*p.s.: this is part 1 of the ENTIRE chapter 2. this one is from Bellas point of view. the next one shall be from Edwards =]*

Chapter 2 - Interesting News…


Rosalie and I enter the gym only to be sucked into this HUGE mob of girls who aren't planning to move anytime soon. I try pushing my way through but only get dirty looks from some sophomore and a stubbed toe for my efforts. Boy do I hate assemblies like this!

"Oh we're never going to find Alice in all this!" I shout back at Rosalie, who has been walking behind me since we entered the gym. It figures Alice would be like the shortest girl in the ENTIRE school. "I know! Hey Bella come over here so I can lift you up and see if you can spot her k!" I nod and Rose crouches down and cups her hands together. "Ready!" she shouts.

I nod and jog up to her and place my foot in her hands. "One, Two, THREE!" we both whisper and with that she lifts me into the air, holding me up with one hand under each foot. I wobble for a second but manage to regain my balance. "Do you see her?!" she yells up at me. "Uhh…" I mumble out.

Looking across the crowd, I see one group of girls smoking in the corner of the gym. They are so going to get busted by headmistress. A little in front of them is a girl sitting on the floor on her laptop. In the middle of the freakin gym floor! I don't see why she just doesn't come and sit in the bleachers. Finally I reach the bleachers and begin scanning each row for our little "pixie friend" but I cant seem to spot her anywhere.

Damnit Alice where are you?!.

As I look toward the top of the bleachers, I finally spot a girl sitting by herself with her arms crossed in a sort of "impatient" manner. Uh-oh. Found her. I lightly wiggle my foot so Rosalie will glance up at me and I motion her to put me down. She bends her knees and I gracefully jump down, landing with a silent thud on the gym floor.

"Did you find her?" asks Rosalie. I nod slowly.

"YEP! She's at the top of the bleachers and she looks pissed…" I twiddle my fingers as Rose looks at me with a "not good" look. We both know how Alice gets when she's impatient. "Well, might as well go face our doom head on!" and with that we both make our way toward the bleachers, giggling to ourselves.

As we reach the first set of steps the intercom comes on.

"Ladies, please be seated! The assembly is about to begin. Thank you." a high-pitched voice states across the gym. Suddenly girls everywhere are running to find seats. "Time to go Bella!" urges Rose as she grabs my hand and drags me up the stairs, pushing girls forcefully out of the way. After many snide remarks and a couple of fingers in our direction, we reach the top of the stairs and plop down beside Alice. She turns and glares at us.

"Its about time you slowpokes! I've been sitting up here for ages! Geez what were you two doing? Eating lunch. GOSH!" I turn and stick my tongue out at her. "Damn Alice chill! "We made it up here didn't we? Jus chillax already you worry wart. Haven't you ever heard the saying 'Patience is a virtue'".

Alice stands up and puts her hands on her hips. "I don't care if it's a testament. You two are the slowest people I've ever meet." Next thing we know she grins widely and sits back down. "And that's why I love you guys so much!"

"Drama-queen" Me and Rosalie whisper to each other with smirks on our faces.


All three of us jump, surprised at the big crash we just heard. Everything and Everyone is quiet as we turn our attention to the center of the gym only to see none other than Headmistress Nel calmly standing there with a blaster rifle in her hand. "Well," she states while placing the blaster rifle on the ground, "its about time you all decided to pay attention. Didn't think it would take all that but OH WELL!" She smiles and walks closer to us.

"Good morning ladies! I hope you all had a pleasant summer and didn't get into TOO MUCH trouble" she says with a wink up at me Alice and Rose. We all smile back at her. "I hope you came ready to push yourselves to the limit and even beyond that if you have the courage to do so. For some of you, this is your last chance before you are sent to the Aquaria Task Force. For others, this is just another school year." She takes a deep breath.

"Well, now that that's all out of the way, I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you all like to hear first?!" she questions.




"Can I go to the bathroom?!"

Headmistress holds up her hands and silence falls over the gym once more. "Ok, I guess I'll just go with the bad news first. And yes Jessica you may go to the bathroom" she adds on with a chuckle. A girl in the very front stands up and darts out the door, holding her stomach.

