Galactic Senshi

Authors: AshK and Emma Iveli

Episode Written By: AshK

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Episod 21: Battle to Retrieve the Crystals Part I

At the Base, they looked at the Crystals they had, they had 8 which meant the enemy only had 6...

"At least we have the majority." Said Orihime.

"Yeah, but not by much." Said Haruhi.

"Don't worry." Said Satoko, "We'll get the Crystals back."

All of a sudden from the time portal popped two more A Senshi. It was Charon and someone in an aquamarine skirt with sea green bows and ribbons.

"Who are you?" Miyuki asked.

"I am Sailor Dione of Dimension A. My element is Psychic." Dione(A) said.

There was something familiar about Dione that Ranma and Akane couldn't get away from. They knew that Nabiki was here.

"What are you doing here?" Mikuru asked Charon from Dimension A.

Usagi and Mamoru noticed this and decided to go back to Dimension A.

"We will be back when it's not so crowded in here." Usagi said as she activated her Time Portal.

"We have some things to take care of back in our Dimension's Juban district." Mamoru said as he activated his portal.

Mamoru and Usagi went through their own portal and returned to Dimension A's Juban district.

"Well who are you?" Miyuki asked.

Dione of Dimension A De-Transforms revealing that she is really Kasumi Tendo.

"Oh great, I think I better go by a different name." Kasumi Yawa said as she tried to think of a good one. "I think I will go by Kassie."

"Kassie works for me." Satoko said as she held Kassie close.

"Now Miss Tendo what are you doing here?" Mikuru asked.

Charon of Dimension A De-transformed into Nabiki.

"I got bored so I decided to come, and since Kasumi-Oneechan just awakened recently, I think she should meet her Dimension D Counterpart.

"Oh my, why is it so dark in this dimension?" Kasumi asks.

The D Senshi explained what happened and how they need to find the Cerulean Imperium and Copper Imperium Crystals for their Usagi and Mamoru to come back.

"Oh my, that sounds terrible." Kasumi said.

"You so totally have no idea." Satoko said.

"Well now we need to come up with a plan to get the other 6 crystals back." Kassie said.

"Computer Senshi do your stuff!" Hoshi said.

All the computer senshi took out their computers and started typing furiously on them. Who know what they will come up with. Only time will tell.

Satoko and Kasumi looked up the last known whereabouts of the other crystals before this whole crystal thing started.

All of a sudden and alert came up. It seems that Sailor Collectress and Sailor Empress each had two crystals a piece. Someone else had the other two crystals. It seems they portaled back to Humilau City in Dimension A.

"Oh great! It looks like we need to split into two teams again." Shuu said. "Thirty Senshi have to stay here and Ten Senshi have to go back to Dimension A."

"Ranma, Akane, Kassie, Shuu, and myself will go back to Dimension A." Satoko said. "We need five more."

"Konata, Orihime, Chiyo-Chan, Tasuki, and myself will go back to Dimension A with you guys." Haruhi remarked.

"As for the other 30 you guys stay here and continue to search." Kassie remarked.

Everyone nodded as the ten that were going to Dimension A portaled to Humilau City and the thirty that stayed behind went to search for the other two crystals.

Humilau City...

"This is a different part of Unova than what I have visited before." Satoko remarked.

"I have never hear of Humilau City before." Konata stated.

"Shuu, where do we need to go from here?" Kassie asked.

"According to my computer they are right outside of Seaside Cave. On some ship called the Plasma Frigate." Shuu said.

"It sounds like Collectress and Empress Hijacked Team Plasma's base." Ranma said. "Are you sure that's where it is?"

Shuu nodded as the Dimension A and D Senshi went to an out of the way place and transformed into their Senshi forms.

"Let's do this!" Eternal Solaris said to her counterpart.

"I'm game!" Sun nodded

They portaled to a beach right next to Seaside Cave and saw the big ship and several Phages trying to look for something.

"Solaris Solar Sunspot Smash!" Eternal Solaris said.

"Terra Giga Impact Ignition!"

"Sun Burning Light!"

"Haumea Page Slicer!"

"Phobos Flare Blitz of Fate!"

"Deimos Firestorm Blitz of Fate!"

"Rhea Firestorm Smash!"

"Pandora Blade Barrage!"

"Eris Flower Storm."

"Rhea Frenzy Ball Blast!"

With that several of the Phages were weakened now Sun, Solaris, and Eris(D) have to work together to heal.

"Solaris Bronze Crystal Healing Wave Activation!"

"Sol Star Healing Light!"

"Eris Blossom Rejection!"

The three beams combined and healed all the Phages.

Eternal Solaris sent out her Charizard to Incapacitate Collectress and Empress.

Charizard managed to get the four crystals back.

"Lady Galaxia is not going to like this!" Sailor Collectress said.

"Gee you think?" Sailor Empress said. "This isn't over Senshi we will be back!"

"Whatever!" All 10 Senshi said.

They were just about to call the cops, when the Shadow Triad kicked Collectress and Empress off the boat. Collectress and Empress then returned to the base in Dimension D.

The Senshi that were sent to Humilau City portaled back to Dimension D just as the other thirty unsuccessfully tried to find the other two Crystals.

Back in Dimension D...

"We are going to need something more advanced than just our portal devices to track the other two Crystals down." Satoko said after De-Transforming.

"What did you have in mind?" Kasumi asked as she arrived to see the Dimension A Team De-Transform.

"Something like this." Shuu said as he pulled out his computer showing the Plasma Frigate that Collectress and Empress hijacked.

"Well we need to figure out what it could be." Haruka mentioned.

"Well anyway, " Orihime started. "We found retrieved four of the crystals. Collectress and Empress are stupid both arriving at the same place. Their Phages weren't even that strong."

"So now we have two more to retrieve?" Nabiki asked.

"Something tells me the next two won't be as easy to find or as easily retrieved." Mikuru sighed.

Now all 40 Senshi had to get to work otherwise who knows how long it would take to find and retrieve the remaining 2 Crystals.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: The Senshi must get to work on how to get the remaining two crystals back. They know it will be a major battle. Who will triumph? To find out stay tuned.

Next Time On Galactic Senshi: Episode 22: Battle to Retrieve the Crystals Part II Coming Soon to fanfiction site near you.

Senshi included in the next installment:

Dimension A: Satoko/Solaris, Kassie/Terra(2), Solaris Court(7), Crystal Tokyo Senshi(7), Phobian Enforcer Senshi Commanders(2), Nabiki/Charon, and Kasumi/Dione(2)(20)

Dimension D: All the Dimension D Senshi(20)

Total Featured: 40

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