you eat that much without getting a headache?" Ranma asked his companion incredulously.

The blonde haired steel angel paused in eating her ice cream with the shinny spoon in mouth. She removes the obstruction just enough to answer. "But cold ice cream goes so wonderfully with a warm tongue, the only thing better is this rich and thick strawberry syrup." She goes on to make a show of licking the spoon delicately to get every trace of the sweet substances.

Ranma was spared having to try and respond, or watch the show, by the cell phone Karinka had given him going off. Karinka only pouted for a moment before returning to her sweets with gusto.

Ranma tries not to sigh in relief as he looks at the caller display on his cell phone before opening it. "He...hey Kasumi."

"Ranma, we have trouble here at the court house." He heard the young woman say calmly. "I just saw Otoya brought in by the police. I heard someone say he is accused of murder."

Ranma eyes widen. "Right ok I will be right over..sorry Karinka we have to go Otoya is in trouble."

It was only then he looked that he noticed the girl was waving to him from the door. "Hurry up slowpoke!"

Ranma twitches a bit. "Why you!" he growls before following after the girl running.

Otoya's head barely raises from where he is looking at the sterile white table in the meeting room when they announce the arrival of his lawyer.

Ranma walks in with a very very big smile on his face. "My my Otoya you seem to be in big trouble this time."

"Surely you jest Ranma." Otoya says with a resigned chuckle. "As if I would every willingly lay a hand on, let alone harm, such a beautiful creature."

Ranma shakes his head. "Who knows you could be a serial killer praying on beautiful women."

"Yes, I slay them by leaving them with smiles of satisfaction." Otoya says drolly. "There is a killer out there needing to be found, but I am trapped here accused of such a heinous crime."

Ranma shakes his head sadly and over exaggerates a sigh. "Otoya Otoya Otoya if you keep this up they will give you the death penatly for sure."

Otoya puts his elbows on the table and rests his chin on his folded hands. "If you are my lawyer should I worry that you will try for that end?"

Ranma laughs. "Depends on if you are guilty or not, but by the looks of it you are very very guilty."

"Wonderful," the older man sighs. "My lawyer is a comedian as well as ungrateful."

Ranma smirks. "So then just what did happen."

"I was having a pleasant conversation with the lady, and we were preparing to discuss the riders." Otoya says with a shrug. "I look down to sample the cake she had offered to me, and when I looked up she had been attacked."

Ranma nods. "Ok then what was used to commit the murder?"

"I saw none, and no weapon was found." Otoya says calmly. "The police are trying to claim I sliced the side of her throat with a dessert fork, but if they examine it they will only find white icing, I had barely even picked it up when she was attacked."

Ranma twitches a little at the police claiming the weapon that caused such a deep wound could be a dessert fork. "Ok I see well then I guess I will have to prove you innocense even though you could be a very dangerous criminal."

Otoya rolls his eyes before glaring at Ranma. "Enough with that joke already."

Ranma smiles widely as he walks out. "Who says I am joking Otoya."

Ranma walked down the hallway to find Karinka and Kasumi waiting for him in the reception area with a large mirror.

Ranma looks at them both. "Well Otoya is fine for now and I got to have a little fun hehe, so then how do I have to prove his innocence or his guilt?"

"The burden of proof here is fairly slim Ranma." Kasumi says with a slight growl. "All you need to do as his lawyer is enter the rider battle and defeat all the others to be able to declare him innocent."

Ranma smiles. "Or guilty if I choose it too be"

"You would not do that would you Ranma-sama." Karinka whimpers with large tear filled eyes.

Ranma hmms a little while not lookng at Karinka to keep his cool. "Depends on my mood."

Unfortunately for Ranma, looking away from Karinka also meant he looked away from Kasumi so he did not see or sense the paper fan until it smacked the back of his head. "Very funny now get in there already."

Ranma rubs his head as he pulls out the Decadriver and a card from the ride booker. "Ow ok ok fine, HENSHIN!"

With a call of, "Kamen Ride...De..De Decade", from the mechanical voice Ranma transforms into the destroyer of worlds.

Decade then brushes off his hands. "Ok then here I go."

Jumping into the mirror Decade flies through what appears to be an infinite field of prisms only to be dropped into a reversed version of the courthouse plaza, filled with half a dozen riders already engaged in battle.

A new mechanical voice calls out "Final Vent" and Decade watches as what looks like a giant spinning black drill smashes into a rider in gold armor destroying it. The drill then turns into a black cape flowing in the breeze behind a black armored knight themed rider.

"Who are you?" The black rider calls out in a suspiciously deep sounding voice.

Decade examines the other rider. "I am just a passing through Kamen Rider."

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