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In a shady bar of Ba Sing Se, a shadowy figure was sitting alone in the corner of the bar. The person was cloaked and had a rice farmer bamboo hat, covering the person's face.

"Hey bartender, bottle of your finest soju." said the cloaked figure

While the bartender was taking out a clean glass and the bottle of alcohol, after sliding it to the figure the shadowy figure was focusing silently on a group of men that were sitting on the other side of the bar.

"The current Fire Lord is not worth being Fire Lord" one of the drunken men said

"Yea he's gone all soft, too soft"

"His father was a fit Fire lord, but then that stupid brat took away his bending"

"No not even Fire Lord Ozai was fit for the job, I believe princess Azula was more fit, even if she is one crazy ass bitch"

"so when the plan going to be executed?" said one of the more sober men

"At his little 5 years of world peace party with every one who participated in the war."

"How we gunna get in, that place had tight security."

"Don't worry about that, we have people inside that joint that could let us in."

"Let's go." one of them said as each drunk men paid for there drink and left the bar,

The shadowy figure got what it wanted, paying for the drink, the figure sat there for a while then headed to the Jasmine Dragon.

Entering the famous tea shop, the figure sat at a table.

"Excuse me, but the shop is closing."

"Hey Iroh, long time no see."

Pondering who this figure was for a while, the person lifted up her bamboo hat revealing a very well known smirk.

"Toph! I didn't recognize you my little friend. You've changed a lot" Iroh chuckled as he took a seat across from her

"What a nice surprising visiting at a strange time of the night. How have you been? How are your travels and your job?" Iroh said while pouring her a cup of tea.

"Been doing great Iroh, Traveling is not as fun as it used to be and my job is as hectic for me and mysterious for all my friends, including you and my parents." Toph said "Oh yea, before I forget, here." Toph said while thrusting a fancy looking bottle of rice wine in his hands."

"Thank you my friend, so are you going to the party?" Iroh said with a smirking gesture

"Going but would be sort of late." Toph said sipping the steaming cup of Jasmine tea

"Ahh! I see. Your job?"

"Yep, so do you have room for me to stay?"

"Of course my little friend, you are always welcome to stay at my tea shop."

In the morning, after breakfast, Toph left to tend to her job. No one knew what Toph's occupation was but all they knew was that she had to travel a lot, and that she got really good pay.

After a few weeks, it was finally the day of Zuko's party. Every one was there except Toph.

"Hey you guys know where Toph is? I though she was coming?" Katara and Suki said while scoping through the crowd to find her.

Every one has changed in these 5 years. Aang was 18(118 if counting in iceberg), Katara was 20, Sokka and Suki was 21, Toph was 18 and Zuko was 22. Aang still had his monk look but his voice was deeper, his face was a bit slimmer and he grew taller still carrying his staff. Katara, now still Aang's girlfriend, grew taller, her hair grew longer, kept up and still keeping her bangs in hair loopies, her face was more slim, and womanly curves peaks out more, still with water bags dangling from her hip belt. Sokka grew taller, grew out his hair more, no longer having his "wolves" tail, more muscular, still ready with his boomerang and a newly made space sword on his back. Suki, engaged to Sokka, grew her hair out more, had a slimmer figure, and still kick-ass with her fan. Zuko was taller, grew his hair out which he tidily put into a bun leaving some hair out, lean and muscular, slim and clean shaved face, and in his robes.

Every one hasn't seen Toph in these five years but they were pretty sure she wouldn't drastically. It was getting later into the party, and Zuko was unable to hold off every thing for just one person, so he let the party continue first with a talking/meeting area, so that every one could get reacquainted, chat and such. Then it was off to dinner and entertainment.

For the entertainment, he hired a troupe of dancers, acrobats, and knives/sword throwers. The dancer's were doing the fan flower dance, and the single rainbow ribbon dance dressed in outfits that would look like Katara's disguise in fire nation outfit, but more sequence like and colorful and with a veil over there faces and less baggy. Acrobats were jumping off each other, somersaulting through the air, catapulting each other almost effortlessly, then the knives and sword specialists were on. They were a mix of men and women, dressed in the same black outfit trimmed with either green or red, there performance began with juggling knives and swords at each other, with in each minute of there performance, each sword, dagger or weaponry was added to the juggling, and aiming at each other catching the knives with either there under arms, legs or mouth.

Zuko sitting in his chair felt some thing coming at him then in a blink of an eye there was a dagger right next to his head, then several knives came flying at him, readily able to dodge them, he saw they stopped right in front of his face, levitating there. Looking around the room, a dancers was bending, chasing 5 of the dagger throwers, who threw and aimed there weaponry at her but make no contact on her, they just fell straight to the ground. Suddenly earth columns shot from the ground, imprisoning the five people she was chasing. Stopping and walking towards the Fire Lord's place, she dropped the daggers that she was seemingly levitating. While the young woman was in pursuit of the dagger throwers, guards and benders automatically protected every one. When the young woman went close to the Fire Lord and his friends, every one was in their battle stance, while other gaurds came surrounding her. Removing her veil, she had a smirk plastered on her face.

"Long time no see Sparky, Sugar Queen, Snoozles, Fan girl, Twinkle Toes" the girl said with the grin they all recognized.

Too shocked to say any thing Zuko was the first to say "T-T-Toph" with a big gulp after he said her name, slowly realizing what she was wearing.

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