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"You don't want me?"
These where the words that had haunted me for the last 200 years. I didn't remember much of my human life or my changing, but one thing was always clear. Edward Cullen. He was my life, my greek god, my everything and I truly loved him with my whole heart and I still do. He is the only reason I keep living, the hope of seeing him again is so incredible strong. I love him and even though he left me, I still do. I can't really blame him, I was just a human after all. Nothing special. But now I'm a vampire. Maby, just maby he could want me now. I doubt it but I had to hope, if I didn't have hope I would get crushed by the grief. The grief of losing my only love. Yes, I had to hope.


We were going to start at a new school today, we currently lived in Seatle, It was the first time I've ever been so close to "home" since that day, 200 years ago, when I left my heart and soul in the forest, I still can't belive what I did. I lied to her, I lied to my own personal angel, I told her I didn't love her, that I didn't want her. I used her uncertainty in herself against her and told her that she wasn't good enough for me. Even tough it is the other way around. She is way out of my league. She is an angel, or was, and I am a monster. The thing that pained me more than lying to her was that she belived me. One simple word "no" was all it would take for her faith in my love to vanish. I still couldn't belive it she actually thought I meant it! As if it were any possibility that I could or would stop loving her, ever. And now it was too late. I should have changed her when I could, so that I didn't have to suffer. NO I thought to myself, that is just selfish, I gave her a chance to be happy to have a normal life, a life without danger, a life without me. Even though it pained me, and even though the pain was excruciating I had did the right thing.
"I can't wait to see the new school, this is Sashas first time!" Alice beamed. Sasha were or new family member. She had a thing for me in the begining, silly, as if someone could capture my heart or my interest. I left it in the forest 200 years ago. So after a while she had given up.
"I hope Edward is going to be okay" Esme and Carlisle thought, they were worried about me, go figures. They always were. I didn't deserve it, I didn't deserve their love, I truly was a monster and I have proved it the day I left my angel in the forest.
"Are you coming Edward?" Emmet jumped through my open door. I just lay there on the couch and turned my head slowly.
"Oh, he really doesn't look so good, maby moving here wasn't the best idea?"
"I'm Fine Emmet", I assured him. He just looked at me suspicious and then grinned.
"Good because I just love Seatle!" He smiled even wider. Oh God this was going to be a LONG day.


It was a new rainy school day, and probably it was going to be boring since I've done it so many times I already knew everything. I just wish that I wasn't alone. I didn't have any friends or family. It's not like people didn't try to be friends with me, I just didn't let them because I was a vampire.
I looked through my closet to find something to wear. When I picked out my outfit I smiled. Alice would've been proud. My fashion sense actually had improved. I picked a light blue shirt and a pair of jeans that fit my body perfectly and a pair of black boots. I looked myself in the mirror. I actually was quite pretty, I had my long brown hair, golden eyes and curves in all the right places.
I was ready for a new day.

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