TITLE: The Pureblood Twist

AUTHOR: DeathSidhe

GENRE: Angst, Action,Tragedy, Family

WARNING: Violence


DISCLAIMER: I don't take any credit for the Harry Potter Books and or characters,places, etc mentioned in the following story, all rights belong to J.K Rowling

THE SUMMARY: In his later years Draco Malfoy was never really surprised by much anymore, one got used to blood in the Dark Wars, But still..when it all came to an end he should have expected something like this to come along and turn his world upside down. Now he was where? This is all Potters fault!

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'The Pureblood Twist'

Written by: DeathSidhe

Chapter 5: The World Tilts


Empty silence,that's all he could feel around him, almost as if a hole had given away in his stomach,there were words of course as the others tried to explain it in the most brief way they could, obviously it was a touchy subject with the Potters, and Draco could understand.

"..Accident...no one expected...terrible fire..lost the baby"

Potter was lost...Potter was gone!

Slowly he stood placing both hands on the table while an awkward silence seemed to settle between them all.

"I don't know..exactly what to say, I've been thrown into something big here". Draco began to whisper, hair falling to cover his face as cold,pale,silver eyes peeked out between the platinum strands. "You can't understand, none of you can...I'm supposedly in the year 1979 and there's not going to be a Harry Potter?! Christ his birth is practically a history lesson! I...". and then suddenly he stopped himself..an cold emptiness filling his chest that seemed to almost crush his heart,the world was starting to spin.

"Mr Malfoy!" the sound of a wand swishing and he could breath again. "Panic attacks are not good for the stress your bodies already going through! I would suggest trying to keep calm hmm?". Poppy snarked at him in her usual mother hen fashion and Draco could only flash her a small smirk.

"Thank you..I'd forgotten how easy things came for wizards".

Wincing at his words with how the others now seemed caught on his words.

The clearing of a throat brought his attention to the headmaster "I believe there a simple explanation" he started,ignoring the snort that came from numerous others,Draco included. "The portkey young Mr Malfoy took has no doubt brought him to an alternate universe so to speak,where things,events and people are different. therefore you have no fear of changing the time line my boy"

Faintly nodding his agreement to such conclusions he then spat out the first question he dearly wanted to.

"Where is the Tom Marvolo Riddle of this world?"

Yet for some reason the confused look in those blue eyes did not give him any rest, "Curious question Mr Malfoy, he graduated with honors, spent 4 years as Defense against the Dark arts Professor and is currently married to a young Asian lady, I believe they are expecting a daughter soon".

"No way!". his loud outburst caused many to jump. "Your kidding right! but..but you mentioned Death eaters!". glancing around from one order member to the next almost frantically. " Who runs the Death eaters?! Voldemort right?".

Nobody moved at the sound of the Dark Lords name, and suddenly Draco didn't like the feel of this, his whole world was knocked off balance..no Potter and now ..maybe not even the dark Lord himself?

"My boy I don't know who this Voldemort is you speak of, but the Death Eaters if you must know have been run by Igor Karakoff, he took a base of operations in the Durmstrang school, the Order of the Phoenix seeks to put a stop to him and thus we have our base here in Hogwarts". Dumbledore adjusted his glasses all the while,popper another lemon drop and continued to stare at himself curiously, as were the others..for Draco himself had gone paler then ever.

"Oh Merlin I need to sit down". Falling into a chair he then reached out and to the protest of the women, grabbed a hold of the nearest fire whiskey bottle, taking a swig and afterwords giving a shudder he set it down, glanced around the gathered Order members, most of them he could name from brief encounters during the war when said people had white hair back then, many of them though..he'd read up in History books as those fallen in the First War, christ and these people didn't even know War..They had not seen the end of the Magical world as their children had.

"I will tell you a story..". he began and had to give out a Snape-like glare to others such a Black and Potter Senior who attempted to interrupt. "Shush! You'll like this, your in it". that stopped them and some began to nod, ones like Snape and his parents only rolled their eyes.

"In fact..all of you are in this story, my world, or alternate universe if you want to call it...is quite different, I still haven't a clue why Potters portkey dropped me here..this is either a nightmare or some plot of his in the hopes I'll find hope". he sneered on the last word for effect just to prove his annoyance with such facts.

Taking yet another swig of the fire whiskey and letting out a hiss at the taste, he glanced at the bottle watching the liquids swish around before finally...finally looking up at the enchanted ceiling.

"It's been many years since I sat in the Great Hall". he snickered to himself for having such thoughts and watched as the Order members became nervous now

"Very well..I shall tell you this story and it's not a nice one either, but I fear I must crush spirits for there is no Hogwarts, and the Order of the Phoenix are told as bedtime stories to give the slaves hope,..and there is war..oh yes there is much war, I shall tell a dark story of how the Light won it's very long war, but suffered wounds to great...and finally I shall tell you the worst of them all, Your children..witnessed the end of the Magical World and Magic itself".

a horrified audience stared back at him...