I was sitting on the floor watching as Sammy went through her Easter basket wearing her favorite yellow sundress. She really loves Easter just like Sam did when we were young. She reminded me so much of her father.

The day I had the twins was the happiest and saddest day of my life. It was the day I gave birth to a daughter and a son. Unfortunately, my son Joshua Harold Uley was still born. But I had to be strong that day I had a beautiful baby girl named Samantha Marie Uley. I never told Sam about either of them. They are one thing that I hold sacred.

"Mommy, Why doesn't daddy love me?"

"Come here baby girl" I said. She came running up to me and I picked her up. She may be only 4 but she could always tell when I was thinking about something that made me concerned.

"Your daddy loves you very much… he's just not ready to see you yet."

"When will he be ready?"

"Well that's really up to him right now, your daddy is busy and one day when he knows its safe to have you around I will let you see him."

"really, I cant wait I think I am going to pack a bag right now so that I am ready when he is ready"

I was about to tell her that he might not be ready for a while considering he doesn't even know about her when my phone started buzzing.


Damn pone I flipped it open and saw a name that I hoped my daughter would never see. Sam.


"Leah its Sam"

"No, I thought it was the Easter Bunny" as soon as I said that Sammy came running into the room saying "Easter Bunny"

"Look Leah I know you may hate me but this is important" he actually sounded serious.

"what happened is Seth hurt please tell me its not serious." I was in tears by now.

"no your dad had a heart attack and no one was around not even you I would have expected you to be around, Leah were are you I will come get you."I panicked.

"no you cant come barging into my life anytime you want to what are you even doing there?"

"your dad called me, Look if you don't want me to come get you I will be here waiting for you"

"No I don't need you back to Emily"

"No I told you no matter what I would protect you if it be emotional or physical its my job"

"NO its not your job, you are not part of my life any more"

"Yes bout that doesn't mean I don't care"

"Whatever I will be there soon but when I get there you better not be there"

"Yeah whatever Leah"

I hung up the phone on a sour note I seems that every time I talk to him its on a sour note.

"Mommy do you have to leave"

"Yes honey but I will be back soon"

"Mommy, why do I have to stay with grandma?"
"Because honey mommy has school, but when I am done with school I will come here."

"Ok mommy I love you"

"I love you too baby girl "

I turned and walked out of the door away from the most important thing in my world.