Galactic Senshi

Authors: AshK and Emma Iveli

Rating: Fiction Rated T

Category: Multi-Fic Crossover

Summary: This Fic crosses over my Galactic Guardians with Emma Iveli's New Senshi

Please Enjoy!

Episode 01: When World's Collide

Episode Written By: AshK

Disclaimer: I only own the ideas for the Dimension A Senshi and Emma owns the ideas for the Dimension D Senshi. We don't own Sailor Moon, Ranma ½ or Pokemon

Galaxy TV Juban Tokyo Japan Dimension A...

"It's such a relief to be rid of the rest of the bothersome Dark Blue Alliance. Now it's only us my dear Sailor Animamates." Galaxia of Dimension A says to her minions.

Galaxia's Base Dimension D...

"So it seems that there is another dimension with Senshi in it. They have similar names but different attacks. There is also another Galaxia in that Dimenson. Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon prepare to merge our base with that of Dimension A's Galaxy TV." Galaxia(D) said.

"As you wish my queen." Heavy Metal Papillon said.

Between Dimensions...

A Darkness appears in the Multiverse as the two Galaxia's churn in pain. They soon both black out.

Dimension Barrier has collapsed temporarily...

"What is this? I'm scared!" Sailor Iron Mouse said.

"Nya what's happening?" Sailor Tin Nyanko said.

"I thought we were done with strange happenings when we left the Dark Blue Alliance." Sailor Alluminum Siren said.

"I guess we were wrong." Sailor Lead Crow said.

"Who are you? I thought you three were dead." Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon said.

"Well start explaining!" Sailor Pewter Fox said.

"Explain now!" Sailor Titanium Kerokko said.

"We are reincarnated members from Dimension A. It seems that our Galaxia's have combined. So we have no choice but to work together." Sailor Iron Mouse said.

The two Galaxia's wake up and notice they are one. They decide to call themselves Galaxia Supreme.

"Yes the Sailor Wars are in full bloom! Time to set our plan into action." Galaxia Supreme said.

Soon Heavy Metal Papillon, Pewter Fox, and Titanium Kerroko from dimension A merged with their Dimension D Counterparts. Thus starting a new chapter of terror. So they are now Cosmic Heavy Metal Papillon, Cosmic Pewter Fox, and Cosmic Titanium Kerokko.

The barrier between A & D is now restored as a Palace appears in Limbo that looks like a giant Castle/Galaxy TV Station.

Dimension A Senshi have crash landed in Dimension D...

"Now I am really confused. Where are we?" Satoshi asked.

Dimension A's Sailor Pluto appeared on their communicators.

"It looks like you have to deal with Dimension D now. You have counterparts in this reality, but they have different powers. I guess you can say all of you are TV shows to them. I'm outta here. Call me if you need help." Sailor Pluto said as the communicator turned off.

"Well we should look around." Orion said as he manifested his Crescent Moon.

"I agree!" Virgo said as she manifested her Crescent Moon as well.

"Let's do this." Libra said to Haruka.

"I'm in!" Gemini said to Nozomi.

"Well since I was brought along for the ride. I guess I will have to come with you." Shampoo said as she shifted to Aurora.

"Well let us go." Konatsu said.

"Okay." Ukyo said.

The A Senshi started to walk and came to a school with a building behind it.

"Okay this is way to weird." Kasumi said.

"You're telling me." Akane said.

"Well we aren't going to get anywhere just standing here lets go." Nabiki said as she took out her computer.

"I guess you are right." Shuu said taking out his.

So the A Senshi were off to explore this strange new land called Dimension D.

16 Senshi were walking through the Dimension as 14 other Senshi were walking toward their club room.

300 Senshi were about to meet.

"What do you mean something strange happened? If it's strange enough we should look into it." Haruhi said.

"I will just meet all of you in the club room. Come on Mikuru, Itsuki." Kyon said as he and the other two went to the SOS Brigade Club room.

"I wonder if there are any Pokemon or something around here. You said you picked something strange up on your computer huh Chiyo-Chan?" Konata asked.

