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Title: A lot like love

Summary: Bella wakes up in Vegas one morning to find she married he best friend's twin brother

Last time:

"Excuse me, but your meeting is not necessary and Eclipse Designs Co. will be given the necessary funding for any and all stores that Eclipse Designs Co. sees fit to open, all funding will be provided by New Moon Co. and thank you for stopping by." Interrupted the assistant shocking all three for me, Alice and Rose

"If you don't mind my asking who did this for our company?" I asked I wanted to know who to thank

"The new C.E.O of New Moon Co. Mr. Emmett Cullen" replied the assistant

Chapter five: Alice and Rose find out

"Did someone say my name?" asked Emmett walking into the lobby smiling

"Em, why didn't you tell us that you were the C.E.O of this company?" asked Alice hugging her brother smiling

"Yeah I'm sure Bells would have been a lot less nervous, and not had her head down the toilet half the night." Commented Rosalie as she hugged he brother

"Rose, me being nervous has nothing to do with me vomiting." I said, I had issues keeping my food down in the morning for a couple of days before the meeting and I had been so tired lately too. A sudden wave of nausea hit me and I was about to vomit.

"I wanted it to be a surprise." Emmett said and then he looked at me "Bells you look paler than you normally do, are you okay?" he asked me and I shook my head, I felt sick to my stomach, I the women's bathroom and I ran for it, I made it to the bathroom and then I vomited in a toilet and I felt a hand on my back.

"Bella are you okay?" it was Alice and she sounded concerned

"I don't know Allie, I've been sick ever since the trip I took to Vegas." I told her

I heard people arguing outside the entrance to the women's bathroom

"You are my brother, but she is my best friend and you aren't going in there." Said Rosalie threateningly

"Bella is my WIFE!" yelled Emmett loudly and I cringed and promptly vomited into the toilet

"Belle is there something you need to tell me?" Alice asked she had obviously heard Emmett and Rose's argument

"When I went to Vegas, I was depressed about the whole Mike dumping me for Jessica thing I got drunk and married and had sex with Emmett." I told her and then Alice gasped

"Bells, you're going to need a pregnancy test." Alice told me and I realized she was probably right I had been vomiting every morning, been extremely tired and hardly any of my clothing fit me since I got back from Vegas.

After we left New Moon offices Alice, Rose and I went into a Walgreens and I picked one of every kind of pregnancy test and when we got back to our apartment I took all the pregnancy tests and they all said the same thing that I Isabella Marie Cullen was pregnant.