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Chapter 15: Hallucinations and a New Professor


"Hi my name is Isabella, but I prefer to go by Bella. I'm a new transfer student. What's your name?" I say as I'm lifted on my feet by a pair of masculine arms.

"I'm Jacob Black. It's nice to finally meet you Isabella." he adds with a charming smile. And oh what a charmer he is.

It had been 2 days since my encounter with Jacob Black outside my dorm door and I still couldn't get him out of my mind. I thought I was past the days of getting high school crushes on every cute guy that walked my way. Something about him left an imprint on me and not being able to figure out what it was had been driving me insane and continued to do so. Why did he feel so familiar?

Ever since the car accident a huge part of my memory came up a blur, parts of my childhood and throughout school. On top of that I had been having these nightmares.

All of them started the same…men dressed like a doctors leaning over muttering words I cannot understand. Then the pain comes. Immense pain that brings me to tears. I can hear myself screaming. And then…I wake up.

I've never let the dream go any farther than that. I'm afraid of what I'll find and the pain….it just feels so real.

I glance down at my bracelet, the one my mother gave me. I could really use a talk with her right now. We used to have them all the time. Curse my father for what he did! To this day I still don't regret killing him. He took the person who loved me most away from me.

"Earth to Bella! Time to go to our first class chick so make a move!" shouts Alice from downstairs.

I rise up off my bed and grab my backpack before heading out the door. I plaster a smile on my face before reaching the living room where the girls are waiting.

"Sorry girls! Ready?"

"Yep! I'm excited to see what a typical school day here is like" replies Rosalie.

"Well I already hate it. These uniforms are drop dead ugly, clash with my skin, and make me look fat." mutters Alice. Rose and I briefly glance at each other before bursting with laughter.

"Shut it you two I'm serious!" she cries. We continue to laugh.

She pouts before storming out the door, me and Rose in tow behind her still laughing.

Stepping outside, I pulled out the map I had stashed in the side pocket of my backpack. "Okay…so we need to find the Math and Science Building. That's where we have Calculus."

"Whoever invented this subject can burn in hell…this shit is pointless!" complains Rose.

"Not if you want to program 3D images into a computer and create a field simulation that can be ran through a virtual reality generator…which happen to be your favorite exercises Rose." states Alice, stopping her complaining instantly.


"Oh chill you two…the class is only 50 minutes. Ours back at Grandier were 90 so I'm definitely not complaining. The building is right around the corner anyways so lets go."

We start off and reach the building within 5 minutes. Other students are starting to file in also. We push our way in with the others and after turning down two hallways come to the classroom and, upon entering, see this large elegant lecture hall spread out before us. Is anything in this school not elegant? It's ridiculous.

Anyways…the girls and I take our seats up toward the front and pull out our materials. Seconds later the professor walks in and begins the lecture on limits and how they tie in with derivatives.


Jasper appears in the doorway. "What's going on and who was that Edward?"

"That Jasper was Jacob Black." Conceited Asshole. Big Man on Campus. And my competition for Isabella.

For some reason I just can't get that douche out of my head! His cockiness, his demeanor, just his presence made my blood boil! Me and the guys encountered him and his gang two other times over the weekend and each time the air grew tense.

Mike, of course, had scarring from me slamming the door in his face and kept his mouth shut when I was around now. Em and Jazz had no idea about the beef between me and Jacob so they actually attempted to create a mutual friendship with the men, but to no avail. Those boys were Jacob's lackeys…and since I was his competition for Isabella they wanted no affiliation with me or anyone connected to me.

It was my biggest hope that Jacob hadn't ran into Isabella yet and that if so she could sense the act he was putting on and not be phased by it. If not her I'm sure the girls would let her know. And with that I shook the thought from my mind and focused on the current task at hand…getting to CoveOps class.

The campus was still unfamiliar and the guys were no help whatsoever. They were too distracted by all the girls walking by with their skirts pulled up to high and their tops unbuttoned too far down. How easily the male eye could be attracted.

"Hey Ed you know where we are going yet?" ask Jasper, leaning over my shoulder.

"Yea…it says for Covert Operations class to report to the gymnasium, which is right…there!" I point at a huge building 5 minutes away in front of us.

"Well then let's move it already! I'm itching to spar some chump" says Emmett as he walks off toward the gym. Jazz and I follow after him.

~20 minutes later~

We take our seats in the bleachers among the other noisy guys. Some are chatting amongst themselves. A few have a book out. And one is sitting on his iPhone texting.


The noise attracts our attention and we turn toward the door at the far side of the room. A muscular man, bigger than Emmett, enters followed by two others who look in shape although smaller. My guess is he is the teacher.