"That's right." Chiyo-chan said.

"Well let's go then!" Tuskasa and Kagami said.

As fate would have it just as was predicted 14 Senshi ran into to 16 Senshi. 30 Senshi literally bumped into each other along with 5 Advisors running into 2 Advisors.

"Luna and Artemis? What are you doing here?" Satoshi asked.

"Um do we know you?" Luna asked.

"I don't think we met. Your planetary powers are similar yet different to these 14." Artemis said.

"The same thing is said about you." Orion said.

"What a talking Pikachu! Oh boy! hi there!" Konata said as she grabbed Orion and hugged him close to her.

"Um Miss I wouldn't do that if I were you." Satoshi said.

"Huh? Why?" Konata said.

"You will see soon enough." Kasumi says with a sigh.

"Let go of me! Stop it! you are squeezing me too tight! Watch it! Lunar Thunderstorm Attack!" Orion said frying Konata in the process.

"I think I made a booboo." Konata says as she falls over friend.

"We tried to warn you." Satoshi said with a sigh.

"I do believe they are from a different Dimension." Yuki says.

"They look familiar all of them!" Nanako says.

"I think we have seen them on TV. The girl with the Ribbon in her hair is Haruhi Suzumiya from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya." Imite says.

"Wait why are you talking about us like we some TV show?" Konata says.

"That's Konata from Lucky Star!" Hikari said helping Konata to her feet.

"Hikari, Satoshi, Kasumi, Nozomi, Shuu, Haruka, Imite, and Nanako. They are characters from Pokemon! Oh and look there! That's Ranma, Akane, Nabiki, Azusa, Yuka, Sayuri, Ukyo and Konatsu from the Anime and Manga Ranma 1/2 what's the deal with them?" Konata said then asked.

"What how did you? What do you? Why do you?" The Neriman Senshi stuttered.

"I think they are Senshi from another Dimension." Luna said.

"That's right. Their powers differ greatly from yours." Artemis said.

"Um those people are From Lucky Star, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Azumanga Daioh, and Bleach." Haruka said.

"I think your shows are Anime/Manga in our dimension." Shuu said.

"And that means that you guys are from Pokemon, and Ranma 1/2 which are Anime/Manga in our Dimension. You wouldn't happen to know any Naruto, One Piece, or Zatch Bell Characters in your dimension too do you." Konata asked.

"Another Dimension? Sounds interesting I think we should visit sometime." Haruhi said with sparkles in her eyes.

"Well Actually we have counterparts in another dimension as well. That's dimension B." Satoshi said.

The A and D Senshi introduced themselves to each other and the A Senshi told the story of how they met the B Senshi which also happened to be counterparts of them.

"I think you are all now unofficial members of the SOS Brigade. We need to get a bigger club room!" Haruhi said.

"Hey hold on a minute? Why are you leaving us out?" Yomi said running up to them

"Yeah we are part of this team too!" Tomo said.

"Well meet the Dimension A Senshi." Konata said.

The A Senshi and Advisors once again told their story including the part about Jusenkyo.

Somehow all 32 Senshi managed to squeeze into the SOS club room.

"Welcome Senshi from Dimension A." Haruhi said.

"Thank you." All of them said.

Galaxia Supreme's Dimension...

"It seems the Senshi from A and D have combined. We saw this coming. Sailor Cosmic Heavy Metal Papillon, Cosmic Sailor Pewter Fox go attack random people for Star Seeds. We are going to win this time.

"As you wish Galaxia Supreme!" They both said as they vanished.

"Now to watch the Fireworks begin." Galaxia Supreme said as she watched.

Back with the Senshi from both Dimensions...

Three computers went off.

"It looks like they are attacking random targets." Nabiki said.

"Random targets again? When will these bad guys learn." Shuu said.

"I agree!" Chiyo-Chan said.

With that the Senshi transformed and were off to battle. It's going to take all four of the Healing Senshi to heal everyone.

"Solaris Solar Sunspot Smash!"

"Sun Burning Light!"