That is soooo disgusting.

"Alright, so apparently someone thought it would be fun to break into the chemistry lab last night and mix some things up. And the result? I come to school this morning to find the chem lab and half of the entire campus blown to pieces! " she shouts while nodding her head in anger.

"WOOOHOO! NO SCHOOL!" some freshman girl shouts from the right side of the gym. Other girls join her in cheering and some are even standing up dancing around like lunatics. Obviously they think school will be delayed. They are dead wrong. Headmistress clears her throat, regaining everyone's attention.

"Did you really think I would cancel the school year or even delay it for that matter?! Who do you girls think I am" she answers. "This brings me to my good news! After talking to my dearest friend from Drau Mir Garden, he has agreed to let us stay there for this school year!" I lean over to Rose and whisper "What school is that?". She shakes her head in confusion. "I don't know Bells" she replies. "Does Alice know?" We both turn to see her with the same confused look as us two. *Sigh*

I can hear other girls murmuring to each other questions like "Where is that?" "Is it another academy?" "Is it in an actual garden?!"

"Have you ladies really never heard of this school before?!" question Mrs. Nel. We all shake our heads no. "Well…its an academy like ours but in Seattle Washington, and…" she hesitates and takes a DEEP breath before continuing, "its an all boys scho-". She is cut off by frantic screams coming from almost every girl in the bleachers, including me.

"omgosh, omgosh, OMGOSH!" shouts Alice as she jumps up and down with excitement. Of course she would be celebrating. "We must go shopping like the moment we leave here!" Rose gets up and starts jumping with her. "SHOPPING SPREE!". I swear those two are impossible.

"Bella…" urges Alice "your coming too right?" I turn to look at her and she is unleashing the 'puppy dog eyes' on me. She knows no one can resist those big eyes of hers. "Fine…" I state "Its not like I have a choice!"

"YAY!" shouts Alice as she jumps onto my lap, nearly knocking us both over. " ALICE!" Rosalie starts laughing and eventually me and Alice join her.


Everyone quickly sits down. We all know where that sound came from. Mrs. Nel is once again holding the blaster rifle and has a look of worry on her face. "Ok girls, listen to me. I expect each and every one of you to be on your best behavior. You are representing Grandier Academy and I will not have our reputation tarnished by your shenanigans. Is that clear?!"

"YES HEADMISTRESS!" we all reply

" Good. And another thing…No fighting, No pranks, No girls vs. boys junk, No outrageous parties, No sneaking into each others room, and if I find a SINGLE girl pregnant the consequences will be severe." She glares us all down with that final statement. I don't know what the punishment is for that but I don't intend to find out anytime soon, that's for sure.

"Ok then! And with that said I will leave you girls to do anything you choose. We leave in three days! Have fun ladies!" she says with a wink and then disappears in a flash.

Chaos erupts throughout the gym. Girls are running every which way trying to find their friends to plan what they will do for the next 3 days. Others are on their phones scheduling hair appointments and pedicures. A few have even made it out to their cars already. Amazing how fast a girl can move sometimes, huh?

I turn to say something to Rose and Alice and notice that they are already gone. "What the hell?!" I blurt out. Then I hear my name from the gym door. "BELLA! OVER HERE! HURRY UP!" I look to see Rose and Alice jumping up and down waving at me frantically, Rose with the car keys already out in her hand. I guess we are going to the mall and with Rose driving we will be there in record time. "Coming!" I yell back. I rush down the stairs and run after Alice and Rose who are already getting into the car. I hop in the back with barely a moment to spare because Rosalie is already slamming on the gas. "FORKS MALL HERE WE COME!"

I have a weird feeling this is going to be a VERY exciting mall trip.

Well thats part one of the entire chapter two =] i wouldve put edwards pov in this one too but it turned out longer than i thought so i decided to split them up so i could add more! Hopefully i'll have EPOV up tomorrow once i finish prom dress shopping (finally!) reviews, tips, commentary, anything is great guys! thanks so much :)