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Christian and Eddie were both shocked by my sudden story.

"You...loved him?" Eddie asked curiously.

I tried to nod, but even the mention of his name made me sad now.

"So did you guys like actually do any training in your training sessions? Or where you busy with something ... else?" Christian added with a wink.

This brought back the memories where we used to steal kisses from each other in training. Tears welled in my eyes, and fell to the floor. Eddie hit Christian very hard, so hard that he staggered back. Tears still fell from my eyes, but I wiped them away with my sleeve.

"Awkward turtle ..." Christian said, making turtle actions with his hand.

Adrian couldn't help crack a smile with this, it sounded like something that Adrian would do. I gave Christian a very cold glare, and it must have scared the shit out of him, because his eyes shot down and I'm sure I heard a whimper.

"How did you find us?" I asked

"We left yesterday, Adrian came into Lissa's dream and told her where you guys where, she told us and then off we went."

I tried to keep calm, but at the mention of all these people that I loved I had to let some of the tears escape. One more mention of Dimitri or Lissa and I would crack. "Come on, we have to get going, Eddie, you run behind with Adrian and Christian, ill run up front."

"Rose, we don't need to do this, we can go get help." Eddie said.

"Shut up Eddie, just do what I say!" I said in the deadliest voice I had ever used on any of my friends. I could see the fear trickle through him.

"Okay" He agreed.

I took off at a speed none of the novices could match, hell; I didn't even think the guardians could match it. This was the anger, sadness and anxiety all letting themselves out through the run.

After about 2 minutes I had lost all sight of the three and after about 5 minutes, I was standing outside the cave breathless.

This was the same cave where the bunch of Strigoi had "awakened" Dimitri.

The same cave that we had lost fellow guardians from our school.

The same cave in which I had lost the love of my life, maybe twice now.

I hated this cave. I looked behind me, hoping to see Eddie emerging from the trees with Adrian and Christian.

Nope, nothing.

I couldn't just go in the cave by myself, and leave Eddie out here with Adrian and Christian. I would have to wait. I sat down on a near-by rock and waited.

About 10 minutes later, Eddie appeared with the two guys, and a pang of relief flushed through me.

"Jesus Rose, I've never seen anyone run that fast." Christian said breathlessly.

I ignored him. "Eddie, I'm going to check out the inside of this place. This is the cave, Eddie, you know the way back from here. I need you to take Adrian back, and grab the guardians. This is going to be one hell of a fight.

"Rose –" Eddie started.

"Don't!" I cut him off. "Don't start"

"No, don't you cut me off. You are not going in there by yourself." He said, being stubborn.

I was a little shocked by his outburst, he usually knew better than to fight with me.

"I can do whatever the hell I –"

I didn't get a chance to finish my sentence. He pinched my chin with his two fingers. He was using all the strength he had. "I said NO!" He said in a voice that made Adrian and Christian flinch.

"Eddie, you don't understand, Dimitri is in there, ALIVE, I don't want them to ... kill him." I said, letting all the tears I held escape.

"I know you ... love ... him Rose, but you can't risk your life for him." Eddie said, using his softer voice now.

"I have to, he isn't a Strigoi anymore Eddie." I told him.

"I Know, I know everything, Adrian told Lissa, and Lissa told me and Christian" he said. "You just can't risk your own life"

"I can do whatever the hell I like!" I said, "I'm not leaving him in there, I'm going in. Whether I'm alone, or not alone, I'm going in. You are taking them and getting the other guardians, understood?" I asked him, using my firm guardian tone, which obviously didn't work.

"No Rose, you listen to me, I'm going to take both of them back to the academy, your coming with me." He told me.

"I'm not going, neither is Christian. Take Adrian, he is weak." I told Eddie.

Adrian looked hurt that I told him to go with Eddie but he didn't question me. I gave Eddie a quick hug and Adrian a kiss on the cheek. Adrian blushed and Christian laughed. I shot him another cold glare and he looked away.

Christian did a queen wave, trying to be funny.

Nobody laughed.

"Be safe, and don't go in until we get the guardians" Eddie yelled at us.

"No worries" Christian yelled back.

With that, Eddie and Adrian ran off.

"He fucking wished I'm staying outside!" I said, "Coming?" I asked Christian.

"Hell yeah!" Christian said, "Let's go kick some immortal ass!"

I smiled the best I could manage and grabbed Christian and we began to walk into the cave. Christian and I made an unstoppable Strigoi fighting team. With my guardian training, and his Moroi fire magic, we were killing machines. If it were any other Moroi, no way would I have risked their life by taking them in, no matter who was in there, but with Christian it was different.

We entered the cave with its many passages and I instantly put my hand out for Christian to grab. I didn't want to lose him. He grimaced at me but I gave him another of my deathly stares and he exhaled and slid his hand into mine.

His hands weren't like Dimitri's hands; Dimitri's were big, warm and calloused from years of training, where as Christians were average sized, hot and soft.

As soon as his hand touched mine, flashbacks of the times I had slipped into Lissa's head while here and Christian were making out appeared. I remembered how his lips felt against her skin, how captivating he was to her. I suddenly wondered what it would feel like for me to kiss him, what it would be like for his lips to touch me.

