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After McGee and Abby hurried out of the building, Gibbs and Jenny were left alone at the table in complete silence. Gibbs knew he shouldn't be acting this way. If something was going on between his agents, it actually wasn't any of his business. Anything they did in their personal life wasn't supposed to be any of his business. Yet he was doing the exact thing he was angry at them about: caring.

He neither wanted to see Tony nor Ziva of them get hurt; nor McGee nor Abby for that matter, and based on the way McGee had been following Abby around like a lost puppy for the last few days, they might be a problem soon, too.

Gibbs knew Tony was pretty crazy about Ziva, but in the past Tony also seemed to be pretty crazy about every other girl he had fucked and dumped, and Gibbs wasn't even sure where Ziva stood, and that scared him more than anything. He was worried Ziva would agree to try things out with Tony, and then if they didn't work out, she would just leave. If she did that, and Tony was really into her, Gibbs wasn't entirely sure Tony would get over it.

But it wasn't any of his business, he had to keep telling himself. What they did on their time was their business. Besides, it's not like this was the first time someone would be breaking his rule. Abby had dated McGee for a while, and they were okay now, even though they hadn't worked out together and had broken up. Plus, if he would admit it to himself, he had broken that rule himself. As he thought this he glanced over at Jenny and caught her looking at him funny.

"What?" he asked a little more harsh than he had intended.

"I think you're going to hard on them Jethro, and yourself for that matter. We talked about this. No matter what happens, everything is going to turn out okay. You know they can get through anything together."

Gibbs sighed, "I know, I can't help but worry that something will go wrong."

"What is it exactly that you think will go wrong?"

Gibbs sighed again before turning to fully look at her, "What if they turn out like us?"

"What makes you think that is such a bad thing?"

This simple question makes him double take, "What?" he asks, still completely baffled at the idea.

"Jethro, why would it be so bad if they were like us? We didn't work out and we still work together. In fact, we are in almost the exact situation they are."

"And what situation might that be?" Gibbs asks, now completely intrigued by the idea she had all but forced into his brain. Having feelings for each other and working together? Cause that's what situation they are in. Did she have feelings for him? Was she remembering what happened all those years ago and wanting it back?

"Well, maybe not exactly." She started, effectively shutting the voice in Gibbs' head up, "I just mean being in such close proximity with each other all the time with so much left unsaid. We never talk about what happened and-"

"We could," Gibbs said with out thinking.

"We could what?"

"Never mind."

"This is what I mean. About not talking about things. If you have something to say you should just say it."

Gibbs sighed, "Are you sure they're going to be okay?"

"Yes. Positive. Whatever happens, they'll be able to work it out. Even if it doesn't work out in one way, they care about each other too much to completely shut the other out of their lives."

"Just like us, right?"


"Zee-vah?" Tony started tentatively, suddenly very aware of the fact she was easily within reach of not one, but many pine cones.

"I don't want to talk to you right now." Ziva said coldly.

"Okay, I and completely understand why, but I need to say something."

Ziva stared at him first considering saying no and storming off, second hitting him as hard as she could, but she didn't really want to hurt him, and if she tried moving at all she knew she would probably end up hitting him. So she ended up standing there in silence, just glaring and hoping he got the point. He didn't.

"Okay, first of all I'm really really sorry."

"I don't want to stand here and listen to you apologize. Just say what you want so I can leave."

"I wasn't thinking straight and now that I am I know I shouldn't have done it, but I can't take it back. I was wrong, but I really really don't want you to be angry at me cause I like you a lot better when we're getting along. Can you please forgive me."

"I do not want to hear this right now," She said shortly before turning and starting to walk away.

"Zee-vah!" Tony shouted, chasing after her, "Please wait one second. Ugghhhh! ZIVA!"

Ziva suddenly stopped on the spot whipping her body around to face Tony, "No. Do you know what, you listen to me. You were stupid and careless and you are obviously willing to risk us for pulling one of your stupid immature jokes and if you are trying something like that after only a day, I don't want to know what it's going to be like in a week, or a month. So just forget it."

"What? No Ziva. That's... just, NO! Ziva." Tony stopped and just stood there limply looking deep into Ziva's eyes. "Will you please give me one minute to talk without interrupting? Please?" Only Ziva could leave him resorting to begging.

"Fine. One minute. Go."

"Did you hear that?" Abby asked frantically.

"No, did you?" McGee asked, by this point honestly curious about what was going down between his coworkers.

"Damn. Sorry. I couldn't hear anything after Ziva's little rant. What do you think she meant by 'us'?"

"I dunno. I'm still not completely sure what Tony did to make her so mad. Well, besides something stupid and careless and immature. But that doesn't narrow it down a whole lot, does it."

Abby sighed, now completely frustrated, "McGee, we have a new mission."

"Great," McGee said sarcastically.

"We have to figure out what's going on between them. What if they're together? That would be so great."

"Don't jump to conclusions now Abby."

"It's not that far of a jump. I can make it."

"Abby, I just mean, I don't want you to get your hopes up and then be disappointed."

"I know McGee, but I'm not. There's something hinky going on here, and I am going to figure out what it is."

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