"I'm fine, Gibbs," said Tony through clenched teeth not wanting to puke all over his superior

officer, he was still hugging his tummy like it was a comfort blanket, but it was because he was

getting stomach cramps.

"You don't look fine, you look like your in pain, are you?" asked Gibbs putting a hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

Just as Gibbs had said that, that the stomach cramps subsided, Tony was relieved, so he started to uncurl.

"See boss, I'm fine it was just a one of thing, now Ducky can I go?" asked Ducky.

"Well lets take your temperature and take a blood sample just to make sure OK," said Ducky with a stern look meaning he had to have them done otherwise he'd be sent to the hospital for test.

"Right well your temperature is at a normal 98.6, you still got stomach cramps?" asked Ducky, Tony looking from Ducky to Kate finally to Gibbs who was giving him a look to say if you lie I will have you down in that hospital quicker than you quote a movie quote.

"No, Ducky honest can I go know?" asked Tony, with a look to say he was being honest.

"Gibbs what do you think?" asked Ducky, turning his head slightly to get a better few of him.

"You don't believe me do you Ducky, I said I was fine but you still go and ask Gibbs," shouted Tony, trying to get of the autopsy table but Kate kept pushing him back on, Tony didn't have that much strength left so he gave it up as a bad try.

"I think he is fine, just exhausted, I will take him home so he can get some sleep," answered Gibbs, as soon as he said this Tony was getting up of the table but was struggling so Gibbs went over to help him up.

"Tony I don't want you to come back into work until tomorrow or if you fell better OK," said Gibbs with a stern look.

Just as Gibbs had lifted him up of the table than Tony started to be violently sick all over him,Gibbs and the basement floor, Kate rushed over just to catch an exhausted and unconscious Tony back onto the table, but this time putting him in the recovery position so if he was sick again he wouldn't choke.

"What the, where did that come from?" asked Gibbs.

"He wasn't haven't stomach cramps his temperature had gone down to 98.6," said Ducky, shaking his head in disbelief that this could be happening.

"What's his temperature, Ducky?" asked Gibbs.

"It's only slightly higher than it was but it's not getting worse or better, that's a good sign.

"I think he might have ate a bad hot dog last night," said Kate, barely over a whisper because she was shocked at what had just happened.

"What did you say Kate?" asked Gibbs.

"We went out last night for a couple of beers and then we went to get a hot dog well Tony was hungry I wasn't so he ate my share, twice over and I thought that they didn't look cooked so I told him he shouldn't eat it and we could go to the supermarket but he couldn't wait," answered Kate.

"Ducky, what do you think?" asked Gibbs.

"Mmmm, hot dogs, where bad," mumbled Tony, trying to sit up, but had no strength left so he decided to just lie back down.

"It could be possible," said Ducky.

"Tony, how do you feel?" asked Ducky.

"'M fine, going to be..." said Tony, it was Kate that heard him and rushed to him with a bucket just in time so he didn't leave the contents of the floor again.

"Tony, was it the smell?" asked Gibbs.

"No, just feel like I'm going..." but he trailed off again with a round of the bucket instead of the toilet.

Gibbs who had the hardest stomach out of the lot of them had started to cringe at the smell and sounds that Tony was emitting, once Tony had finished Kate lowered him back down, all she could feel was the sweat dripping down she went over to the cupboard where they keep towels and she brought two one she wet and placed on the top of Tony's forehead the other one she used to wipe with her hands because all the sweat off Tony had made her hands all wet and sticky.

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