Subaru tossed in his sleep, nightmares plagueing what little rest he got.



Seishiros voice had constantly haunted him, he could remember exactly how it sounded exactly how his name rolled off those lips...


he jolted awake, sitting right up, something in his vision jerked. Dashing to the shadows, he was alert now, "what do you want? Who are you?" He asked calmly, heart rate returning to normal,

"i didn't expect you to wake so easily" Subaru's eyes widened, "S-Sei-" "Subaru" Seishiro stepped away from the shadows, sliding off his coat as if he'd be staying awhile.

Subaru felt no threat only slight discomfort, slipping out of bed he went ot his closet and pulled out a black sleevless shirt, "what do you want, Sakurazuka-san?" Seishiro came closer and ran a calloused hand over subaru's porclien white skin, "so cold, subaru, why so stiff?" subaru slapped the mans hand away feircly "Don't touch me!" he shouted, backing into a wall, his hands covered his eyes,

He was crying, "don't tease me, if your here to kill me, get it the fuck over with!" Seishiro advanced again, moving Subaru's hands away from his eyes, where the tears marred his pretty face, Seishiro smirked, finding that old innocence there in those dim emerald eyes, Seishiro leaned down and licked up the salty trail of tears, pulling back he stared into Subaru's wide eyes, "sei...shiro?" "subaru, you won." "wh-what?" "you won, subaru, i fell so hard i couldn't even see it..."

Subaru let that sit a moment, and finally pushed seishiro away roughly, "thats not funny Seishiro-san! don't play with me like that you fucking bastard!" this reaction didn't surprize Seishiro, "how dare you! how could you say something like that after what you did to me?!" "i'm not messing with your head this time Subaru, I'm just now seeing it myself, after all this time, after so many long hours watching you!" Subaru was listening now

"i love you, subaru sumeragi, and i shouldn't"