CHAPTER 2: Thoughts

Ziva woke up early on Sunday morning, like she always did, and prepared to go on her morning run. She started out the door at exactly 530 and spent her run dreading what she was going to have to put up with for the next week. She did not like revealing anything about her personal life. Mossad had taught her not to show any emotion, and talking to the therapist was likely to bring up some painful memories.

She was also worried about how her team would react to a lot of what she would probably be forced to say. Her past was not exactly a pleasant story and she did not like revisiting it.

At work Tony would occasionally catch her reminiscing, and was always trying to get her to open up the, but she knew that some secrets are better left untold, so she always avoided the subject. Tony's persistence annoyed her sometimes. She knew he was just trying to be a good partner and friend, but he should understand her personal life was her business, and leave her alone about it. He was not her boyfriend, and did not need to know everything about her.

Her heart jolted at that word. But before she could allow herself to think of why she had that reaction she used a skill she learned from being in Mossad for so long and repressed all feeling until she got herself focused on her original dilemma.

Feelings. She didn't know what was going to come of this weekend. What was going to happen, or what feelings were going to be revealed. As she finished her run she decided she wouldn't worry about any of that when she had, the next day. As she started her day she wondered if the rest of her team was thinking about the impending weekend just as much as she was.

Tony pulled his pillow over his head as light streamed in through his window. He groaned. Is it morning already? he thought as he slowly dragged himself out of bed. It had been a late night. He had gone to a bar after work and accidently caught the attention of a gorgeous blonde who he spent hours trying to get rid of. He didn't like to hurt her feeling, but women just didn't have the same appeal to him after Jeanne. Well, except for Ziva. He had always wanted to know what went on through her head, but especially recently.

He couldn't be sure of anything around Ziva anymore, he never could. The only thing he was sure of was that he had feelings for her. Because of stupid rule number twelve, he had never tried to figure out exactly what these feelings were, but he knew there was something.

There had always been a sort of connection between them, from the moment they met. He laughed as he recalled their meeting. The first thing she had ever said to him was "Having phone sex?" Since then they were always flirting and teasing each other, but something had changed when Jeanne left. Ziva had been there for him to help him stay together. Although he would never admit it, just knowing she was there for him had helped him get back on his feet and start living his life again. Ziva had always been there for him and he couldn't help but think that this was because she thought of him as more than a partner. He certainly hoped so.

Then his thoughts drifted towards the following week. Maybe, just maybe he would establish how he felt for Ziva as she would be forced to be open up to him, and the rest of the team. Although this thought scared him a little, he really wanted to get to know her better... No he scolded himself, don't think like that. She is your partner, plus Gibbs would never allow it. To keep his mind off Ziva, he began to come up with ways to make McGee uncomfortable.

As the day progressed all he could think was that this was going to be a fun and entertaining week.

McGee sat bent over his cereal deep in thought over what was going to be in store for him next week. He knew embarrassing questions were going to be asked because he had been to a therapist once when he was little. He shuttered at the memory. That had NOT been the best experience of his life. Although he didn't have any terrible secrets he wanted out, he still did not want to go into details about his personal life.

He contemplated for a moment some of the questions he was likely to be asked, and shuttered again. Tony would never leave him alone by the time this week was over. He would never get another moments peace.

He yauned and stretched in his chair finally deciding it would be better to not think about anything until he had to, until I single word popped into his head practically giving him a panik attack. Abby.

He had never quite gotten over his feelings for her and the therapist was sure to notice something about that. Now he was really worried. He did not want to have to talk about his feelings for her around the rest of the team. Especially Gibbs.

He groaned as he got up to speand the rest of his day doing his favorite past time. Writing. The one thing that was sure to distract him from his worries. But this didn't help either as another wave of panic swepted over him. He would most likely also have to discuss his book and how his character related to his coworkers. This was going to be a long week.

He finally distracted him from his negative thoughts with thoughts of Abby and what it would be like if he could finally let loose and show his feelings for her. He smiled at the thought, the horrors of next week now completely lost on him.

Abby jumped out of the bed in the morning, super excited about the following week. She ran to her closet and began making the difficult decision of what she would bring with her for what she was sure would be the best week of her life.

She walked around her room opening drawers and closets, throwing pssibilities of outfits onto the bed and around the room. She had to look perfect this weekend, and the only way she could pull that off was if she was prepared. She finally had practically cleared her closet of clothes and shoes; so she grabbed a huge suitcase, opened it and began loading it up with her favorite outfits and accessories.

One of the reasons she wanted to look great this weeks was she would finally get to speand some non-work related time with McGee. Something she knew they both needed. But, not one to dwell on it, she quickly packed up her things and smiled as she imagined the adventures that were going to be in store for team Gibbs over the next week. This was going to be intersting, she was sure.

Gibbs sipped his coffee over a newspaper worried about what was going to happen over the net week. He knew his team, and therefore he knew they would al be worring about the same thing right now... well, except Abby. She was probably really excited about speanding time with them.

He thought about some of the topics that were likely to be brought up over the couse of the week. Most of them revolving around feelings and how the team got along. He laughed to himself at the thought of Ziva being forced to talk about feelings. Then sighed, knowing that some of these feelings they would be disscussing would revolve around relationships.

Over the past few years, he couldn't help but noticed how close Ziva and Tony had come. Anybody with eyes could see the feelings they had for eachother, and it just made him all the more thankful for rule number twelve. He did not want to see his team get hurt the way he had been.

Thinking about relationships cause his mind to drift to Abby and McGee. He knew they had seen eachother a while back, but sometimes doubted as to whether or not those feelings had completely gone away. Only time could tell.

His thoughts then drifted towards the Director of NCIS. He considered Jenny to be a close personal friend... but he knew she expected him to look at her as a director, or at least, that's what she said. His thoughts flashed back to Paris, so many years before, and he smiled. He hadn't told his team yet, but due to the fact that an equal amount of boys and girls had to attend the camp, Jenny was being forced to attend, too. The smile stayed plastered on his face as he imagined what the following week would have in store for him, and his team.

It was late that evening when the team finally received the e-mails containing the details about what they would be going through the following day. They opened their e-mails (Gibbs somewhat reluctantly) and began to read.

The e-mail basically just stated they needed to arrive at the camp by noon the following day. They needed to bring enough clothes to last them the week, plus a bathing suit as there was a lake they could swim in their free time. They would be attending therapy classes involving the whole group, individuals, and partners, everyday for a few hours. The rest of the day they would either have "bonding time" in which they could pretty much do whatever they wanted, or they would be completing group activities. The team went to bed with thoughts of the next week going through their heads as they slowly drifted off to sleep

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