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Author's Note: Okay...this is new for me but hpefully I kept the characters in character! Lol, one reason why it;s so short. So this takes place during the episode 'Vent or Be Vented'. Enjoi

The Kamen Rider stirred awake with a soft groan, he sat up. That's right he fell asleep on the couch at Kit's home. He turned on his stomach and spotted a picture of the boy and his father...further proof that he actually wasn't the old rider he knew, he was just an exact copy. Len got off the couch and looked down at the younger rider that was using his jacket as a blanket, under other circumstances, that'd be cute but now, in the middle of a war, no.

He took his jacket from Kit's shoulders and the boy shifted in his sleep just a bit when his arm fell from Len's coat. He knew that the kid had feelings for him, so maybe...when all this was over, he'd let the kid know how he felt, but for now? He couldn't. The Kamen Rider dropped a green pillow over the kid's shoulders, not his jacket but it'll do, he pulled his jacket on as Kit's answering machine started up, had he missed the phone ring? He knew he had, he wasn't paying attention to anything beside the resting Dragon Knight. Just as the caller started to speak he left the house and shut the door behind him. It wasn't his business to snoop around and check his messages. He was leaving Kit alone, again, every time he did it, it was reluctant, he didn't like leaving him alone because he feared the worse. Len knew when the young rider woke up and realized he was gone, he would be mad. The rider knew that much about him, Kit wanted him within seeing distance if not arms reach at all times.

The Dragon Knight woke up not too long after Len had left. He sat up and immediately looked over to the couch, "Len?" Was he gone? Again? Kit got to his feet, "Len!?" No answer...he knew he would see the older rider again but...uggh! Kit kicked the couch in frustration then winced in pain, that was stupid.

To be continued...in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight episode 11 Vent or Be Vented