a/n: this is my first story so it may be a little bad at first but nothing gets better without practice! ENJOY AND REVIEW!

Chapter 1 - First Day of School


"Isabella Swan! MOVE YOU ASS OR WE'RE GUNNA BE LATE FOR ORIENTATION!", I hear shouted at me from downstairs. I try and tune the voice out but I'm unsuccessful and as I continue my frantic search around my room I hear that same high-pitched voice yet again.


I run toward the door and lean out yelling at the top of my lungs, "ALICE WILL YOU JUST GO START THE CAR AND WAIT DOWNSTAIRS! IM COMING!" geez….

I tear apart the next pile of clothes and finally see what I've been searching for for the past 10 minutes. My birthday present from my mother on the day of my 6th birthday. The bracelet. It is a simple thin silver bracelet with the words "I will always be with you" carved onto the back and across the front is a blue spiral pattern. Yes it sounds simple and generic, but it means a lot to me.

Without hesitation, I quickly slide the bracelet on and bolt down the stairs, almost tripping in the process. I do sometimes have my clumsy moments. Slamming the door behind me as I run out into the garage, I throw myself into the car panting as if I just finished running a mile.

"Well speak of the devil…"

"Shut up Alice. You know I couldn't leave without my mom's bracelet. I would've asked for you to help me but all you would've done was yell at me about how messy my room is at the moment!", I spit out. "Well EXCUSE ME MISS UNORGANIZED! I told you to get ready last night. See what happens when you don't listen to me.", she shouts back.

"Guys…." urges a heavenly voice from the passengers seat, "You two do this EVERY year. Can you PLEASE just play nice for the rest of today? Ya'll can go back to your bickering tomorrow." Alice sticks her lip out and crosses her arms as I lower my head a tad and scratch the back of my head in embarrassment.

"Sorry Rose."

She smiles back at me and whispers "Don't worry, we are 20 minutes early! Alice just likes being an early bird!". I chuckle softly to myself as Alice backs the car out and shuts the garage. She throws it in gear and Rosalie and I brace ourselves for the ride of our lives yet again.

"Enough chit-chat….OFF WE GO!" she shouts as she slams on the gas with all the power her little leg can muster and we go from 0 to 60mph in seconds, flying down the street while weaving in and out of cars. All the buildings on either side and the woods appear nothing but a blur as we speed down I-61 to Grandier Academy. I sit quietly in the back while Rosalie reads a fashion magazine and Alice fiddles with the radio. I lift up my right arm to look at the bracelet my mother gave me when I was just a little girl…..

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I tell most people to call me Bella. I'm 17 years old and was born on February 14, 1992 (That's my actual birthday! =] ) in Forks, Washington. I'm currently starting my senior year at Grandier Academy. My parents were Renee and Charlie Swan. Life back in those days was like any other model childhood…I went to daycare, ran around in my diaper when I was hyper, and always begged my mom for something my dad said no to. For my 6th birthday, my mother gave me the most beautiful bracelet I had ever seen. I never took it off or let it out of my sight. My dad wasn't around much after that so my mom tried her best to fill his space and hers in my life by supporting me in everything I did.

When I turned 12, my mom enrolled me in Grandier Academy: a school for girls. It was actually a fighting academy in secret but LUCKILY she didn't know or she would have taken me out right then. I wasn't the most graceful child. My first year at Grandier I met two girls who are now my BFFs for life. Rosalie Anne Hale and Alice Jane Masen. Us three were inseparable. The 3 Musketeers. Even better - Charlie's Angels! (Don't relate with Charlie Swan please). I even met my first boyfriend - Jacob Black - who went to the public school down the street. He was the sweetest guy I thought I'd ever meet and I thought life couldn't get any better. And it didn't get any better.

It got worse.

My boyfriend cheated on me. Whenever my dad was home he was always drunk and in a bad mood and one day it went overboard and he beat me for talking back. When my mom got home and saw it, she slapped him in the face and the ended up arguing for the rest of the night. I still remember hearing the dishes being thrown across the room. A week later I came home only to witness my Dad shooting my Mom square in the chest. I remember myself screaming and running over to my mom trying to save her and my dad pointing the gun at me saying I was next. I remember pulling out one of my Dragon Blades and with surprising accuracy throwing it straight into my dad's chest and him landing with a thud, dead before he hit the ground. I sat there crying for hours until Rose and Alice came by to pick me up for a movie date we had that night and saw the scene around me.

Within the next week I went through two funerals and a court hearing. Luckily I was found not guilty. But then came the problem of where I would live. And that's how I came to stay with Rosalie at the Hale's Mansion. Alice lives here too but that's because she hated being alone at home since her parents travel a lot for work.