"Hello ladies, since I know there are a few new faces out there allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Professor Dimitri Belikov. I will be your Covert Operations instructor. I do not answer to Professor B, Dimitri, Dude, or any other nickname you choose to give me that isn't Professor Belikov. I will not baby you. I will not go easy on you. You will sweat. You will bleed. You may break a bone or two. If you can't handle this, get out of my class now. I can only help those willing to better themselves and do whatever it takes to become skilled fighters, stealthy, and an overall asset to whatever company employs them after their departure from Bluespear."

The area is silent as Professor Belikov glares us down.

"Well, since no one has moved I assume I can begin the class. How about a little sparing? Who would like to go first?"

Emmett's hand shoots up immediately. "Alright son come down here."

With a brief smile back at us, Em jumps down and goes to stand beside the Professor. "A challenger?"

No one raises their hand. Hell I wouldn't either…Emmett looks intimidating as shit right now.

"Oh come on you wussies! No one will fight him?"

Jasper stands up. "I will" he answers. A huge grin spreads across Em's face. I don't know why, but when Em and Jazz spar it's like they are in a whole other realm or something. They are literally each other's equals.

"You're going down Jazz!" utters Em as Jasper gets jumps down and prepares himself. "Bring it on fat ass" he retaliates with a smile.

Professor Belikov takes a few steps back. "Alright you two…fight until first blood and no longer. Got it?" They both nod at him. "Well then…FIGHT!"

And with that begins long spar between the two. Emmett knows he outmatches Jasper when it comes to strength, but Jasper's speed is unreal making it hard for him to land a good punch in. They each land in good punches and kicks, but nothing hard enough to draw blood. I hear the gasps of classmates behind me.

Emmett picks Jasper up and wrestler slams him to the ground. Jasper grunts but quickly springs up and somehow gets on Emmett's back. He puts his arms around his neck and gets him in a headlock.

"Who are these guys?"

"Those new transfer students…two of them anyway. The third one is sitting right there."

"How is the smaller one moving so fast?"

"How is the big one keeping up? He's huge!"

"I wonder how this guy fights…"

Their murmurs grow quiet as Emmett cries out. I look up and see that Jasper has pulled him down to the ground, still pinned in that headlock.

"Tag out Emmett!" Jasper urges.

"Hell no!"

Jasper just looks up at me and shrugs with a light smile on his face. They sit like that for another minute before Emmett's body goes limp and he goes unconscious. Jasper lowers his head to the ground and stands up, looking at the Professor.

"Sorry sir. I know you said until first blood but…" he glances down at the now sleeping Em.

"Its fine Jasper. I've haven't seen fighting like that since my days in the force. Excellent job."

"Thank you sir." Jasper bows. He then walks over and slaps Em in the face. "Wake up!"

His eyes shoot open and he looks up at Jasper. "You did that sleeper shit on me again didn't you! Damn cheater!"

Jasper just laughs as he holds out his hand and helps Emmett up. Then they both return to their seats beside me.

"Alright…who's next?" I raise my hand and volunteer.

"And who will challenge Edward?" he questions the crowd as I walk down.

"I will…" says a sadly familiar voice.

I turn and see none other than Jacob, sitting toward the top with his lackeys surround him, a huge grin on his face. I take a deep breath and crack my knuckles. Time to show him who he is dealing with.


I let my hands fill with water before leaning down and splashing it in my face yet again. I grab the towel next to the sink and wipe my face off before looking in the mirror. What is going on with me?

Midway through Calculus class I dozed off and before I knew it was screaming bloody murder. All the students in the class looked at me in shock, the Professor included. Alice stared at me open mouthed and Rosalie had a look of concern on her face. Before anyway could utter a word I darted out of the lecture hall and into the nearest restroom.

The dreams had never occurred during the daytime. But just now…I swear I could feel the pain just then. They were becoming more and more realistic. I continuously checked my arms for any marks from the needles that I had felt piercing them. WHY WAS THIS HAPPENING?

I walked out of the bathroom and continued down the hallway, right out of the building. I just followed the path, no certain destination in mind. Before I knew it I was in front of the gymnasium. I could hear voices inside. It sounded like fighting. I pushed the doors open and laid my eyes upon Jacob and Edward sparring, a Professor watching over them. And it looked like Edward was winning.

He had a definite speed advantage over Jacob. His body size also made it harder for Jacob to get a definite grip on him to do any significant damage and his massive body made him an easy target. Both of them had significant bruises all over them, but no blood or broken bones which was the only reason I could see the fight not being stopped yet. Jacob's breathing was heavier than Edward's which led me to believe he was being tired out.

