The spirit detectives all except for Hiei entered the office of Koenma but no one noticed, for now.

"Okay detectives your job is to find," Koenma was then cut short by Kuwabara.

"Where's Shorty he needs to be here," said Kuwabara as he searched for Hiei's ki.

"Well that is why I called you, Hiei has been captured by an s-class demon, and you guys must go look for him Botan ran into the room.

"Hiei is dying," she said franticly.

"How, do u know," Kurama shouted.

"Hiei's ki is fading," said Botan.

-_-_-_-_-_-one week ago-_-_-_-_-_-

"Koenma," a young fire apparition barged in even though several demons were trying to restrain him.

"Unhand him you demons," the demons did then waited outside "what can I do for you Hiei."

"I want you to let me fight a strong s-class demon," there was an awkward silence Hiei balled his fist so tight that his claws dug into his skin making tem bleed and his knuckles turned a very pale white, "I want to get stronger."

Hiei griped the collar of Koenma's shirt lifting the infant in the air then threw him at the, ogre George, who just walked in the door "are you ok Koenma, sir."

Botan entered the room and saw Hiei she began to speak," I will take you but if it gets to dangerous then," Hiei shot her a death glare as if he wouldn't listen then she finished taking the next hint for her to continue "fine but you will be dealing with b to s-class demons."

Her oar materialized then they took off.