"Terra Giga Impact Ignition!"

"Phobos Flare Blitz of Fate!"

"Phobos Mirror Reflection!" Said Phobos(D) after she was attacked by the Phage.

"Deimos Firestorm Blitz of Fate!"

"Deimos Gem Barrage!"

"Rhea Frenzy Ball Blast!"

"Rhea Firestorm Smash!"

"Triton Waterspout Smash!"

"Ganymede Rock Slide Wave Wallup!"

"Ganymede Thunderstorm Crash!"

"Io Magma Wheel Wallup!"

"Io Tornado Vortex!"

"Titania Thunder Punch Hurricane Smash!"

"Titania Fruit Salad Mixer."

"Haumea Page Slicer!"

"MakeMake Spirit Summons!"

"Eris Flower Storm!"

"Eris Frenzy Ball Impact Ignition!"

"Charon Dark Pulse Pummel!"

"Europa Air Slash Smash!"

"Titan Spatula Lightning Storm Smash!"

"Titan Earth!"

"Callisto Icy Blizzard Wind Wallup!"

"Elara Snowstorm Blast!"

"Juliet Data Stream!"

"Umbriel Melee Strike!"

"Oberon Electrical Sonar Tsunami Smash!"

"Oberon Sphere Surprise!"

"Dione Book Explosion!"

"Dysnomia Poison Jab Pummel!"

With that several Phages were left four to be exact. There was no need to fight. All four of them could heal however the one that Solaris was Dealing with was a bit tougher as it kept on attacking.

Solaris summons her attack scepter and focuses to make sure that she doesn't kill the phage since they were human.

"Solar Flare Sunspot Storm Smash!"

The Phage that Solaris was facing is now weakened enough to heal.

"Okay we don't need to fight because we have plenty of them to heal." Solaris and Eris(A) said in unison.

"Solaris Bronze Crystal Healing Wave Activation!"

"Eris Shell Bell Healing Song Surround!"

"Sol Star Healing Light!"

"Eris Blossom Rejection!"

With that all the Phages were healed and returned to normal.

"We will be back!" Cosmic Sailor Titanium Kerroko said.

A Huge Phone booth this time with Castle Tower Tops on the top of it pulled the Animamates in and vanished.

The 32 Senshi managed to get the victims to the nearest hospital. The D Senshi then went into Alley and De-Transformed while the A Senshi waited outside the Window for the all clear signal.

Haruhi stormed into the SOS Brigade Club Room and pushed Kyon, Ikatsuki, and Mikuru out.

"What are you doing Suzumiya?" Kyon asked.

"We don't have enough room for all of us in here. I need all of you out out out! I have some new friends to talk to and it's classified." Haruhi said pushing on Kyon the hardest.

"Okay Okay! Will do!" Kyon said.

Soon everyone that was not a Senshi was out of the room as the Senshi came in in their Civilian forms. The A Senshi then jumped in the window of the club room and De-Transformed.

The Senshi that could shift Genders by will switched back and forth between them. They introduced themselves as their Male name in their Male forms and their female name in their female forms. Konatsu had the same name in both forms.

"Um how come you look like a girl when you are a guy right now Konatsu. Your only difference between your forms are with Breasts or without Breasts. You are so cool!" Haruhi said.

"Well you see Konatsu was raised by an evil Step Mom and Evil Step Sisters. So he thinks he''s a girl. That's why he cross dresses." Ukyo said.

"Your one to talk U-Chan." Ranma said pointing to her attire.

"Well I do crossdress too don't I." Ukyo says as she shrugs.

So a meeting got underway as more secrets of the A and D Senshi were revealed.

Well another adventure has begun. What is in store for the combined team of the Senshi from Dimension A and from Dimension D? Only Time will tell. Stay tuned to find out!


Next Time: The A Senshi learn about the horrible truth about what's going on in D. Can they aid the in D Senshi's search for 4 more Sailor Senshi? Also 'Haruhi and Konata give Ren, Sayomi, Saika and Konatsu a Dimension D Welcome... let's just say it's not what they ever expected.