TITLE: The Pureblood Twist

AUTHOR: DeathSidhe

GENRE: Angst, Action,Tradgey, Adventure, Family

WARNING: Violence, Language, Torture,


DISCLAIMER: I don't take any credit for the Harry Potter Books and or characters,places, etc mentioned in the following story, all rights belong to J.K Rowling

REASON?: Alright so we've all seen the basic stories out there with either 'Harry,Hermonie,Ginny,Ron,Fred,Greorge' and so on are the type to always end up in some AU/AR world or thrown into a time travel situation wheather forced or accidental. Most of the time they either have tear jerker reuinons,attmept to change or save the past/AU worlds, go along for the ride and try to blend in, and last but not least some of them in these situations are battle weary,cold,distant, and usually disturbed by all of it(usually Harry) Now I've always wondered(and trust me I've searched) that why isn't Draco ever in these situations? shouldn't he get a chance to jump back in time? or atleast accidently at like 30 yrs of age be forced to face younger verisons of his parents? Or even worse, Alternate verisons? Nicer? Calmer? ones who maybe don't believe in pureblood nonsense? Maybe even support the Light Side? How would everything go down? We always know how Lilly and James Potter act around an alternate Harry, But what if Draco Malfoy was in his spot instead?

THE SUMMARY: In his later years Draco Malfoy was never really surprised by much anymore, one got used to blood in the Dark Wars, But still..when it all came to an end he should have expected something like this to come along and turn his world upside down. Now he was where? This is all Potters fault!

'The Pureblood Twist'

Written by: DeathSidhe

Chapter 2: Wait...I'm where!?

It was a sunny day at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardy, at this point in time, you could find just about the entire Order of the Pheonix gathered in the Great Hall around one large round table, many of them discussing the different strageties for fighting against Death Eaters and their leader

After the chatter finally ceased, one of them, obviously the leader who was an old man dressed in purple robes with monss and stars that covered him, everything about the guy seemed to twinkle initself, yet oh do not be fooled, from afar one could see that he held a great deal of power behind that grandfatherly smile of his. This man, was Albus Dumbledore

"Frank any news from the Ministrys point of view?"

The man in question, Frank Longbottom, let out only a sigh as he leaned forward and crossed his hands on the table. "No sir, Crouch is keeping anything tight lipped, if he's got info, he's not sharing".

"Damned ministry..bunch of cheaters I tell ya". this came from the othe side of the table, a man with short messy dark hair and brown eyes. "I say we go and handle it on our own, we know where the hideout supposedly is, lets barge right in!".

"oh sure Potter, do us all a favor and get blown to high hell". Sneered the greasy hair man

Another man rising to his feet, from a glance, this one obviously the famous Sirius Black, who couldn't help but put his two cents in this. "Dirty Snivellus shouldnt speak of things he doesn't know".

Many of those in the order simply ignored the incoming blast fight for what it was, the ongoing argument between schoolboys who really should have acted their own darn age.

Albus himself could only shake his head and then raising his hand in somewhat of an attempted peacefull gester. "thats quite enough out of all of you, now if you could get back to the matter and ha-"


Everyone jumped to their feet, wands drawn in a hurry to defend themselves while a large amoun of dust filled the idea.

"What the-"

"Jesus ch-"

"Holy he-"


When everything cleared, some of them could only gasp, for there stood a man and what appeared to be a portal behind him that quickly closed, someone had apparted or something straight into Hogwarts?

One hand against his head in silly attempts to make the very painfull headache which now throbbed against his skull go away, Draco could only grumble in protest. The one thing he did know, is that this pain was all Potters darned fault! Bloody crazy gryffindors! all of them!

Wait a minute..he recongized this floor..and the walls...wait...how the hell was in hogwarts! something he knew very well was gone! this had to be a trick, Potters last laugh..it had to be ..right?

Now Albus Dumbledore had seen many odd things in his very long years, some of it could only boggle the mind, but one of them he once believed that no one could find a magical way into Hogwarts, it just couldn't be possible! to many of the wards created personally by the Founders prevented such things. So how had this young man done the impossible?

There wasn't much to him Albus noticed, his clothing was muggle, some kind of blue uniform , he recongized it from..ah ha yes! Military or something along those lines. Was this man magical then?

Holding an arm for the others to wait back, slowly he took a step forward to get a better look, the man was tall, obiously over 6 feet, long blonde hair that lenthed to his mid back. Then when their eyes met, he could only take a step back for he found himself starring at a younger Lucius Malfoy! the same Cheekbones, same arched looked upon his face features, same eyes even! but what sent him flying was the odd scar across the mans face. Somewhat of a burn scar which ran from the top left corner of his face and streched across the nose down to the right bottom corner of his face, it was a bit disturbing and gave his artistic family fetures all the more of a hard determined look.

Yet this man was now starring at him with wide eyes...why for?

Carefully..Draco took his own step back and within the next second had unsheathed the blade which once rested upon his waist, holding it out while he rested the blade point upon the chest of ..Dumbledore..no it had to be an imposter..bloody muggles trying to trick him into admitting he was magical, no Draco was a Malfoy and if he was caught..then this was a really sick twisted way to do it. His eyes couldn't help but drift around the room..the great hall..landing on numerous faces who remeber as a child, and even some who's graves he'd visited. The slight shake of his hands was the only thing that gave away both his nervousness and obvious confussion over everything.

Wait..the imposter was saying something

"Huh?" he asked feeling almost like a fool.

The Dumdbloe imposter simply gave the trademark smile that Draco had once always wanted to smack off the man's face, and for once he heard Granger's voice in the distance of his mind. Barmy that man is, genius..but nuts!

"I asked young man If you'd be so kind as to share your name, it's not everyday we have vistitors simply apparating into Hogwarts"

With a snort Draco sheathed the sword and sneered at the man. "Your obviously an imposter".

The man gave a small frown. "Why ever for?".

Crossing his arms and feeling ready to fight this man agaisnt what he knew was the truth. "Because your a muggle imposter, have to be!".

"And just why would you lay out such claims?". came the silky voice of his own godfather, the voice itself sent his stomach doing flip flops, Draco couldn't stare at the man, he wasnt ready..it'd been years..no..so holding himself together he glanced out at the crowd of Order members.

"I say such 'things' because everyone knows Albus Dumbledore has been dead for 18 years!"

Suddenly the room was filled with silence, many of them stared at him with gobsmacked experissons.

An understanding look crossed the face of said man who adjusted his half-moon spectles only to peer at Draco curiouslly "If you could be so kind..as to tell me exactly year it is?".

Once again sneering at him, not at all ready to drop his guard. "Of course, 2015". numerous gasps filled the room, Draco stared at them like they were crazy. "what?".

Albus sighed and crossed his hands together. "Young man...it's 1979"

Draco heard no more..the world spun..and he fainted..