Chapter 14

Nobody who was present that day could recall everything that happened after Daniel had disappeared in a shower of sparks while inside an Asgard stasis chamber. Sam theorized that the stasis field either fed into or destructively reacted with the cascade event. It did not really matter; the result was that Daniel was gone. Teal'c had returned to Dakara after the memorial service 3 days later, Mitchell had requested reassignment to Atlantis, Carter had resigned from the military and returned as a consultant, Jack had retired and he and Sarah had moved to his cabin. The one thing that everyone had agreed with on that day was that Dr. Daniel Jackson had never submitted resignation papers.

Following the custom that Daniel had performed for Sha're, at one year SG1 returned to the SGC to pay their respects for their departed friend and fellow warrior; Cameron Mitchell was not there because he had been lost to a Wraith booby trap while exploring and old research station. As everyone gathered in the gate room to await the words of remembrance, the gate started dialing. Ducking off the ramp to get clear of the vortex, armed guards took up position. Repeated attempts to close the iris failed and everyone was on edge…was this some new threat?

After the wormhole stabilized, a person that nobody had seen in over 2 years walked through the even horizon carrying a bundle of something in her arms. Stepping forward, SG1 smiled at the diminutive Nox female and greeted her. "Lya, what are you doing here? It is good to see you, but we have not heard from the Nox is over 2 years."

Bowing her head to each of them, Lya only smiled back ever so serenely and waited as if expecting someone to show up. The others, realizing that she must be waiting to see Daniel and General Hammond, lost their smiles and grew solemn.

"General Hammond and Daniel can not be here to greet you." Sam said sadly trying to hold back tears. "General Hammond died almost 2 years ago, and we lost Daniel last year."

Shaking her head, Lya smiled down at the remaining members of SG1. "O'Neill, Sam, Teal'c, I give you greetings from the Nox and apologize for our long absence. There has been much going on in the universe since your defeat of the Goa'uld, Ori, Wraith, Replicators, and Lucian Alliance. Many things have changed for the worlds once touched by their evil, and even for we Nox."

Looking confused, SG1 stared at Lya wondering what could have been going on that they were not aware of with all their trips through the gate. Seeing the looks on the faces of the Tau'ri, Lya took a minute before proceeding.

"The Ancients decided to step in and fix a few things that were unknown to the Tau'ri. In doing so, they asked for the Nox to help since it was all of a healing nature. We have taken time to do so and have just now discovered something that was most unusual. On one of our trips, we found an Asgard outpost, a science lab I believe you would call it, and inside a chamber we found this."

Stepping up to Samantha and proceeding to hand over the bundle she had been holding up till now, Sam opened her arms to receive, automatically adopting the same positioning Lya had been using. The sudden weight that had been transferred into her arms had Sam readjusting her hold as the others looked on curiously….then the bundle moved. Sam's eyes popped open and the others took a instinctive step back.

Only smiling deeper, Lya pulled the covering cloth from the top half of the bundle to reveal a baby, a baby with wisps of blonde hair. As everyone stepped closer to examine the baby, they noticed a birthmark on the upper-right arm that looked amazingly like the gate symbol for Earth. They were busy looking at the baby and noticing that just above the diaper there was a faint line that almost looked like a scar where an appendectomy would have been performed. The baby in Sam's arms finally yawned and stretched and opened his eyes. He had the most beautiful blue eyes and was smiling a megawatt smile.

Sam nearly dropped the baby with the shock of recognition, Jack could only gape, and Teal'c had a smile on his face so huge that people around him stepped back in fear.

"Holy Hanna!" Sam finally gasped out. "Is this? This can't be."

Nodding in acknowledgement to the question Samantha was attempting to ask, Lya smiled. "The heart of the Tau'ri has been returned. Look after him well." With a wave of her hand, Lya was gone.