A year ago….

Dear Diary,

I couldn't believe it! Why in hell does it have to happen to me?! I mean, I finally understand how Sam left me. He felt uncontrollable love for my cousin, Emily. It's just, god, why in hell me? It'd be better if Seth imprinted on a chick, but not me imprinting on a guy, especially him. I mean, he has already fallen for someone. My life is sort of just hell right now.


"Not now Seth!" I yelled at him through my mind. "I can't talk to you now! Wait 'til we get home!" He pouted, and then kept following me. We were on our nightly patrol, checking up on anything weird going on. Well, a lot has been going on. That stupid Jacob imprinted on Bella's and Edward's daughter. All I could think is that he is a pedophile! But I can't blame him; Renesmee is a gorgeous little child. She is just so sweet and nice. Wait, I can't believe I'm actually starting to like those vamps!

"They're not that bad!" Seth said, trying to defend his friends.

"Shut up Seth," I murmured in my head. He then shut up. Ugh, we just got out of the forest. I searched for my clothes and changed back into my human form. I got my clothes on, and rejoined Seth on our way home. We were welcomed home by our mother and her boyfriend, Charlie. I guess that's another reason why I like Renesmee.

"You out on your nightly rounds?" our mother asked us. We nodded a yes. "Well, you two made it just in time for dinner."

"Aw sweet!" Seth cheered. He rushed over to the table, prepared and ready to eat. I walked to the table and took my seat gracefully. I then began to eat. God, this food is delicious! My mom is seriously becoming a better cook.

"Mom, this is seriously great food," I complimented. "I swear, each day you are becoming a better cook."

"Why thanks, Leah," mom thanked me. "Hey, are you working on your little attitude problem? I notice an improvement."

"Thanks mom," I murmured. She just had to embarrass me like that! Once I was finished, I wanted to go to my room. "May I be excused?"

"Yes honey, you can," mom babied me. I put my dishes in the sink and went to my room. I opened up my diary and scrolled through my entries.

Entry 24: Dear Diary,

Apparently, Bella got knocked up by Edward and she is going to be having a vamp baby. Jacob decided against killing the baby and went off to make his own pack. I used the excuse of finally leaving all of the memories of Sam with the other pack to join Jacob's. But really, this will get me some alone time with Jake sometime or another. I'm so happy!

Entry 29: Dear Diary,

Today was the tragic day of the baby's birth. As I heard, right after Renesmee was born, Bella needed to be changed. She is right now in her 2-3 day change coma. But Jake has been acting crazy. It's like he is now always at the Cullen's house. I wonder what has gotten into him. I mean, I thought that this was going to help me get close to him. But I guess I was wrong, like I always am. This is a suckish day.

Entry 32: Dear Diary,

Well, it is official. Jake told us that he imprinted on the half vamp child. There goes my chances with him. I am going to be lonely forever. I truly do love him though. I wonder if there is any way for me to be with him….

I scrolled to the next blank page. I then began to write.

Dear Diary,

OMG! Seth is so close to finding out my secret! I've kept this for a year. God, it's been hard not thinking about Jacob whenever I go into my wolf form. I've almost had a few slip-ups though. I'm so glad that none of the other wolves have ever noticed them though. But it's going to be ruined now! And in a year or two, Nessie will look of age for Jake and actually be with him! I can't believe it. But, we will just wait for that time to come now, won't we.

I heard a knock on the door. I ran up to the door. It was Seth. "What do you want?" I asked him.

"Is it bad to hang out with your only brother Leah?" he asked me. I then led him into my room. I sat in my bunk part of my bed. My bed has two levels, like a bunk bed. "Hmm, what is this Leah?" he asked me. I wonder what he is talking abo- crap! My diary! "Let's see the first entry. Oh, this diary was started when we first changed. Nice idea, Leah," he said. I could see the evil grin on his face from even up here.

"Don't you dare," I told him. I kept on hearing the pages flip.

"Oh here, the last page," he said. He began to read my diary! "Omg! Seth, that is me, is so close to finding out my secret! I've kept this for a year. God, its bee-" He was cut off. Thank lord!

"Do you guys want any dessert?" mom asked us. We nodded and dashed to the kitchen. Seth and I had ice cream sundaes with almost all possible toppings on them. I turned to Seth.

"Why in hell were you reading my diary?" I asked him. He began to snicker.

"'Cause I want to know about anything you don't think about," Seth explained. I slapped him on the shoulder.

"Don't hit your brother, Leah," mom scolded me.

"Yeah, don't hit me. You know that I bruise easily," Seth joined in.

"Shut up Seth," I simply told him. I then directed my words to mom. "I only hit him because he was reading my diary!"

"Seth! Grounded! For two months!" mom yelled at him. Seth became awestruck.

"Why am I grounded? I really didn't do anything wrong!" Seth tried to defend himself.

"You are grounded because you reading your sister's only form of privacy!" mom explained. Sometime, I just love her. "She has enough trouble trying to keep her thoughts away for you boys. Just give her some privacy. This is why you are grounded. You only go out of the house for school and that is final!"

"But what about the night shift? I need to do our routine!" Seth whined.