I continued to stand there watching until the Professor noticed me.

"Who is that?"

Shit. I tried to hide but he had already seen me and called me over. I had no choice but to walk over. I could hear gasps and murmurs from the boys in the bleachers. Both Edward and Jacob's eyes were fixed on me, both of them not blinking.

I bowed and immediately broke into an apology. "Sorry Professor I did not mean to interrupt. I was trying to find some place quiet and did not know anyone was in here."

"It's alright. Do you fight, by chance?"

I was appalled by his question. Of course! Did girls at this academy normally not spar? Headmistress Nel required we do it three times a week.

"Of course sir. Doesn't every girl at this academy?"

He shook his head. "Sadly no. The Headmaster says that the field is not for women, but I disagree with his claim. Any and every person should know how to spar to some extent. Would you be interested in a quick match?"

I smiled. Fighting always took my mind off of things. "Certainly! Who is my opponent?"


Wholly shit. I'm sparring with the Professor.

"Boys…take your seats." Jacob and Edward saunter back up to their seats in the bleachers, as surprised as every other guy in the gym.

I do a few brief stretches and ready myself. I do a quick silent prayer and then go down into my stance, glaring at my opponent: The Professor.


"Dude, not to be mean but Bella is about to get her ass kicked" states Em as I take my seat.

As much as I don't want to agree with him, I can't help it. She is fighting a teacher! He wouldn't be in charge of Covert Ops if he wasn't obviously well versed in the field. This was going to end ugly.

"I just hope he doesn't mess her up too bad" I say, worry present in my voice.

"Don't worry about it Edward" replies Jasper. "He probably won't even go 50% with her. Let's just watch."

I nod my head, somewhat trusting his statement.


"The fight is to first blood and no further young lady. "

"Yes sir" I reply, not taking my eyes off of him.

"BEGIN!" he shouts before charging directly toward me. I wait until he is inches from me before vaulting into the air, flipping over him and landing feet behind him. He turns toward me, a smile on his face.

"This will definitely be an interesting fight I am sure…" he mumbles, before charging again. I vault over him again but my timing is slightly off and he gets a grip on my ankle, swinging me in a circle before hurtling me toward the floor.

I pull my hands forward toward my face and as he swings me toward the ground, I brace myself on the ground and bend my opposite leg, kicking him square in the chin. He releases my ankle and backs up, holding his chin.

The guys in the audience are completely silent. As they should be…

I land back on my feet and return to my starting stance, eyes fixated on the Professor. But instead, he just sits there and waits.

I guess it's my turn!

I fly toward him, not running full speed but still above a jog.

As I get closer and closer, he quickly pulls back and prepares to swing. Surprising him and everyone else there, I dodge his punch go down into a hand stand and swiftly throw my legs up. Landing on his shoulders, I tuck my feet behind his head and pull with all the force in my body, flipping him over me, twisting him, and slamming him face first into the ground.

"No way!"

"Who is she?"


On my back, I roll out and stand up, returning to my stance. The Professor is still on the ground. After a few moments, he slowly sits up and stands. His hand reaches toward his face. He turns and I see why. A little blood is coming from his mouth and his nose is banged up pretty bad.


"Well I'll be damned! I underestimated you, little missy. What's your name?"

"Isabella, but I go by Bella for short."

He shakes his head and laughs lightly. "Well, Miss Bella, it appears you have won. I definitely see potential in you. I will have to talk to the Headmaster about enrolling you in this class immediately!"

I smile back at him.

"Ok boys...class dismissed for the day. I need to speak with Miss Bella alone."

The crowd begins to filter out and I look over and see Jacob. He gives me a smile and two thumbs up. I can't help but smile back. Right behind him are the guys. I give them a brief wave before following the Professor out of one of the back doors of the gymnasium.


"That girl continues to surprise me…she kicked the Professor's ass!" shouts Emmett as we walk out of the gym. "I knew she was good but damn! He didn't even get a punch in. I swear she isn't human sometimes."

"Yea she was amazing" adds Jasper.

I just walk behind them silent. Bella was amazing. She continued to amaze me every time I saw her. She was really something else. Like Emmett said, she isn't human. At least not the regular kind. But that wasn't what kept clouding my mind at all. Not her fight with the Professor. Not my sparring with Jacob. Not Emmett and Jasper's fight either.

The only thing that was flashing brightly in my mind was Isabella smiling…and it not being at me. She smiled right at Jacob Black. As if she knew him…

And that image alone was driving me raging mad.

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