Why the hell did I do that? I asked myself for the thousandth time in a couple of hours. I knew the answer though, I loved him, I loved them and I wanted to see them again, even though it would hurt.
I let my mind wander for a couple of hours before I decided it was time to face the Cullens.
I wore a deep blue v-neck sweater, a jeans-miniskirt and blue heels. Since I now was a vampire my balance had improved. But I was still nervous, how could I survive his rejection again?

God, I was nervous. Bella could be here any minute now. I was looking forward to see her again, but I was terrified because I had to talk to her and I feared her rejection. My thoughts were interrupted by Alice screaming "She'll be here in a minute!" Everybody was excited to really talk to her again. Easy for them, they didn't leave her like I did. I heard a scream . I took a deep, unnecessary, breath and went downstairs. She was standing in doorway as beautiful as always. She was wearing a beautiful blue sweater that clung to her perfect body like a second skin and a mini jeans shirt that together with the blue heels made her legs look even longer. I was completely screwed. She was breathtakingly beautiful, she literally took my breath away, and I don't even have to breathe.
"Bella is HOT! Poor Edward, you are so fucked" Emmet.
"Poor girl, she is so sad, and shy and, Happy? " Jasper.
"Oh, it's really her!" Esme.
"Good luck Edward." Rose.
"She really is back." Carlisle.
"Yeey, she is here. Slutty much?" Sasha.
"I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chopsticks." Alice
What was she hiding from me now?
"Bella! We've missed you so much" Esme went over and gave her a hug.
" I've missed you guys too"
I wanted to hold her like that, to feel her in my arms.. I wanted to kick myself for leaving her. She looked at me and then I heard a new "voice".
"Why does he look at me that way? Is he mad because I came to his house? I shouldn't have, I just really wanted to see them all, I should leave…"
"Don't go!" I interrupted her thoughts, as a reflex before I realized that I heard her thoughts, I actually heard Bella's thoughts. Everybody looked at me questionably.
"Please don't go Bella, You're wrong we're glad you came."
"You… you can hear my thoughts?" She looked nervous, sad and embarrassed.
"I can't now and I couldn't earlier, I just could heard that one thing." I answered her truthfully and a little bit sad.
"Bella, can I talk to you in private?" I asked before I could think thoroughly through it.
"Ehem… Sure…" Crap, now I actually had to do it. I took her hand and lead her out into the forest.