Fuck! What was I thinking? I was definitely going crazy.

"Which way all mighty leader?" Christian asked, laughing at his own stupid joke.

I listened hard, but I couldn't hear anything in the dark, seemingly empty cave. There was two possible ways we could go. Left or right. I couldn't hear anything from either way. Without really knowing I came a decision. "Um, left" I said. With that, I lead him off.

We walked for about 5 minutes, until I finally heard voices.

"I don't care Arek; we can't just feed off him forever." One of the voices said.

"Shut up Kris, How did that even happen, that bloody shadow-kissed girl probably had something to do with it." A second voice said.

The voices were getting closer, until two Strigoi finally stopped in front of us.

"Are you stupid or stupid?" One of the Strigoi asked me. The voice sounded like the first guy, so I'm guessing his name was Kris.

"Neither, why do you ask?" I said, trying not to smirk at his dumbness.

"As if you would bring a Moroi in here! Hah." He said. He didn't get to say much more, Christian set him on fire. He threw a fire ball at the other, which burned his head, while I stake his heart.

"As if you thought a Moroi would do that dickhead!" Christian said, to the dead Strigoi.

"Two down, god knows how many left." I told Christian. "Save your strength, you're going to need it"

"Thanks for the encouragement dearest friend." Christian said trying to be funny again.

We kept walking until we came across a path which lead to two passageways, one on the right and one on the left.

"Eeny, meeny, miney, mo" Christian said, pointing back and forth between the passageways.

"Let's just go left again." I told him, saving him the trouble.

We stepped through the passageway and it was obviously the wrong choice. There were at least 15 Strigoi in there – no exaggeration.

"Oh holy shit!" Christian said, while he started throwing massive fireballs at the Strigoi that looked older. Typical Christian, trying to save me the trouble of killing the elder ones.

I started sparing with the Strigoi that ran toward me; he looked as if he would have been only about 16 when he was awakened. He landed a huge blow to the side of my head, and it sent my flying across the room.

Strigoi surrounded me, trying to finish me off. I fought the young one off me, and shoved the stake through his chest.

I looked around and Christian had killed about 7 Strigoi, leaving me about 8 Strigoi to kill. I staked about 2 easily, but it was starting to take its toll on me. I could tell that Christian was starting to get tired as well, as he was leaning against the wall. Christian tried to throw a few fire balls, but they came out smaller than he expected them too. The fire balls he did throw distracted the Strigoi giving me a chance to stake them. In about 5 minutes I had only one Strigoi left. This one was older than the rest on the Strigoi, and he had the face of death. He pushed me up against the wall, and sank his teeth into my neck, Christian threw a small fire ball at his head but it wasn't enough to distract him. I slashed his arm with the stake and shrugged it off like it was a small scratch. How old was this guy? Christian threw another fire ball at the Strigoi, this time it enclosed his head in fire, so that he couldn't see anything. I shoved the stake into his chest, and he fell to the floor, limp.

I was exhausted and so was Christian. I walked over to Christian; he was still leaning against the wall, fighting for his breath. I waited with him, until he could move again.

That's when I heard footsteps.

Lots of footsteps.

I grabbed Christian and got up, oblivious to the fact that I was exhausted. I hid behind the opening of the passageway, waiting for the Strigoi to emerge from the darkness.

The first came through the passage and I jumped on it, ready to stake it, until I realised who it was.

"ALBERTA!" I screamed. "I mean Guardian Petrov!"

"Did you... kill them ALL?" she asked.

"I had some help." I said. Looking around to see Stan's face, his jaw was propped open. I would have to remind myself to laugh at that later.

"Rose..." Alberta started.

"I know what you're going to say... you don't have to say it." I told her. "I already know I should have risked a Moroi's life, I know I should have been more careful, I know!"

"I wasn't going to say that. I was going to say what a good guardian I think you could have made and that I am extremely proud of you" she said. As soon as she talked about my status in the guardian field, her face turned thoughtful. She leaned over and whispered something to Stan and he nodded.

"Rose, Eddie told us everything. I want you to lead us. We know that Guardian Belikov is alive. We want you to take us to him, and bring me him back to the academy. I trust that you will make the right decisions, it will decide your future, use your leadership skills." She said some words like they had hidden meanings. I still didn't get her. She wanted me out of all the guardians here, to lead them.

"Go ahead Rose, you're the leader, and everything everyone does is up to you now." Alberta said, being completely serious.

I couldn't believe this, but I would try to be the best leader I could be. I put on my 'guardian' tone of voice.

"Guardian Alto, take the Moroi back to the Academy, the rest of you, follow me." I said, trying to speak boldly, while on the inside I was trembling with fear. "We are going to get Guardian B-Belikov and bring him back to the academy.

I lead the guardians out of the left passage way and into the right. There was no sign of Strigoi in this room, just a small chair.

Tied to that chair, was a weak but alive, guardian I only knew too well.

"Dimitri..." I breathed and ran over to him.

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