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The Silver Millennium was a peaceful time. All the planets were at peace with each other. There were parties every night. People were dancing and laughing. All was peaceful until one night.

It started out peaceful enough everyone on the moon court were there. Royalty from the earth and the other planets were invited as well. They were dancing the night away.

That is everyone except for one man who had jet-black hair, blue-green eyes while he was wearing a black tuxedo. He was sitting on the balcony off the ballroom. It was Prince Kyohaku the younger brother of the crown prince of earth Prince Endymion. He wasn't having any fun because Sailor Saturn was not there.

You see like the way his brother loved the Princess of the Moon Serenity. He loved the Sailor Soldier of Saturn. All of the Inner Scouts Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus thought it was a love that was doomed to fail. They thought because she was the Sailor Scout of Death, Destruction, and Silence that she would destroy the Universe and so they never let her in any parties willingly. They always got caught throwing her out or something along those lines by Queen Serenity of the Moon, the Princess, or Prince Endymion. They would make them release her. They along with the Outers Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto thought the Inner's were wrong. She may be darkness but that didn't make her evil. She protected the Royals as well as any of them.

He was not as cheery as he usually was. He mopped around the palace after the first month and a half, he was used to that long of a separation from Saturn but four months was too long. He wouldn't even duel with Endymion or any of the generals anymore and Kyohaku loved doing that so he could show them all that he was getting better every time they did.

His thoughts were interrupted by a tap on his shoulder, so he turned around there was his brother Endymion who was also wearing a black tuxedo but he was wearing a cape that black on the outside and red on the inside. He also black hair but he had only blue eyes. Next to him was Princess Serenity of the Moon. She had long golden hair that reached the floor; it was tied up into two buns. She was wearing her traditional white ball gown. The gown was long enough to reach the floor. It was had short sleeves and there was gold trimming along her mid-back.

His brother spoke, "What are you doing out here little brother the party is inside." Though he knew what his brother was doing out there but he wanted his brother to enjoy himself even if she wasn't here.

Kyohaku hasn't seen Saturn for almost four months and that is just too long to be away from each other. Also Endymion and Kyohaku knew something that they have only shared with the Queen and the inner scouts because the Outers were never invited to the meetings on the Moon. It wasn't because the royals never invited them the Inners always thought there was no point to that because to them the Outers were not the Protectors of the Royals. Only Prince Endymion's Generals Zoicite, Malicite, Nephrite, and Jadite and they were. The Queen would have like share it with the Outers but Venus advised her not too.

They knew the Queen Beryl and the Negaverse were going to take over the Universe. They were going to destroy the peace within the Universe.

"Am I that obvious to you Endy? I just wish I could hold her one last time and tell her what was happening to the Universe before she found out the hard way." Kyohaku said and sighed.

"I know Kyohaku. Look why don't you come into the ball and see if she is there." Serenity said quietly as she knew what the boys were talking about. Endymion had just told her before; she also treated Kyohaku like a little brother as well.

Kyohaku simply nodded and walked in with them.


They walked into the Grand Ballroom and saw a in the center of it so they walked over to find out was happening.

They couldn't get through but Endymion spotted one of his Generals and asked him, "What is going on Zoicite?"

"Well, I am not sure your highness but I understand that Malicite knows." He said and he walked over to Malicite and asked him. He told Zoicite and then Zoicite walked back over to Endymion.

"Apparently Saturn has been here for the last twenty minutes and she has been trying to away from the inners without using her powers as she remembers what happened last time she did." Zoi sexplained

Endy was enraged, "And you didn't bother to help her. You knew the inners would do this and you still do nothing."

Zoi was now scared, he knew how mad Endymion could get but he was glad it was him and not his brother. Prince Kyohaku really took the place down when he was mad.

"Malicite tried but Venus pretty much shut him down."

"I don't care we need to try harder," Kyohaku said getting mad himself.

He was about to help Saturn when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked to see who it was thinking for a minute that it was his brother. It wasn't, it was the Queen. He stepped aside to let her through.

"What is going on here?" she bellowed.

Everyone in her way moved to let her through. She walked through the crowd over to Mar and Mercury were holding Saturn and to pull her out of the ball.

"You're Majesty." The five of the said

She didn't acknowledge them she simply commanded

"Mars, Mercury let her go. Now!"

Venus and Jupiter dared to argue, "But Your Majesty-"

"I SAID NOW!" She bellowed again and they released her

Saturn nodded you thanks and walked over to the princess and two princes but she didn't stop until she was right in front Kyohaku. She grabbed his hand and walked off with him. Endymion seeing his brother finally truly happy after a four month separation from Saturn took Serenity and left the Ball as well.


Kyohaku and Saturn reached the gardens and found a bench to sit down on. As they sat down Kyohaku turned to Saturn and spoke softly. "I swear I thought you weren't going to come tonight.

"Oh Kyohaku I would never miss a chance to be with you. I missed these last four months." Saturn said sweetly.

"I know my brother says I have been sulking around too much." Kyohaku said and Saturn started to laugh.

"Well I know we needed the time but I have to tell you something important." Kyohaku said Saturn sat there and listened as he continued. "The Universe is in danger. There is a force called the Negaforce is threatening to take over very planet and the Moon. We need to be prepared for the worst. Neither of us may not make it out of the battle alive but Saturn I want you to know I love you very much."

"Kyohaku I know that, I love you too. I am prepared for what is to come." Saturn declared

They smiled at each other and kissed.


In another part of the garden Endymion and Serenity were walking. They were thinking of how Kyohaku was sad at the beginning of the ball and he was now happy because Saturn was with him.

"I am glad that Kyohaku can finally be happy after so long." Endymion said.

"I know I felt sorry for him." Serenity said

"Well he is better now so we can be thankful." Endy said and they kissed.


All of the sudden there was a blast coming from the front of the castle. Everyone went to check it out. There stood a creature with red hair and snake like teeth. She called herself Queen Beryl of the Negaverse.

All at once the scouts sprung into action sending of their attacks








Saturn hesitated for a moment turning to Kyohaku, silently telling him that he need to send his power at it as well. He nodded but they both had a tear rolling down their cheeks. They knew that was the last time they would see each other.

Saturn sent her attack off and then Kyohaku sent his off after her.



Unfortunately, it didn't work they were both taken by the Negaforce.

Endymion tried his best to save Kyohaku from but he did know if he did he would just follow Saturn again. He then he resolved to protect Serenity.

He had gotten to the balcony where he left her and saw that Queen Beryl was coming at her so he sent a rose in the middle of them to stop Beryl from coming at Serenity. It worked and Beryl turned to see Endymion there and she was mad. If she couldn't beat him she resolved to asking him, "Why don't you side with me, we can rule the Negaverse together."

"Thanks but no thanks Beryl. Why would I want to join forces with a snake like you, all twisted, ugly, and full of bitterness. Oh and more reason why YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!" he retorted.

"NO ONE SPEAKS TO QUEEN BERYL LIKE THAT!" She scream and all of the sudden the Negaforce in a gust of wind took him away.

Serenity wouldn't have this though so she followed him by jumping of the balcony. Endymion tried to stop her by yelling at her to stop but she got caught anyway.

Queen Serenity saw this and screamed her daughter, but then she resolved to encase the Negaforce in the Silver Imperium Crystal. Her cat advisors had tried to stop her by telling her she would have any strength left. She had told them simply, "This is the only way to make sure you all live on."

She then raised the Silver Crystal and called out, "COSMIC MOON POWER." With she had died from using the last of her strength and the children of the moon and earth were sent to earth to begin a new life.

Will they end up in the same place? Stay tuned to find out