There is a a few Narutech I thouth of:


Replycating Analitive Memory Equiped Nanobot (RAMEN)

Regenerative Anatomic Metal Epiderm with Nanoconnector (RAMEN)

Robotic Antropomorph Manager Enginered at Nanolevel (RAMEN)


(Fullmetal Alchemist) The ancient and lost art of Automail (the a spare of Edward Elric automail left by Wrath + instruction book on how to instal build an maintain an automail)

(Battle Angel Alita) biomechanic Imagino body( meteor bring Berserker cell in Fire contry it attack naruto Kyuubi modify it)

(Transphormers) Allspark in the seal (the night of the sealing something weird appen)


Puppet limbs:

Naruto has an accident an need limb replacements

Free Human Puppet:

the naruto we see was a ghost in a puppet givent life to guard Kyuubi and Jiraya is to one in charge or maintaining the body and to make naruto grow (he was slaking of so naruto was small when instated a genin then Jiraya invite naruto on a train for two year where he correct his error he die then naruto skin lacking maintenance beging to show sings of degradation until it fall of reveling his true form


Metal andoskeleton equiped with six blade (wolverine)
or metal fingernails (deathstrike) -surgery-

mechanical chakra relay (matrix) connextions parmiting the usage of
chakra trough artificial limbs -surgery-

metal budha's arms (total of 64 palm equiped with eyes) cape (butsu zone)
or octopus arm (spiderman)
equiped with artificial chakra pathways connect with mechanical chakra relays

arm can be disconnected easily
from the back of the ninja

metal armor mind bushin linked to the brain by chakra relays (Ironman)