Slowly, everything started going back to normal, or as normal as it gets anyway. When I get the chance, I visit my mom's grave (I had her buried far away from my father) and tell her how I'm doing in school and that I think about her everyday, and how I still carry the bracelet with me wherever I go.

"Bella…earth to Bella!" I shake my head and look back and see that we are in the parking lot in Grandier Academy and Rosalie is staring at me with a look of worry. "Are you ok?"

I nod and put on a reassuring smile, "Ya I'm fine! Why wouldn't I be?" I look around and notice that Alice is not in the car. "Uh…where's Alice?"

Rose points toward the school. "She went to go save us seats and her last orders to me were to get you out of 'dream world' and to meet her in the gym."

"That's Alice for ya," I reply as I unbuckle my seatbelt and step out the car. "Well, you know what happens when we make her wait! And it'll be enough of a challenge to find her in the crowd of girls so we might as well hurry and meet her." Rose nods in agreement as we walk off toward Grandier Gymnasium.



Not again. I remain unmoved on the couch flipping through TV channels. Of course there would be nothing on. Suddenly a big muscular brown haired guy, who is unfortunately my brother, steps in front of the TV blocking my view. I sit up on the couch and glare him down. "Hey what the hell?! Move Emmett!" I yell chunking a pillow at him, which he easily deflects.

"Dude help me find my damn guns so we can go! PLEASE?!" he begs as he gets on his knees in front of me. " He tries the 'puppy dog eyes' look but that has never worked on me and it isn't about to now. I stand up to walk away only to be stopped by a pair of oversized arms grabbing my right leg. "LET GO EMMETT!" I state while wiggling my leg, attempting to loosen his grip.

"NOT UNTIL YOU HELP ME!" he says in retaliation while tightening his hold.

"Whoa….did I catch you guys at a bad time?" someone questions from the stairway. We look up to see our brother Jasper leaning against the rail with a smirk on his face. "I knew you guys were close but THIS is overboard…I knew I should've had my camera out!" he chuckles as he jumps the last few steps and walks over and throws Emmett's two guns on the couch.

"I found them under your bed. I'll be in the car." he says. I can tell he is attempting to hold back laughter as he looks up and sees the expression of rage on my face while walking toward the door.

"Thanks man! Alright EDDIE, you ready to go?" I quickly grab the remote and chunk it at his head, hitting right on. "OUCH!" he shouts while holding the back of his head. "What the hell man?! That was uncalled for!"

I grab my Levantine (this is a sword guys) and sling it over my back as I follow Jasper out the door. "Dumbass…" I mutter within hearing distance of Jasper which causes him to start laughing out loud. I join in and as we go out the garage all we hear behind us is Emmett saying "What the hell is so damn funny?" over and over to himself.

Jasper is messing around with his Ipod while Emmett is sitting in the back playing FFVII: Crisis Core on his PSP and cussing at the screen like always. Of course I'm driving and fly down I-54 going at least 75mph, which is normal for me. As we pull up to a stoplight thoughts suddenly enter my mind.

Today is the first day of my senior year of high school at Drau Mir Garden. My name is Edward Anthony Cullen. I'm 18 years old and live in Seattle, Washington. Emmett and Jasper are brothers and only siblings. My parents, Esme and Carlisle Cullen, are currently on a 3month trip through Europe. I've been going to Drau Mir Garden since I was about 12 years old. This school isn't like any other school, considering it's a secret training academy in secret. I couldn't see myself anywhere else. My life thus far has been pretty straightforward.

Never gotten into serious trouble. you cant stay too good when living with Emmett

Never had a girlfriend. sad I know but what can I do?

The only thing I'm really looking forward to is after graduation because we get assigned to branches in the Styx Task Force. Right now I'm preparing myself for anything. This is our senior year after all…

"Hey Ed, GO ALREADY! The lights been green for like 10minutes man." Emmett complains while hitting the back of my chair with his shoulder. I shake my head and punch on the gas.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." I say to get them off my case. But Jasper doesn't fall for it.

"You ok man?" he questions. I nod. "Ya I'm good. Lets hurry before we end up with bad seats." I reply as I wheel into the parking lot, taking a freshman year's parking space. He can go find another space and he needs the walk.

Emmett hops out excited and pumped. "ITS SENIOR YEAR BABY! LETS GO KICK SOME ASS!", and with that he bolts for the auditorium. Jasper and I just turn and laugh to ourselves as we follow him toward Drau Mir Auditorium.