Hi hi! This is a new one-shot story, is about Eloise and Handy (no, is not going a pairing story) hopes you like it, cause I like it a lot!


A white room, Eloise get in with a serious face, she looks at the camera and salute it, then, she start talkig, still serious

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, all the people that is listening me, I have a message for you…" she stopped and then she shout "EAT YOUR MOTHERFUCKING VEGETABLES! Why, you ask? Well, I know that everybody hate them, but they are good for us, and, for prove it, I bring my friend Handy"

Eloise take out for camera her arm and dragged Handy from his tail, then she say "He's Handy, he's a worker and, as you can see, he DOESN'T have hands" she said as she pointed the confussed beaver that asked "Eloise what are you doing?" but the blue bear doesn't answer his question and continue talking "I don't know how hew lose his hands, lets ask him" she said as she approvached Handy and asked him "Handy, how did you lost your hands?" he, frustraded remembering that he doesn't have hands answer "I lose them in an accident" then bear asked curious "and why that accident happened?" the beaver answer "I wasn't paying attention to my electic tools"

Then Eloise shout to the camera "THAT'S WHY YOU MUST EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! FOR BEING ATTENTIVE TO EVERYTHING!" Handy put a confussed face, he didn't know what was happening and Eloise continue "if you don't want to end like this hand-less beaver" Handy put a mad face and Eloise continue "frustated and shy around the girl he likes" Handy opened a lot his eyes after hearing the last thing Eloise say, he try to punch her, but he remember that he doesn't have hands, so he tryes to kick her, but she move making Handy fall

Eloise look at her friend in the floor "but, there's a good thing in being a hand-less beaver" she said while she help Handy to get up and he asked "what?" Eloise hug him and say "HAVE A SUCH A GOOD, KIND AND SWEET FRIEND LIKE ME!" and both of them smiled happy, Eloise stopped huging him, look at the camera happy and finally say "people, you don't need to eat vegetables or be a beaver or anything else, you will always have a friend near you, and if you think that you're alone in the world, you have a loyal friend on me"

She approvached the camera and turn it off


Well, there is my second story! And its true what Eloise say, you and your Ocs have two good friends on me and Eloise ^ ^

Hopes you liked it!