Moon Wind

By: Garnet Sky

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom.

Lost Women

(Human World)

"Did you guys just see that?" Danny asked, seeing a red-haired girl duck out sight aroud a corner.

"See what?" Tucker asked, looking up from his PDA.

"Nothing," Danny said dropping his hand.

Sam frowned and filed this under "to be discussed later".

(In the Ghost Zone)

"He almost caught Rouge," Rose murmured, staring at the frozen scene.

"The Lord's getting suspicious," Soleil observed.

"I would be too if you'd sent that Lighter Spectrum girl after me," Vrondi added.

Rose turned and hit him upside the head. "Vrondi, there are times when I wonder why the Lord made you a member of the Spectrum."

"Because you love me," the man murmured, caressing Rose's short copper curls. "But Rouge needs to watch it or the Lord's going to catch her. And you remember what happened to the last member of the Spectrum who did that."

Soleil shuddered, remembering the poor screams of Lilac of the Purple Triad. She'd never been the same afterwards. "Don't remind me," she muttered.

"Uh, where is the Lord now?" Vrondi asked.

"Entering some type of human dwelling, I think," Rose said, peering at the mirror's image.

(Human World)

Danny moaned as his ghost sense went off for the second time that day. "Oh no," he moaned, seeing a red-haired girl spying on him from an alleyway. She quickly ducked out of sight when she saw him looking.

"Going ghost!" he yelled, summoning the rings.

( "Oh no!" Vrondi wailed, knowing the Lord's light form too well.)

Phantom shot after the ghost and was well rewarded when he caught up with her ten minutes later in another alleyway, several blocks away from FentonWorks. He looked her up and down, appraising her.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

Rouge gulped. He's in his Light form, but his clothing is of the wrong color and style.

Danny glared at the girl. Her eyes were the eyes of a blind person, but she could see. Short,spiky red hair, red jeans shorts and a red flannel type shirt that tied just below her breasts. She wore clear crystal earrings and a black beaded headband, along with a pair of red leather thong flip-flops. "You don't look like a ghost," he said, taking in her pale skin.

"I'm a member of the Lighter Spectrum," the girl said, bowing low, paling even further.

"Please, don't bow down like that," he told her, raising her to her feet.

"I'm sorry for spying on you, Lord," she apologized, knowing what was coming next.

"Danny, we got here as soon as we could," Tucker gasped, as he and Sam came running up.

("The humans called the Lord of Light and Darkness by his given name!" Rose gasped.)

Danny's ghost sense was triggered again. A girl, similar to the one on her knees, appeared kneeling in submission beside her.

"My Lord, forgive Rouge, please," she said, colorless orbs meeting his emerald ones. "We only sought to bring you home."

"I was home, when you triggered my ghost sense," Phantom glared at them.

"Who are you?" Sam demanded.

The other goth girl was silent.

"Answer Sam's question," Phantom told them.

"Yes, Lord," the girl bowed even lower. Her black hair shown in the sunlight like a raven's wing. "I am Crimson of the Darker Spectrum. This is Rouge of the Lighter Spectrum. We are of the Red Triad."

"Who sent you?" Danny asked.

"Lady Bright, Lord," came the reply.


"Your mother," came the response.

("We're in trouble now," Rose moaned.)

Author's Note:

(1) Soleil-female, Yellow Triad, Lighter Spectrum

(2) Vrondi-male, Blue Triad, Darker Spectrum

(3) Borrowed the term "vrondi" from Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald Mage trilogy.