Moon Wind

By: Garnet Sky

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom."

First Rings, Last Light

"I think we've landed in the middle of a costume party," Tucker mused out loud. "Are you sure these are the right coordinates, Mr. Fenton?"

"Yes, Tucker," Jack said, looking at the scrawny teen in the red beret and outlandish clothes. "Phantom's ecto-signature is weak, but it is pointing us through this area."

"We're outnumbered 12:3. No way, we're going to make it out of this alive," Tucker moaned.

"Whether I make it out of here alive or not, I'm going in," Jack declared, firing up the Fenton Bazooka. "He's my son. I owe this to him."

"Lady Bright says to escort them through," Cerise said, her face proclaiming thunder. "She wishes to speak with them."

"This has bad idea written all over it," Forest grumbled from behind her.

"I concur, but we do not question orders," Cerise reminded him.

Sam felt the hostility roll off the Triadic ghosts like steam off hot soup. She gulped. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," she whispered to Tucker.

"Cowardly custard," he teased.


"If you go out to them, you'll leave us and never come back," Magnolia told him, clutching the corner of his robes.

"I am tied to the ghost tamer," he explained, gently pulling away from her. "Magnolia, I am bonded to you, but the tamer holds my heart. If you wish for me to be whole, I must go and face her."

"I love you, Lord of Light and Darkness," she whispered, as he took her hand and opened the doors, leading them from the winter gardens.

"It's Dan'el," he murmured. "My name is Dan'el."

"I love you, Lord Dan'el," she repeated.

He kissed the top of her head. "And I you, my lovely Grecian flower."

"Lilac!" Sam heard the French musketeer ghost call out to one of the females, the only one she could see with colored eyes-a beautiful lavender gold, if she'd been close enough to see them.

The girl, holding a gold-bound tome in her hands, looked up hesitantly. She was beautiful and had a vacant expression on her face. Her hair was a mass of ebony spirals down to her waist and covered with a circlet of violet-dyed wool. Her skin was almost mocha-like in appearance. She wore an ankle length black gown with a wide oval neckline fitted close to her body with brass buttons running up the back; her hem was embroidered in violet. On her feet were cloth slippers with leather soles.

"Bell, book and candle!" French called out.

"Hey, French, mind your own Triad!" another ghost rapped out. "What are you trying to do? Exorcise them?"

Lilac began to move forward, ignoring the squabbling generals.

Mr. Fenton levelled the Bazooka at the approaching girl. He warily watched her. "Do not come any closer," he told her, when she was within 10 feet of them.

She opened her book and they heard bells, saw a ring of candle flames, and knew darkness.

Lilac closed her book.

"They are with her Ladyship," Persimmon announced as they emerged into the Halls of the Darker Spectrum.

"What tactic did French use?" Lord Phantom Grey asked her

"Bell, book, and candle," came the reply. "Saffron swung by and apprised us with the news from the perimeter."

"Lilac," Magnolia murmured. "Sakura will be hopping mad."

"I can imagine so," Danny murmured. "I love you."

"And I you, Lord of the Spectrums," she replied. "Come, we must go to her Ladyship. My place is at her side with those of my Triad."

Author's Note:

Lilac-female, Purple Triad, Lighter Spectrum

Sakura-male, Thulia Triad, Darker Spectrum

Forest-male, Green Triad, Darker Spectrum

Cerise-female, Thulia Triad, Darker Spectrum