"Leah can do it all by herself, can't she?" mom suggested. I nodded my head in agreement. Oh, a nightshift! That will prove my true worth to… Jake.

"Ugh, fine!" he grunted as he stormed off to his room. Ooh, I won once more. Seth needs to stop being stupid. This is the reason why I'm in second in command. I walked to my room and got my pajamas on. I then went to bed.

"God Leah wake up!" Seth yelled at me. "Time for school!" I pushed him off the bed.

"Shut up Seth," I told him. "Don't you remember that I don't go to school anymore?" I graduated a while ago."

"Oh yeah, now I remember," Seth murmured. He walked out of my room, leaving me some peace. Well, not some. I heard a loud thump on my window. I opened it and it was…Jake! He crawled through the window. He stood up and presented himself to me. Ooh he is sooooo cute!

"What do you need Jake?" I asked him, acting like I was grumpy. "I'm trying to get back to sleep because Seth woke me.

"Oh, sorry Leah," he apologized. "But I have some news to tell you. Nessie is already looking older! She looks like she is 11!"

"Oh, that is sooooo great," I murmured.

"Thanks Leah," Jake said sarcastically. "But also, the other pack is harassing the incoming vamps coming to visit the Cullens. We need to go over to Sam's."

"Great, my favorite place in the world," I muttered, turning my head away.

"Come on, you know it's not his fault Leah," Jacob tried to comfort me. "It's a dumb thing called imprint."

"I know, tell me about it," I said, clearly irritated. Jake looked at me in a strange way.

"Have you imprinted Miss Leah Clearwater?" he asked me. I began to get red in the face. Luckily, I already have a high temperature.

"No, I haven't Mister Jacob Black," I told him in the same fashion. "I know because I hear you talking about Nessie all of the time. And before this new pack thing, I heard everything Sam had to say about his precious Emily."

"Oh, I see," Jake said. "Hey, someday, you will find someone to be with forever."

"Yeah, you're right Jake," I agreed. "Hey, let's go to Sam's."

"That's the spirit Leah!" Jacob cheered me on. I got on my normal clothes and combed my dark brown short hair.

"I'm ready," I told him. We walked over to Sam's house trying to look as normal as possible. We knocked on the door, waiting for Sam to answer. The door opened, it was Emily.

"Hey Em," I welcomed her. "Could we talk to Sam for just a minute?"

"Sure, why not?" she agreed. She turned around and called for Sam. She turned back to us. "He will be here shortly."

"What is it Em?" Sam asked her. He looked up to see us. "Oh, hey you guys."

"Hey Sam," Jacob began. "We heard that your pack has been harassing the Cullens."

"You know the rules Jacob," he said sternly. "If they break the treaty, then they will pay."

"They don't know the rules Sam!" Jake yelled. "They are incoming vamps! How in the world are they supposed to know?"

"Yeah, just leave them alone!" I yelled. "Why in hell do you want to pick a fight with almost everyone Sam? You either get angry at them or tear their face apart!"

"You didn't mean that Leah!" Sam yelled at me. "Don't you dare say that again!"

"I can say whatever the hell I want!" I continued. "The only reason you're mad is that I'm your ex!"

"No it isn't! You messed with my Emily!" he came back at me. "You don't mess with someone's imprint like that!"

"Well it's not every day that you are left forever by the one you loved at the time for your cousin, now isn't it?!" I screamed. I then stormed off.

"Yeah, run away like the little bitch you are!" Sam taunted me. I kept running until I hit the forest. I took off all of my clothes and changed into my wolf form. I ran until I hit a tree, then I cuddled under the tree, trying to gain my composure. God, too many people leave for their imprints. Am I the only one not to be with my true love? God, I am so going to cry. But I can't cry. If Sam sees me, he will keep being mean. I'm going to go home. I ran to where I left my clothes and changed back. I got my clothes back on and I walked home, crying. Once I entered my room, I burst into tears. I kept crying until I fell asleep.

"Are you up Leah?" Jake asked me, sitting on my bed. I began to sit up, rubbing my eyes.

"Now I am, Jake," I answered. "What do you want?"

"Nothing, it's just that, did Sam really hurt you?" he asked me. I burst into tears once more.

"Yeah, he did," I replied. I then faced Jacob. "Do you think I'm a bitch?"

"No, I don't, Leah. You've come a long way, Leah. You used to be, sort of, but now you are way better. I bet something changed about you," Jake analyzed. He then held up my chin, trying to comfort me. It worked. Our eyes met, and I couldn't take them off of him. Surprisingly, he pulled in, and kissed me. It was the greatest thing I've ever felt. I didn't want this feeling to end, but as usual, Seth barged into my room. Jake and I pulled away from each other. Seth's mouth was wide open.

"Oh, sorry Leah. I just got back from school," Seth said awkwardly. "I, uh, got to go. Bye." He stormed to his room, trying to get away from me. Jake then turned to me. He couldn't say anything. Jacob walked over to the window and hopped out. I was left there, happy as hell.

Now, how was that for an ending of a chapter? Does this story seem ok? I, personally love the pairing JacobxLeah. I hope that you like this story!