[A/N] Hey, this has been done like 1000 times but I still wanted to make one anyway. Just so you all know, none of these people know about Rose and Dimitri. : )

Rose - BrunetteBeauty

Lissa- CompulsiveBlonde3

Dimitri – Dimi7

Adrian – IvashkovPride

Christian – ImBurningUp

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BrunetteBeauty: LISSA! Hey, how ya doin?

CompulsiveBlonde: Roseeee :D I was just about to go to Christians :P

BrunetteBeauty: Oh ... LOL wat were you planning on doin with him. Wink wink ;)

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CompulsiveBlonde: hehe, well .. we were gnna ..

BrunetteBeauty: LMAO

Dimi7- You were going to what?

CompulsiveBlonde –er .. Study.

BrunetteBeauty: HAHAHAHA. *CHOKE*

CompulsiveBlonde: Shut up idiot. Omgz rose, Christian just txtd me sayin hes gnna be on soon. Yay.

BrunetteBeauty: OMGZ we should play sum trick on him, ahhahaa.

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CompulsiveBlonde: Hey Adrian :)

IvashkovPride: hey

BrunetteBeauty: OMGZZZ you should pretend to flirt with Adrian wen he comes on, like just after he gets here, anyways when Christian comes on, say to him: So Adrian wanna come to my room, do practice or something,we don't have to do magic if u dnt wnt ... ;)

CompulsiveBlonde: hahah omg no thats slack

BrunetteBeauty: Nah its funny lol plz do it. It will make my day.

IvashkovPride: It will make my day too ;) are u really gnna do it ?LOL

CompulsiveBlonde: NO! And FINE ill do it.

Dimi07: What are you guys talking about? Don't you all have homework or something.

CompulsiveBlonde: err, no guardian belikov .. sorry

BrunetteBeauty: wtf, dimitri shut up LOL, some strict adult

Dimi7: I am a strict adult.

Brunettebeauty: oh watevs, just stop being a dh.

Dimi7: Whats a DH?

IvashkovPride: DICKHEAD! LOL

CompulsiveBlonde: Omg rose, did u just call guardian Belikov a dickhead.

Dimi7- Yes she did. *angry face*

BrunetteBeauty: Loosen up Dimitri, anyway when Christian comes on, say to him

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BrunetteBeauty: HAHHAHA

CompulsiveBlonde: so Adrian, wanna come up to my room? I'm bored, we can like practice magic and .. stuff ;)


CompulsiveBlonde: er ... oh! HI CHRISTIAN


IvashkovPride: LOLLOLOLOLOL, ill be right there Lissa ;)

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ImBurningUp:Omg lissa! Wtf!

BrunetteBeauty: jeez relax man it was a joke!

ImBurningUp: Rose your an asshole

Dimi7: Language guys, seriously!

ImBurningUp: Sorry Guardian Belikov, but you have to understand me, you would be pissed if tasha was flirting with another guy right?

Dimi7: What Tasha does is none of my concern.

BrunetteBeauty-:Tee Hee :D

Dimi7: Rose.

BrunetteBeauty: yeh dimitri

BrunetteBeauty: I mean guardian belikov -.- Why are you even here anyways, ur making chat boring. Crap hang on sum1is at my door.

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ImBurningUp: Lissa, is Adrian in your room?

CompulsiveBlonde: NO! Why?

ImBurningUp: cos he left a while ago, and he said he was coming 2 ur room.

CompulsiveBlonde: It was a joke Christian he wouldn't be coming in my room, honest. I'm sorry

ImBurningUp: Okay fine, apology accepted :)

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BrunetteBeauty: yo guys its Adrian, rose has to go, ciao x

BrunetteBeauty Has signed off.

ImBurningUp: HAHAHA LOL, so thats were he went ;)

CompulsiveBlonde: Oh, I didn't know they had a thing going on ;)

Dimi7: They most certainly DO NOT have a thing going on.

CompulsiveBlonde: Oh, guardian belikov, I forgot u were here.

Dimi7:I have some things to take care of. Adieus.

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ImBurningUp: Haha, don't think they should have said anything in front of him, since he does security and stuff, hes probably gnna be bangin on the door loll. Speaking of security, I'm gnna sneak out to see u right now ;) c u soon x

CompulsiveBlonde: Ok babe xox

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