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Rose - BrunetteBeauty

Lissa- CompulsiveBlonde

Dimitri – Dimi7

Adrian – IvashkovPride

Christian – ImBurningUp

AssKicker: Eddie

Fuck. Fuckity. Fuck.

I leapt out of Adrian's arms as fast as I could and threw on my top.

"Go!" I told Adrian, "I don't feel like fighting at the moment."

"Sure sure..." he mumbled something about Russian paedophiles and with that he threw on his shirt and slipped through the door.

I looked out the window, and both figures were gone, but soon enough there was a bang on my door.

I knew it was Lissa, not only because of the bond, because she was also, saying "ROSEE!" and banging.


I opened the door slowly, and she burst in.

"Rose, WHAT. THE. HELL?" she said. Shock and anxiousness surged through the bond.

"I was just proving something to him!" I told her

"What, that you have a sexier body than all the Moroi he had ever been with?" Through the bond, I could tell she was embarrassed.

"No, never mind..." I told her

"Look, I err, have to go. I'm going to see Christian" She said, dishonesty flowed through the bond.

"Okay, I'll take to you later" I said giving her a quick hug.

She didn't hug back. She just walked out.

(After classes, 30 mins before rose has to go to training with Dimitri

I walked over to the computer and decided I should sign on and see who there was to talk to.

I typed in my password and relaxed into the chair.

(Signing in)

(AssKicker is already in the chat room)

BrunetteBeauty: Eddie, hey. :)

AssKicker: Hey rose! Omg I saw the funniest thing before. LOL

BrunetteBeauty: what?

AssKicker: Guardian Belikov... HAHAHAHA.

BrunetteBeauty: Um, what about him?

AssKicker: He was SUPER pissed. Do you have training this arvo?

BrunetteBeauty: Yeahh...

Asskicker: LOL LOL LOL.

BrunetteBeauty: Why do u ask that for?

Asskicker: I saw him walking up with Lissa before and then he came back without Lissa and I was like WTF? And then he started kicking bins. LOL

BrunetteBeauty: Oh.

Asskicker: u should have seen it rose it was like soooo funny.

BrunetteBeauty: I'm sure it would have been.

Asskicker: Why aren't you laughing? IT'S FUNNY.

BrunetteBeauty: I am laughing, I'm just not typing that I'm laughing. Listen I have to go. Catch ya later.

(BrunetteBeauty has signed out)

I sighed and switched off the computer. Dimitri was angry. He was really angry.

I looked at the clock, I was meant to be at training in 5 minutes. I didn't have time to change out of my short singlet and shorts. I grabbed my bag and trudged of the door.

I walked to the gym, half heartedly; I didn't really want to see Dimitri right now after what he had just witnessed. I reached the gym door and took a big breath. I was nervous to see how angry he would be. I opened the door and I found Dimitri sitting on a chair. His hair wasn't tied up today, it hung loose around his face and he wore a t-shirt which outlined his muscles.

"Rose" He said, looking at me with cold eyes.

"Dimitri, you need to let me explain" I told him, starting to get nervous.

"Explain what. I watched enough, there's no need to explain." He said, no emotion showing on his face.

"How much did you see...?" I asked him.

"Enough to see you trying to seduce the guy, I hope you understand he is going to run off one day and forget all about you." Dimitri said, not looking me in the eye.

"Can we just get on with the training?" I was starting to get sick of explaining everything to him.

"Training to too dangerous today, we are both angry. I suggest you just head back to your room." He said, still making no eye contact with me.

"Fine, whatever." I said walking out.

"Oh, rose?" He said as I as I turned away and started to walk out. I turned around to face him so he could say whatever he wanted to say.

"Next time could you come dressed appropriately for a training session and not for a strip party?" He said, with no glint in his brown eyes what-so-ever.

I didn't reply, I just walked out, extremely angry. Who did he think he was, telling me off for how I dressed? There was no dress code for training. I picked up a stick off the floor and chucked it at the wall.

As I was walking back to my dorm I started to cry. Tears rolled down my face and I didn't even know why I was crying. Was it because I had a fight with Dimitri? Was it because he caught me with Adrian? Was it because Lissa was mad at me? I didn't know. I just cried. I walked into my room and turned on the computer. I felt like talking to somebody.

I opened up Msn typed in my password.

(CompulsiveBlonde, Dimi7 and ImBurningUp are already in the chat room)

(BrunetteBeauty just signed in)

BrunetteBeauty: Hey Liss.

(CompulsiveBlonde has signed out)

BrunetteBeauty: Dimitri?

(Dimi7 has signed out)

BrunetteBeauty: Christian?

ImBurningUp: Man, your dead dude.

BrunetteBeauty: Can you be nice for once in your life?

ImBurningUp: I am being nice you idiot, hey I could have signed off like them two.

BrunetteBeauty: I guess.

ImBurningUp: Man I can't believe you and Adrian man. Ew.

BrunetteBeauty: Can you shut up about it?

ImBurningUp: Adrian and rose sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

BrunetteBeauty: Shut the fuck up.

ImBurningUp: Sorry.

BrunetteBeauty: It's okay.

ImBurningUp: Let me rephrase that. Adrian and rose, lying on the bed, coz rose is giving Adrian head. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA.

BrunetteBeauty: I hate you! ARGHHH!

(BrunetteBeauty has signed out.)